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This is a list of all weapon images of Trickster Online Wiki. Please use them as Wiki Guidelines describe.

The list is in table format, when the first column is the gif image, the second is the name must be used on Wiki code, and the third is for what items use the image.

Notes: Not all items that use this image list are weapons.


Weapon Group 1

Code Sprite Name Used in
1 1 Image:Novice Wooden Sword.gif Novice Wooden Sword Novice Wooden Sword
1 2 Image:Pretty Hammer.gif Pretty Hammer Pretty Hammer, Pretty Red Hammer, Squeaky Hammer
1 3 Image:Safety Baton.gif Safety Baton Safety Baton
1 4 Image:Soft Bat.gif Soft Bat Soft Bat
1 5 Image:Police Club.gif Police Club Police Club
1 6 Image:Angel's Staff.gif Angel's Staff Angel's Staff
3 1 Image:Oops Hook.gif Oops Hook Oops Hook, Oops Hook S, Oops Rake Neo
3 2 Image:Caballa Mace.gif Caballa Mace Caballa Mace, Caballa Mace S, Caballa Club Neo
3 3 Image:Shocking Flash Hammer.gif Shocking Flash Hammer Shocking Flash Hammer
3 4 Image:Techichi Spear.gif Techichi Spear Crying Thunder Sphere, Techichi Spear, Techichi Spear S, Techichi Spear Neo
4 1 Image:Santa's Stick.gif Santa's Stick Santa's Stick
5 1 Image:Choco Stick.gif Choco Stick Choco Stick
7 1 Image:Crimson Sword.gif Crimson Sword Crimson Sword
7 2 Image:Spirit Sword.gif Spirit Sword Spirit Sword
8 1 Image:Tapasco Trident.gif Tapasco Trident Tapasco Trident, Tapasco Spear, Tapasco Spear S, Tapasco Spear Neo
9 1 Image:Ghost Lance.gif Ghost Lance Nora Lance, Ghost Lance, Ghost Lance S, Ghost Lance Neo
9 2 Image:Rose Defense Sword.gif Rose Defense Sword Rosetta's Sword, Rose Defense Sword, Rose Defense Sword S, Rose's Self-Defense Sword Neo
10 1 Image:Swamp Sword.gif Swamp Sword Expedition Sword, Swamp Sword, Swamp Sword S, Swamp's Sword Neo
11 1 Image:Legendary Carving Knife.gif Legendary Carving Knife Legendary Carving Knife
12 1 Image:Possessed Sword.gif Possessed Sword Possessed Sword
13 1 Image:Rookie Sword.gif Rookie Sword Rookie Sword
15 1 Image:Melon Stick.gif Melon Stick Melon Stick
15 2 Image:Strawberry Stick.gif Strawberry Stick Strawberry Stick
15 3 Image:ChocoAlmond Stick.gif ChocoAlmond Stick ChocoAlmond Stick
18 1 Image:Black Angel's Hammer.gif Black Angel's Hammer Black Angel's Hammer, Black Angel's Maul, Dark Angel's Hammer, Dark Angel's Maul
19 1 Image:Gold Father Cane.gif Gold Father Cane Gold Father Cane
20 1 Image:Ranger Wand.gif Ranger Wand Ranger Wand 40, Ranger Wand 100
21 1 Image:Drill Spear.gif Drill Spear Drill Spear, Drill Spear 100
21 2 Image:Drill Wand.gif Drill Wand Drill Wand, Drill Wand 100
23 1 Image:Cherry Blossom Hammer.gif Cherry Blossom Hammer Cherry Blossom Hammer
23 2 Image:Cherry Blossom Katana.gif Cherry Blossom Katana Cherry Blossom Katana
24 1 Image:Ginseng Sword.gif Ginseng Sword Ginseng Sword
24 2 Image:Ginseng Cane.gif Ginseng Cane Ginseng Cane
24 3 Image:Wind Dragon's Blade.gif Wind Dragon's Blade Wind Dragon's Blade
25 2 Image:Soccer Staff.gif Soccer Staff Soccer Staff, Soccer Staff Form
26 1 Image:Mermaid's Sword.gif Mermaid's Sword Fisher-Bone Sword, Mermaid's Sword, Mermaid's Sword S, Mermaid's Sword Neo
27 1 Image:Mermaid's Cane.gif Mermaid's Cane Firecracker Cane, Firework Cane, Mermaid's Cane, Mermaid's Cane S, Mermaid's Staff Neo
30 1 Image:Wing Feather.gif Wing Feather Wing Feather, Glory Wing Feather, Feather of Light, Holy Wing Feather, Feather of Hope, Feather of Sky
31 1 Image:Solar Sword.gif Solar Sword Solar Sword, Solar Sword Jr.
32 1 Image:Mirage Sword.gif Mirage Sword Mirage Sword
32 2 Image:Mirage Staff.gif Mirage Staff Mirage Staff
34 1 Image:Lightning Sword.gif Lightning Sword Lightning Sword, Thunder Sword, Barbed Thunder Sword, Terrible Thunder Sword, Thunder God's Sword
34 2 Image:Blaze Dragon Sword.gif Blaze Dragon Sword Blaze Dragon Sword, Magma Dragon Sword, Dragon Sword (Aria), Firey Dragon Sword, Fire God's Sword
34 3 Image:Mackerel.gif Mackerel Ice Sword Mackerel, Sub-Zero Sword Mackerel, Trout on a Stick, Mackarel on a Stick, Tuna on a Stick
35 1 Image:Rose Wand.gif Rose Wand Rose Wand
35 2 Image:Rose Sword.gif Rose Sword Rose Sword
36 1 Image:Anniversary Sword.gif Anniversary Sword Anniv. Sword, Anniv. Sword EX
37 1 Image:Survival Stick.gif Survival Stick Survival Stick, Survival Stick S, Harpoon Neo
38 1 Image:Nocturnal Sword.gif Nocturnal Sword Nocturnal Sword
38 2 Image:Nocturnal Staff.gif Nocturnal Staff Nocturnal Staff
40 1 Image:Sunny Sword.gif Sunny Sword Sunny Sword
41 1 Image:Festival Sword.gif Festival Sword Festival Sword
43 1 Image:Silver Light Sword.gif Silver Light Sword Silver Light Sword
43 2 Image:Silver Light Staff.gif Silver Light Staff Silver Light Staff
44 1 Image:Summer Love Sword.gif Summer Love Sword Summer Love Sword
48 1 Image:Fluorescent Saber.gif Fluorescent Saber Fluorescent Saber, Neon Saber, Hyperescent Neon Saber
48 2 Image:Trans.gif Trans Trans, Haunted Blade, Cursed Blade, Blade of 100 Curses
48 3 Image:Wind Rapier.gif Wind Rapier Wind Rapier, Tempest Rapier, Hurricane Rapier
48 4 Image:Turtle Sword.gif Turtle Sword Turtle Sword, Mega Turtle Sword, Super Turtle Sword
48 5 Image:Plunger.gif Plunger Plunger
49 1 Image:Snow Hill Spear.gif Snow Hill Spear Snow Hill Spear, Snow Hill Spear S, Snow Hill Spear Neo
50 1 Image:Snowflake Pretzel.gif Snowflake Pretzel Snowflake Pretzel
51 1 Image:Dream Sword.gif Dream Sword Dream Sword, Dream Sword 100
52 1 Image:Love's Pain.gif Love's Pain Love's Pain
53 1 Image:Inferno Sword.gif Inferno Sword Inferno Sword
54 1 Image:Sweet Stick.gif Sweet Stick Sweet Stick
55 1 Image:Immaterial Sword.gif Immaterial Sword Immaterial Spire Sword, Fading Immaterial Sword, Immaterial Sword of Ghost Sea, Immaterial Sword of Rose Garden, Altiverse Flash Bat Sword
56 1 Image:Marky Saber.gif Marky Saber Marky Saber
58 1 Image:Sakura Katana.gif Sakura Katana Sakura Katana
59 1 Image:Karu Stick.gif Karu Stick Karu Stick
60 1 Image:Heart Candle Knife.gif Heart Candle Knife Heart Candle Knife Form
62 1 Image:Yanagi Parasol.gif Yanagi Parasol Yanagi Parasol
63 1 Image:Bamboo Stick.gif Bamboo Stick Bamboo Stick
64 1 Image:Gaia Sword.gif Gaia Sword Gaia Sword
64 2 Image:Gaia Staff.gif Gaia Staff Gaia Staff
65 1 Image:Sword of Light.gif Sword of Light Sword of Light
65 2 Image:Staff of Light.gif Staff of Light Staff of Light
67 1 Image:Heart Blade.gif Heart Blade Heart Blade
68 1 Image:Lycan's Blue Sword.gif Lycan's Blue Sword Lycan's Blue Sword
69 1 Image:Forever Blade.gif Forever Blade Forever Blade, Angel Blade, Hope Blade
70 1 Image:All Hallow's Sword.gif All Hallow's Sword All Hallow's Sword 40, All Hallow's Sword 80, All Hallow's Sword 100, All Hallow's Sword 150, All Hallow's Sword 200, All Hallow's Sword Skin
71 1 Image:Heorot Family Sword.gif Heorot Family Sword Heorot Family Sword, Heorot Family Sword 150
86 1 Image:Fall Fish Sword.gif Fall Fish Sword Fall Fish Sword
87 1 Image:Tsunami Moon Blade.gif Tsunami Moon Blade Tsunami Moon Blade
88 1 Image:Crackling Snow Staff.gif Crackling Snow Staff Crackling Snow Staff
89 1 Image:New Year Brush.gif New Year Brush New Year Brush 60
90 1 Image:2009 Lucky Butcher Knife.gif 2009 Lucky Butcher Knife 2009 Lucky Butcher Knife
91 1 Image:Shadow Pop Blade.gif Shadow Pop Blade Shadow Pop Blade
92 1 Image:Black Rose Wand.gif Black Rose Wand Black Rose Wand, Black Rose Wand 120
93 1 Image:Kuusi's Parasol.gif Kuusi's Parasol Kuusi's Parasol 60, Kuusi's Parasol 150
94 1 Image:Driller Spike Lance.gif Driller Spike Lance Driller Spike Lance 80, Driller Spike Lance 140
95 1 Image:Wing Edge.gif Wing Edge Wing Edge 30, Wing Edge 100
97 1 Image:Cotton Candy Staff.gif Cotton Candy Staff Cotton Candy Staff
98 1 Image:Koi Hammer.gif Koi Hammer Koi Hammer 40, Koi Hammer 100, Koi Hammer 140
99 1 Image:Pink Wedding Bouquet.gif Pink Wedding Bouquet Wedding Bouquet 40
99 2 Image:Blue Wedding Bouquet.gif Blue Wedding Bouquet Wedding Bouquet 90
100 1 Image:Artist's Brush.gif Artist's Brush Artist's Brush
104 1 Image:Weber Blade.gif Weber Blade Weber Blade
105 1 Image:Scythe di Catene.gif Scythe di Catene Scythe di Catene
106 1 Image:Lover's Protector.gif Lover's Protector Lover's Protector 60, Lover's Protector 120
107 1 Image:Demon Slayer.gif Demon Slayer Demon Slayer
108 1 Image:Scared Staff.gif Scared Staff Scared Staff
109 1 Image:Drum Stick.gif Drum Stick Drum Stick 30, Drum Stick 90
111 1 Image:Glass Pestle Hammer.gif Glass Pestle Hammer Glass Pestle Hammer
112 1 Image:Violin Hammer.gif Violin Hammer Violin Hammer 30, Violin Hammer 90
112 2 Image:Flute Staff.gif Flute Staff Flute Staff 30, Flute Staff 90
113 1 Image:Witch's Parasol.gif Witch's Parasol Witch's Parasol, Witch's Parasol Skin
113 2 Image:Apprentice Witch Parasol.gif Apprentice Witch Parasol Apprentice Witch Parasol, Apprentice Witch Parasol Skin
114 1 Image:Strawberry Choco Stick.gif Strawberry Choco Stick Strawberry Choco Stick 30, Strawberry Choco Stick 60, Strawberry Choco Stick 100
115 1 Image:Christmas Tree Sword.gif Christmas Tree Sword Christmas Tree Sword 60, Christmas Tree Sword 120
116 1 Image:Morte Staff.gif Morte Staff Morte Staff
116 2 Image:Morte Kukuri.gif Morte Kukuri Morte Kukuri
119 1 Image:Sunny Hammer.gif Sunny Hammer Sunny Hodori Hammer 60, Sunny Hodori Hammer 120
120 1 Image:Royal Rose Fork.gif Royal Rose Fork Royal Rose Fork 60, Royal Rose Fork 120
121 1 Image:Nick's Lucky Sword.gif Nick's Lucky Sword Nick's Lucky Sword
122 1 Image:Staff of Love and Peace.gif Staff of Love and Peace Staff of Love and Peace
125 1 Image:Poppuri Hunter's Sword.gif Poppuri Hunter's Sword Poppuri Hunter's Sword
125 2 Image:Poppuri Guide Staff.gif Poppuri Guide Staff Poppuri Guide Staff
126 1 Image:5th Anniversary Sword.gif 5th Anniversary Sword 5th Anniversary Sword
129 1 Image:Dorothy Snow Staff.gif Dorothy Snow Staff Dorothy Snow Staff
130 1 Image:Feast Sword.gif Feast Sword Feast Sword
131 1 Image:Dutiful Hand.gif Dutiful Hand Dutiful Hand
132 1 Image:Aquarius Spear.gif Aquarius Spear Aquarius Spear
133 1 Image:Etoile Spear.gif Etoile Spear Etoile Spear 60, Etoile Spear 130, Etoile Spear 240
134 1 Image:Skull Staff.gif Skull Staff Skull Staff Form
134 2 Image:Skull Sword.gif Skull Sword Skull Sword Form
135 1 Image:Mosquito Zapper.gif Mosquito Zapper Mosquito Zapper 40, Mosquito Zapper 80, Mosquito Zapper 160
136 1 Image:Troublemaker's Bat.gif Troublemaker's Bat Troublemaker's Bat 30, Troublemaker's Bat 100, Troublemaker's Bat 180
137 1 Image:Nereus Sword.gif Nereus Sword Nereus Sword
137 2 Image:Nereus Staff.gif Nereus Staff Nereus Staff
138 1 Image:Moon Night Sword.gif Moon Night Sword Moon Night Sword 60, Moon Night Sword 130
139 2 Image:Straw Doll Stick.gif Straw Doll Stick Straw Doll Stick
141 1 Image:Star Sweet Hammer.gif Star Sweet Hammer Star Sweet Hammer 60, Star Sweet Hammer 120
142 1 Image:Pumpkin Monster Sword.gif Pumpkin Monster Sword Pumpkin Monster Sword 40, Pumpkin Monster Sword 80, Pumpkin Monster Sword Skin
144 1 Image:Christmas Tree Sword (2010).gif Christmas Tree Sword (2010) Christmas Tree Sword 60 (2010), Christmas Tree Sword 120 (2010), Christmas Tree Sword 180 (2010)
145 1 Image:Bronze Warrior's Sword.gif Bronze Warrior's Sword Bronze Warrior's Sword
147 1 Image:Dessert Choco Sword.gif Dessert Choco Sword Dessert Choco Sword, Dessert Choco Sword 120
148 1 Image:Sweet Heart Staff.gif Sweet Heart Staff Sweet Heart Staff
150 1 Image:Carnevale Sword.gif Carnevale Sword Carnevale Sword 30, Carnevale Sword 110, Carnevale Sword 190
150 2 Image:Carnevale Staff.gif Carnevale Staff Carnevale Staff 30, Carnevale Staff 110, Carnevale Staff 190
154 1 Image:Cake Serving Sword.gif Cake Serving Sword Cake Serving Sword 60, Cake Serving Sword 120
155 1 Image:Tempest Blade.gif Tempest Blade Tempest Blade
156 1 Image:Little Evil Spirit Staff.gif Little Evil Spirit Staff Little Evil Spirit Staff Form
158 1 Image:Jasmine Bouquet.gif Jasmine Bouquet Jasmine Bouquet 60, Jasmine Bouquet 110, Jasmine Bouquet 160
160 1 Image:Poppuri GM Sword.gif Poppuri GM Sword Poppuri GM Sword 40, Poppuri GM Sword 100, Poppuri GM Sword 170
160 2 Image:Poppuri GM Staff.gif Poppuri GM Staff Poppuri GM Staff 40, Poppuri GM Staff 100, Poppuri GM Staff 170
164 1 Image:Spider Umbrella.gif Spider Umbrella Spider Umbrella
169 1 Image:Canna Wand.gif Canna Wand Canna Wand Form
170 1 Image:Christmas Marble Staff.gif Christmas Marble Staff Christmas Marble Staff Skin
175 1 Image:Heart Wand.gif Heart Wand Heart Wand Form
176 1 Image:Thomas' Valentine Weapon.gif Thomas' Valentine Weapon Thomas' Valentine Weapon
177 1 Image:6th Anniversary Axe.gif 6th Anniversary Axe 6th Anniversary Axe Form
180 1 Image:Poppurisia Weapon.gif Poppurisia Weapon Poppurisia Weapon 50, Poppurisia Weapon 120, Poppurisia Weapon 200
180 2 Image:Poppurisia Staff.gif Poppurisia Staff Poppurisia Staff 50, Poppurisia Staff 120, Poppurisia Staff 200
181 1 Image:Lifeguard Bean Bouquet.gif Lifeguard Bean Bouquet Lifeguard Bean Bouquet Form
183 1 Image:Fast-Track Rose Hammer.gif Fast-Track Rose Hammer Fast-Track Rose Hammer
183 2 Image:Fast-Track Rose Sword.gif Fast-Track Rose Sword Fast-Track Rose Sword
183 3 Image:Fast-Track Rose Knife.gif Fast-Track Rose Knife Fast-Track Rose Knife
183 4 Image:Fast-Track Rose Wand.gif Fast-Track Rose Wand Fast-Track Rose Wand
185 1 Image:Butterfly Net.gif Butterfly Net Butterfly Net Form
188 1 Image:Fuzzels Sword.gif Fuzzels Sword Fuzzels Sword 130, Fuzzels Sword 160, Fuzzels Sword 190
188 2 Image:Fuzzels Staff.gif Fuzzels Staff Fuzzels Staff 130, Fuzzels Staff 160, Fuzzels Staff 190
191 1 Image:Cozy Pen.gif Cozy Pen Cozy Pen Form
191 2 Image:Chilly Pen.gif Chilly Pen Chilly Pen Form

Weapon Group 2

Code Sprite Name Used in
1 1 Image:Generous Cane.gif Generous Cane Generous Cane
1 2 Image:Fragrant Dagger.gif Fragrant Dagger Fragrant Dagger
1 3 Image:Nagging Hammer.gif Nagging Hammer Nagging Hammer
1 4 Image:Phoenix Blade.gif Phoenix Blade Phoenix Blade
2 1 Image:Confession Sword.gif Confession Sword Confession Sword
2 2 Image:Turtle Cane.gif Turtle Cane Turtle Cane
2 3 Image:Bizarre Club.gif Bizarre Club Bizarre Club
2 4 Image:Serpent Sword.gif Serpent Sword Serpent Sword
3 1 Image:Cork Bat.gif Cork Bat Cork Bat
4 1 Image:Diablo Sword.gif Diablo Sword Diablo Sword
5 1 Image:Dust Buster.gif Dust Buster Dust Buster, Dust Buster EX
7 1 Image:Crystal Dagger.gif Crystal Dagger Crystal Dagger, Crystal Dagger Form
7 2 Image:White Tiger Sword.gif White Tiger Sword White Tiger Sword, White Tiger Sword Form
8 1 Image:Acacia Wand.gif Acacia Wand Acacia Wand
9 1 Image:Freesia Cane.gif Freesia Cane Freesia Cane
10 1 Image:Crescent Sword.gif Crescent Sword Crescent Sword
11 1 Image:West Wind Cane.gif West Wind Cane West Wind Cane
12 1 Image:North Wind Sword.gif North Wind Sword North Wind Sword
12 2 Image:Halloween Slash.gif Halloween Slash Halloween Slash
13 1 Image:South Wind Dagger.gif South Wind Dagger South Wind Dagger
14 1 Image:East Wind Hammer.gif East Wind Hammer East Wind Hammer
15 1 Image:Apprentice Spear.gif Apprentice Spear Apprentice Spear
15 2 Image:Guardian Knight Lance.gif Guardian Knight Lance Guardian Knight Lance
16 1 Image:Wooden Rice Spoon.gif Wooden Rice Spoon Wooden Rice Spoon
17 1 Image:Orchid Wand.gif Orchid Wand Orchid Wand
18 1 Image:Sharon Sword.gif Sharon Sword Sharon Sword
20 1 Image:Bamboo Dagger.gif Bamboo Dagger Bamboo Dagger
20 2 Image:Mary's Sword.gif Mary's Sword Mary's Sword
23 1 Image:Flower Hammer.gif Flower Hammer Flower Hammer
24 1 Image:Spike Hammer.gif Spike Hammer Spike Hammer
24 2 Image:Feather Mace.gif Feather Mace Feather Mace
26 1 Image:Willow Switch.gif Willow Switch Willow Switch
27 1 Image:Tera Sword.gif Tera Sword Tera Sword
27 2 Image:Eloy Spear.gif Eloy Spear Eloy Spear
28 1 Image:Rockin' Sword.gif Rockin' Sword Rockin' Sword
29 1 Image:Silverwolf Kukuri.gif Silverwolf Kukuri Silverwolf Kukuri
30 1 Image:Classic Cane.gif Classic Cane Classic Cane
31 1 Image:Coral Hammer.gif Coral Hammer Coral Hammer
32 1 Image:Pop Hammer.gif Pop Hammer Pop Hammer
32 2 Image:Smooth Dagger.gif Smooth Dagger Smooth Dagger
34 1 Image:Festiva Cane.gif Festiva Cane Festiva Cane
35 1 Image:Cursed Sword.gif Cursed Sword Cursed Sword
36 1 Image:Hyena Sword.gif Hyena Sword Hyena Sword
37 1 Image:Fish Harpoon.gif Fish Harpoon Fish Harpoon
38 1 Image:Aquatic Kris.gif Aquatic Kris Aquatic Kris
39 1 Image:Hunter Sword.gif Hunter Sword Hunter Sword
40 1 Image:Ancient Sword.gif Ancient Sword Ancient Sword
41 1 Image:Saturn Staff.gif Saturn Staff Saturn Staff
41 2 Image:Mars Sword.gif Mars Sword Mars Sword
43 1 Image:Hammer of Conviction.gif Hammer of Conviction Hammer of Conviction
44 1 Image:Witch's Ice Staff.gif Witch's Ice Staff Witch's Ice Staff
45 1 Image:Mercury Dagger.gif Mercury Dagger Mercury Dagger
45 2 Image:Venus Sword.gif Venus Sword Venus Sword
46 1 Image:Candy Sword.gif Candy Sword Candy Sword
47 1 Image:Snow Cane.gif Snow Cane Snow Cane, Snow Cane Jr.
48 1 Image:Paul Knife.gif Paul Knife Paul Knife
49 1 Image:Rosemary Racquet.gif Rosemary Racquet Rosemary Racquet 40, Rosemary Racquet 80, Rosemary Racquet 120
49 2 Image:Rosetta Racquet.gif Rosetta Racquet Rosetta Racquet 40, Rosetta Racquet 80, Rosetta Racquet 120
50 1 Image:Magic Sword of Gallantry.gif Magic Sword of Gallantry Magic Sword of Gallantry
53 1 Image:Bunny Hammer.gif Bunny Hammer Bunny Hammer
54 1 Image:Panda Paw.gif Panda Paw Panda Paw
57 1 Image:Pluto Staff.gif Pluto Staff Pluto Staff
58 1 Image:Cluster Cane.gif Cluster Cane Cluster Cane
60 1 Image:Banker Knife.gif Banker Knife Banker Knife
62 1 Image:Sakurako Sword.gif Sakurako Sword Sakurako Sword
63 2 Image:Philosopher's Staff.gif Philosopher's Staff Philosopher's Staff
64 1 Image:Biker Padlock.gif Biker Padlock Biker Padlock, Biker Padlock 120
65 1 Image:Wedding Cake Knife.gif Wedding Cake Knife Wedding Cake Knife
65 2 Image:Wedding Candle.gif Wedding Candle Wedding Candle
66 1 Image:White Snake Sword.gif White Snake Sword White Snake Sword
68 1 Image:Time Keeper's Hammer.gif Time Keeper's Hammer Time Keeper's Hammer
69 1 Image:Sephira's Staff.gif Sephira's Staff Sephira's Staff
71 1 Image:Flying Dagger.gif Flying Dagger Flying Dagger
71 2 Image:MC Hammer.gif MC Hammer MC Hammer
73 1 Image:Coral Sword.gif Coral Sword Coral Sword
73 2 Image:Dolphin Staff.gif Dolphin Staff Dolphin Staff
74 1 Image:Innocent Dagger.gif Innocent Dagger Innocent Dagger
75 1 Image:Chainsword.gif Chainsword Chainsword, Chainsaw Sword 60, Chainsaw Sword 150
75 2 Image:Gunwand.gif Gunwand Gunwand, Gunwand 60, Gunwand 150
76 1 Image:Vigor Blade.gif Vigor Blade Vigor Blade
77 1 Image:Cool Breeze Hammer.gif Cool Breeze Hammer Cool Breeze Hammer, Cool Breeze Hammer L
77 2 Image:White Wind Cane.gif White Wind Cane White Wind Cane, White Wind Cane L
77 3 Image:Red Wind Dagger.gif Red Wind Dagger Red Wind Dagger, Red Wind Dagger L
77 4 Image:Dark Wind Sword.gif Dark Wind Sword Dark Wind Sword, Dark Wind Sword L
78 1 Image:Blue Phoenix Sword.gif Blue Phoenix Sword Blue Phoenix Sword, Blue Phoenix Sword 100
78 2 Image:Purple Generous Staff.gif Purple Generous Staff Purple Generous Staff, Purple Generous Staff 100
78 3 Image:Black Nagging Hammer.gif Black Nagging Hammer Black Nagging Hammer, Black Nagging Hammer 100
78 4 Image:Silver Fragrant Sword.gif Silver Fragrant Sword Silver Fragrant Sword, Silver Fragrant Sword 100
79 1 Image:Sassy Hammer.gif Sassy Hammer Sassy Hammer
81 1 Image:Kitty Paw.gif Kitty Paw Kitty Paw 30, Kitty Paw 70, Kitty Paw 140, Kitty Paw 190
82 1 Image:Happiness Bell Rod.gif Happiness Bell Rod Happiness Bell Rod
82 2 Image:Happiness Lance.gif Happiness Lance Happiness Lance
83 1 Image:Sweet Marshmallow Hammer.gif Sweet Marshmallow Hammer Sweet Marshmallow Hammer 50, Sweet Marshmallow Hammer 90, Sweet Marshmallow Hammer 150, Sweet Marshmallow Hammer 210
84 1 Image:Snow Sword.gif Snow Sword Snow Sword
85 1 Image:Heaven's Dagger.gif Heaven's Dagger Heaven's Dagger 80, Heaven's Dagger 120, Heaven's Dagger 180
85 2 Image:Heaven's Hammer.gif Heaven's Hammer Heaven's Hammer 80, Heaven's Hammer 120, Heaven's Hammer 180
85 3 Image:Heaven's Staff.gif Heaven's Staff Heaven's Staff 80, Heaven's Staff 120, Heaven's Staff 180
86 1 Image:Queen's Staff.gif Queen's Staff Queen's Staff 200
86 2 Image:Princess's Staff.gif Princess's Staff Princess's Staff
87 1 Image:Traditional Rod.gif Traditional Rod Traditional Rod
88 1 Image:Kitchen Knife.gif Kitchen Knife Kitchen Knife
89 1 Image:Gentleman's Cane.gif Gentleman's Cane Gentleman's Cane 40, Gentleman's Cane 100, Gentleman's Cane 170
91 1 Image:Pero Pero Hammer.gif Pero Pero Hammer Pero Pero Hammer
92 1 Image:Shamrock Knife.gif Shamrock Knife Shamrock Knife 50, Shamrock Knife 90, Shamrock Knife 140
93 1 Image:Active Sword.gif Active Sword Active Sword
94 1 Image:Double Dragon Rod.gif Double Dragon Rod Double Dragon Rod 30, Double Dragon Rod 70, Double Dragon Rod 140, Double Dragon Rod 190
95 1 Image:Afrit's Fiery Blade.gif Afrit's Fiery Blade Afrit's Fiery Blade
95 2 Image:Lyr's Staff.gif Lyr's Staff Lyr's Staff
95 3 Image:Silpheed Sword.gif Silpheed Sword Silpheed Sword
95 4 Image:The Titan's Edge.gif The Titan's Edge The Titan's Edge
96 1 Image:Stone Despair Sword.gif Stone Despair Sword Stone Despair Sword, Stone Despair Sword L
96 2 Image:Golden Turtle Cane.gif Golden Turtle Cane Golden Turtle Cane, Golden Turtle Cane L
96 3 Image:Mithril Serpent Sword.gif Mithril Serpent Sword Mithril Serpent Sword , Mithril Serpent Sword L
96 4 Image:Red Bizarre Club.gif Red Bizarre Club Red Bizarre Club, Red Bizarre Club L
97 1 Image:Sakura Halberd.gif Sakura Halberd Sakura Halberd 110, Sakura Halberd 160, Sakura Halberd 210
98 1 Image:Thaumatech Cyber Wand.gif Thaumatech Cyber Wand Thaumatech Cyber Wand, Thaumatech Cyber Wand-X
98 2 Image:Beam Saber Z-16.gif Beam Saber Z-16 Beam Saber Z-16, Beam Saber Z-16-X
99 1 Image:Deep Space Hammer.gif Deep Space Hammer Deep Space Hammer
101 1 Image:Ice Penguin Sword.gif Ice Penguin Sword Ice Penguin Sword
101 2 Image:Ice Penguin Hammer.gif Ice Penguin Hammer Ice Penguin Hammer
102 1 Image:Deep Space Staff.gif Deep Space Staff Deep Space Staff
103 1 Image:Black Bison's Cane.gif Black Bison's Cane Black Bison's Cane 50, Black Bison's Cane 90, Black Bison's Cane 150, Black Bison's Cane 210
104 1 Image:Engagement Sword.gif Engagement Sword Engagement Sword
104 2 Image:Engagement Staff.gif Engagement Staff Engagement Staff
105 1 Image:Astronaut Gag Hammer.gif Astronaut Gag Hammer Astronaut Gag Hammer, Astronaut Gag Hammer 170
106 1 Image:Duckling Staff.gif Duckling Staff Duckling Staff
107 1 Image:Chronos Halberd.gif Chronos Halberd Chronos Halberd
108 1 Image:Vampiric Moon Blade.gif Vampiric Moon Blade Vampiric Moon Blade
108 2 Image:Unqueanchable Blood Saber.gif Unqueanchable Blood Saber Unquenchable Blood Saber
109 1 Image:Ocean Spear.gif Ocean Spear Ocean Spear
110 1 Image:Hurricane Sword.gif Hurricane Sword Hurricane Sword, Hurricane Sword 150
111 1 Image:Seashore Blade.gif Seashore Blade Seashore Blade 90, Seashore Blade 170
111 2 Image:Seashore Rod.gif Seashore Rod Seashore Rod 90, Seashore Rod 170
112 2 Image:Pink Orchid Wand.gif Pink Orchid Wand Pink Orchid Wand, Pink Orchid Wand L
112 4 Image:Green Plum Sword.gif Green Plum Sword Green Plum Sword, Green Plum Sword L
113 1 Image:Fox Bane.gif Fox Bane Fox Bane 50, Fox Bane 90, Fox Bane 150, Fox Bane 210
114 1 Image:Bunny's Smasher.gif Bunny's Smasher Bunny's Smasher 30, Bunny's Smasher 70, Bunny's Smasher 140, Bunny's Smasher 190
115 1 Image:Rosalyna's Spear.gif Rosalyna's Spear Rosalyna's Spear 80, Rosalyna's Spear 180
116 1 Image:Katana of Vindication.gif Katana of Vindication Katana of Vindication 110, Katana of Vindication 220
116 2 Image:Stave of Tears.gif Stave of Tears Stave of Tears 110, Stave of Tears 220
117 1 Image:Whistle Hammer.gif Whistle Hammer Whistle Hammer
118 1 Image:Aria Staff.gif Aria Staff Aria Staff
119 1 Image:Bejeweled Espada.gif Bejeweled Espada Bejeweled Espada
119 2 Image:Bejeweled Staff.gif Bejeweled Staff Bejeweled Staff
120 1 Image:Karan's Scimitar.gif Karan's Scimitar Karan's Scimitar
120 2 Image:Pirate King's Scimitar.gif Pirate King's Scimitar Pirate King's Scimitar
121 1 Image:Matsuri Pipe.gif Matsuri Pipe Matsuri Pipe 50, Matsuri Pipe 110, Matsuri Pipe 170, Matsuri Pipe 230
121 2 Image:Matsuri Hammer.gif Matsuri Hammer Matsuri Hammer 50, Matsuri Hammer 110, Matsuri Hammer 170, Matsuri Hammer 230
121 3 Image:Matsuri Staff.gif Matsuri Staff Matsuri Staff 50, Matsuri Staff 110, Matsuri Staff 170, Matsuri Staff 230
122 1 Image:Hunter's Dagger.gif Hunter's Dagger Hunter's Dagger
123 1 Image:Tainted Bunny Wand.gif Tainted Bunny Wand Tainted Bunny Wand 60, Tainted Bunny Wand 180
123 2 Image:Yoppa Club.gif Yoppa Club Yoppa Club 60, Yoppa Club 180
124 1 Image:Cane Sword.gif Cane Sword Cane Sword 50, Cane Sword 90, Cane Sword 150, Cane Sword 210
125 1 Image:Zorra's Lucky Knife.gif Zorra's Lucky Knife Zorra's Lucky Knife 30, Zorra's Lucky Knife 70, Zorra's Lucky Knife 140, Zorra's Lucky Knife 190
131 1 Image:Swashbuckler's Saber.gif Swashbuckler's Saber Swashbuckler's Saber
132 1 Image:Candy Apple Hammer.gif Candy Apple Hammer Candy Apple Hammer 40, Candy Apple Hammer 80, Candy Apple Hammer 160
132 2 Image:Choco-Strawberry Staff.gif Choco-Strawberry Staff Choco-Strawberry Staff 40, Choco-Strawberry Staff 80, Choco-Strawberry Staff 160
133 1 Image:Diploma Stick.gif Diploma Stick Diploma Stick
134 1 Image:Blazing Edge.gif Blazing Edge Blazing Edge 120, Blazing Edge 180, Blazing Edge 240
135 1 Image:Grand Star Impact.gif Grand Star Impact Grand Star Impact
135 2 Image:Starlight Edge.gif Starlight Edge Starlight Edge
135 3 Image:Twin Star Cane.gif Twin Star Cane Twin Star Cane
136 1 Image:Shamrock Staff.gif Shamrock Staff Peridot Shamrock Staff, Jade Shamrock Staff, Emerald Shamrock Staff
137 1 Image:Staff of Ages.gif Staff of Ages Staff of Ages 40, Staff of Ages 80, Staff of Ages 120
137 2 Image:Sword of Ages.gif Sword of Ages Sword of Ages 40, Sword of Ages 80, Sword of Ages 120
138 1 Image:Squirrel Staff.gif Squirrel Staff Squirrel Staff
140 1 Image:Super Broom.gif Super Broom Super Broom 40, Super Broom 160
141 1 Image:Elencia Sword.gif Elencia Sword Elencia Sword
142 1 Image:Reyes Staff.gif Reyes Staff Reyes Staff
142 2 Image:Reyes Rapier.gif Reyes Rapier Reyes Rapier
144 1 Image:The AK3.gif The AK3 The AK3 Form, The AK3 70, The AK3 190
145 1 Image:Matrimony Protector.gif Matrimony Protector Matrimony Protector
146 1 Image:Aestra Edge.gif Aestra Edge Aestra Edge 70, Aestra Edge 170
148 1 Image:Skull Blade.gif Skull Blade Skull Blade
149 1 Image:Classic Red Cane.gif Classic Red Cane Classic Red Cane, Classic Red Cane L
149 2 Image:Black Rockin' Sword.gif Black Rockin' Sword Black Rockin' Sword, Black Rockin' Sword L
150 1 Image:Watermelon Rapier.gif Watermelon Rapier Watermelon Rapier 40, Watermelon Rapier 120
150 2 Image:Winter Staff.gif Winter Staff Winter Staff, Fierce Winter Staff
151 1 Image:Admiral's Cutlass.gif Admiral's Cutlass Admiral's Cutlass, Admiral's Cutlass LE
151 2 Image:Captain Skull's Cutlass.gif Captain Skull's Cutlass Captain Skull's Cutlass, Captain Skull's Cutlass LE
152 1 Image:Blue Pop Hammer.gif Blue Pop Hammer Blue Pop Hammer, Blue Pop Hammer L
152 2 Image:Smooth Soul Dagger.gif Smooth Soul Dagger Smooth Soul Dagger, Smooth Soul Dagger XL
156 1 Image:Cielo Gladius.gif Cielo Gladius Cielo Gladius
156 2 Image:Cielo Staff.gif Cielo Staff Cielo Staff
157 1 Image:Poppuri Leaf Sword.gif Poppuri Leaf Sword Poppuri Leaf Sword
158 1 Image:Syringe Wand.gif Syringe Wand Syringe Wand 70, Syringe Wand 190
158 2 Image:Ninja Sword.gif Ninja Sword Ninja Sword 70, Ninja Sword 190
159 1 Image:Mushroom Hammer.gif Mushroom Hammer Mushroom Hammer 70, Mushroom Hammer 170
160 1 Image:Hard Luck Hammer.gif Hard Luck Hammer Hard Luck Hammer
161 1 Image:Torangi Pestle.gif Torangi Pestle Torangi Pestle 60, Torangi Pestle 180
162 1 Image:Balancing Rod.gif Balancing Rod Balancing Rod
163 1 Image:Lycan's Claw.gif Lycan's Claw Lycan's Claw 120, Lycan's Claw 240
164 1 Image:Gero Sword.gif Gero Sword Gero Sword 40, Gero Sword 120
166 1 Image:Stella's Sprite Scythe.gif Stella's Sprite Scythe Stella's Fairy Scythe, Stella's Sprite Scythe
167 1 Image:Snow Sword (Lady Snow).gif Snow Sword (Lady Snow) Snow Sword (Lady Snow)
167 2 Image:Ice Sword.gif Ice Sword Ice Sword
167 3 Image:Snowball Staff.gif Snowball Staff Snowball Staff
167 4 Image:Hail Staff.gif Hail Staff Hail Staff
168 1 Image:Harvest Rake.gif Harvest Rake Harvest Rake
170 1 Image:Angelic Sword.gif Angelic Sword Angelic Sword
170 2 Image:Angelic Baton.gif Angelic Baton Angelic Baton
171 1 Image:MC Black Hammer.gif MC Black Hammer MC Black Hammer, MC Black Hammer L
171 2 Image:Sage's Violet Staff.gif Sage's Violet Staff Sage's Violet Staff, Sage's Violet Staff L
171 3 Image:Pink Soaring Dagger.gif Pink Soaring Dagger Pink Soaring Dagger, Pink Soaring Dagger L
173 1 Image:Tauri Staff.gif Tauri Staff Tauri Staff
173 2 Image:Leonis Hammer.gif Leonis Hammer Leonis Hammer
173 3 Image:Scorpii Sword.gif Scorpii Sword Scorpii Sword
174 1 Image:Tiger Staff.gif Tiger Staff Tin Tiger Staff, Steel Tiger Staff, Titanium Tiger Staff
174 2 Image:Tiger Hammer.gif Tiger Hammer Tin Tiger Hammer, Steel Tiger Hammer, Titanium Tiger Hammer
174 3 Image:Tiger Spear.gif Tiger Spear Tin Tiger Spear, Steel Tiger Spear, Titanium Tiger Spear
176 1 Image:Rook Hammer.gif Rook Hammer Rook Hammer 140, Rook Hammer 240
177 1 Image:White Cupcake Staff.gif White Cupcake Staff White Cupcake Staff 60, White Cupcake Staff 160
177 2 Image:Choco Cupcake Hammer.gif Choco Cupcake Hammer Choco Cupcake Hammer 60, Choco Cupcake Hammer 160
179 1 Image:Boxer Bunny Punch.gif Boxer Bunny Punch Boxer Bunny Punch 60, Boxer Bunny Punch 180
180 1 Image:Mardi Gras Staff.gif Mardi Gras Staff Mardi Gras Staff 80, Mardi Gras Staff 180
181 1 Image:Cheri Sabre.gif Cheri Sabre Cheri Sabre, Cheri Sabre ML
183 1 Image:Golden Spoon.gif Golden Spoon Golden Spoon
185 1 Image:Wedding Lace Parasol.gif Wedding Lace Parasol Wedding Lace Parasol 60, Wedding Lace Parasol 190
185 2 Image:Wedding Cane.gif Wedding Cane Wedding Cane 60, Wedding Cane 190
188 1 Image:Danihen's Cane Sword.gif Danihen's Cane Sword Danihen's Cane Sword
191 1 Image:Carrot Sword.gif Carrot Sword Carrot Sword 80, Carrot Sword 180
192 1 Image:Faunia's Parasol.gif Faunia's Parasol Faunia's Parasol 100, Faunia's Parasol 200
193 1 Image:Cioccolato's Trident.gif Cioccolato's Trident Cioccolato's Trident 40, Cioccolato's Trident 110, Cioccolato's Trident 180, Cioccolato's Trident 250
194 2 Image:Gelatina's Staff.gif Gelatina's Staff Gelatina's Staff 40, Gelatina's Staff 110, Gelatina's Staff 180, Gelatina's Staff 250
194 1 Image:Nadia's Iron Blade.gif Nadia's Iron Blade Nadia's Iron Blade, Nadia's Iron Blade MKII
196 1 Image:Marital Blade.gif Marital Blade Marital Blade
196 2 Image:Marital Scepter.gif Marital Scepter Marital Scepter
198 1 Image:Balloon Rattle.gif Balloon Rattle Balloon Rattle 50, Balloon Rattle 150
199 1 Image:Yoba Staff.gif Yoba Staff Yoba Staff 120, Yoba Staff 250
200 1 Image:Quiem's Sword.gif Quiem's Sword Quiem's Sword 100, Quiem's Sword 200
202 1 Image:Parfait's Hammer.gif Parfait's Hammer Parfait's Hammer 40, Parfait's Hammer 110, Parfait's Hammer 180, Parfait's Hammer 250
203 1 Image:Choux's Toy Hammer.gif Choux's Toy Hammer Choux's Toy Hammer 40, Choux's Toy Hammer 110, Choux's Toy Hammer 180, Choux's Toy Hammer 250
204 1 Image:Requi's Staff.gif Requi's Staff Requi's Staff 100, Requi's Staff 200
205 1 Image:Roseus Dagger.gif Roseus Dagger Roseus Dagger
206 1 Image:Kiyo's Wing Sword.gif Kiyo's Wing Sword Kiyo's Wing Sword 50, Kiyo's Wing Sword 100, Kiyo's Wing Sword 170, Kiyo's Wing Sword 240
207 1 Image:Eltron Espada.gif Eltron Espada Eltron Espada
208 1 Image:Wedding Party Knife.gif Wedding Party Knife Wedding Party Knife 60, Grand Wedding Party Knife 190
210 1 Image:V-Chan's Sword.gif V-Chan's Sword V-Chan's Sword
211 1 Image:Pharaoh's Dagger.gif Pharaoh's Dagger Pharaoh's Dagger
211 2 Image:Pharaoh's Crook.gif Pharaoh's Crook Pharaoh's Crook
212 1 Image:Summer Crab Sword.gif Summer Crab Sword Summer Crab Sword
212 2 Image:Summer Seahorse Staff.gif Summer Seahorse Staff Summer Seahorse Staff
215 1 Image:Prince's Dagger.gif Prince's Dagger Prince's Dagger
215 2 Image:Prince's Crook.gif Prince's Crook Prince's Crook
216 1 Image:Card Girl's Hammer.gif Card Girl's Hammer Card Girl's Hammer
218 1 Image:Vorpal Trump Blade.gif Vorpal Trump Blade Vorpal Trump Blade 120, Vorpal Trump Blade 220
221 1 Image:Batty Bat Dagger.gif Batty Bat Dagger Batty Bat Dagger 30, Batty Bat Dagger 90, Batty Bat Dagger 160, Batty Bat Dagger 240
222 1 Image:Microphone Staff.gif Microphone Staff Microphone Staff
225 1 Image:Fallen Angel Sword.gif Fallen Angel Sword Fallen Angel Sword 150, Fallen Angel Sword 250
226 1 Image:Mirabo's Spear.gif Mirabo's Spear Mirabo's Spear
229 1 Image:Panther Blade.gif Panther Blade Panther Blade
230 1 Image:Jacob Slayer Sword.gif Jacob Slayer Sword Jacob Slayer Sword 150, Jacob Slayer Sword 210
231 1 Image:Santa Sephiria's Candelabrum.gif Santa Sephiria's Candelabrum Santa Sephiria's Candelabrum
231 2 Image:Santa Sephiria's Staff.gif Santa Sephiria's Staff Santa Sephiria's Staff
234 1 Image:2011 New Year Hammer.gif 2011 New Year Hammer 2011 New Year Hammer 60, 2011 New Year Hammer 130, 2011 New Year Hammer 190, 2011 New Year Hammer 250
234 2 Image:2011 New Year Sword.gif 2011 New Year Sword 2011 New Year Sword 60, 2011 New Year Sword 130, 2011 New Year Sword 190, 2011 New Year Sword 250
234 3 Image:2011 New Year Staff.gif 2011 New Year Staff 2011 New Year Staff 60, 2011 New Year Staff 130, 2011 New Year Staff 190, 2011 New Year Staff 250
236 1 Image:Jan's Bunny Hammer.gif Jan's Bunny Hammer Jan's Bunny Hammer 60, Jan's Bunny Hammer 120, Jan's Bunny Hammer 220
236 2 Image:May's Bunny Hammer.gif May's Bunny Hammer May's Bunny Hammer 60, May's Bunny Hammer 120, May's Bunny Hammer 220
238 1 Image:Kitsu's Umbrella.gif Kitsu's Umbrella Kitsu's Umbrella 90, Kitsu's Umbrella 190
240 1 Image:Divine Spirit Staff.gif Divine Spirit Staff Divine Spirit Staff
242 1 Image:Tommy Jar Weapon.gif Tommy Jar Weapon Tommy Jar Weapon Form
243 1 Image:Edelweiss Staff.gif Edelweiss Staff Edelweiss Staff 160, Edelweiss Staff 230
243 2 Image:Edelweiss Sword.gif Edelweiss Sword Edelweiss Sword 160, Edelweiss Sword 230
243 3 Image:Fur Lined Staff.gif Fur Lined Staff Fur Lined Staff 160, Fur Lined Staff 230
243 4 Image:Fur Lined Sword.gif Fur Lined Sword Fur Lined Sword 160, Fur Lined Sword 230
244 1 Image:Lovely Demon Scythe.gif Lovely Demon Scythe Lovely Demon Scythe 60, Lovely Demon Scythe 110, Lovely Demon Scythe 230
244 2 Image:Lovely Heart Staff.gif Lovely Heart Staff Lovely Heart Staff 60, Lovely Heart Staff 110, Lovely Heart Staff 230
245 1 Image:Portina's Staff.gif Portina's Staff Portina's Staff
246 1 Image:Sword of Reflection.gif Sword of Reflection Sword of Reflection 80, Sword of Reflection 180
246 2 Image:Staff of Reflection.gif Staff of Reflection Staff of Reflection 80, Staff of Reflection 180
247 1 Image:Danihen's Elegant Sword.gif Danihen's Elegant Sword Danihen's Elegant Sword
248 1 Image:Juris' Dagger.gif Juris' Dagger Juris' Dagger 120, Juris' Dagger 220
249 2 Image:Sky Girl Staff.gif Sky Girl Staff Sky Girl Staff Form
249 3 Image:Coral Spade Staff.gif Coral Spade Staff Coral Spade Staff Form
251 1 Image:Sun Hammer.gif Sun Hammer Sun Hammer
251 2 Image:Uranus Staff.gif Uranus Staff Uranus Staff
251 3 Image:Pluto Sword.gif Pluto Sword Pluto Sword
253 1 Image:Rose Fairy Dagger.gif Rose Fairy Dagger Rose Fairy Dagger
254 1 Image:Panda Sword.gif Panda Sword Panda Sword 120, Panda Sword Form
254 2 Image:Panda Dagger.gif Panda Dagger Panda Dagger 120
254 3 Image:Panda Staff.gif Panda Staff Panda Staff 120
255 1 Image:Pink Rose Staff.gif Pink Rose Staff Pink Rose Staff 70, Pink Rose Staff 170
255 2 Image:Blue Rose Dagger.gif Blue Rose Dagger Blue Rose Dagger 70, Blue Rose Dagger 170
256 1 Image:Bopeep's Axe.gif Bopeep's Axe Bopeep's Axe 90, Bopeep's Axe 120
257 1 Image:Vinosh Sword.gif Vinosh Sword Vinosh Sword
258 1 Image:Tenterpaws' Sword.gif Tenterpaws' Sword Tenterpaws' Sword
258 2 Image:Vicious Tenter Sword.gif Vicious Tenter Sword Vicious Tenter Sword
258 3 Image:Vicious Tenter Squeaky Hammer.gif Vicious Tenter Squeaky Hammer Vicious Tenter Squeaky Hammer
258 4 Image:Tenterpaw's Squeaky Hammer.gif Tenterpaw's Squeaky Hammer Tenterpaw's Squeaky Hammer
259 1 Image:Kopurin Hammer.gif Kopurin Hammer Kopurin Hammer 100, Kopurin Hammer 200
260 1 Image:Happy Wedding Sword.gif Happy Wedding Sword Happy Wedding Sword
260 2 Image:Happy Wedding Staff.gif Happy Wedding Staff Happy Wedding Staff
261 1 Image:Flashire's Sword.gif Flashire's Sword Flashire's Sword 130, Flashire's Sword 260
261 2 Image:Flashire's Staff.gif Flashire's Staff Flashire's Staff 130, Flashire's Staff 260
261 3 Image:Guardian Robin's Dagger.gif Guardian Robin's Dagger Guardian Robin's Dagger 130, Guardian Robin's Dagger 260
261 4 Image:Guardian Robin's Staff.gif Guardian Robin's Staff Guardian Robin's Staff 130, Guardian Robin's Staff 260
262 1 Image:Dino Sword.gif Dino Sword Dino Sword
262 2 Image:Dino Dagger.gif Dino Dagger Dino Dagger
262 3 Image:Dino Staff.gif Dino Staff Dino Staff
263 1 Image:Jellyfish Staff.gif Jellyfish Staff Jellyfish Staff Form
263 2 Image:Coral Fanta Slime Staff.gif Coral Fanta Slime Staff Coral Fanta Slime Staff Form
263 3 Image:Choco Goma Wand.gif Choco Goma Wand Choco Goma Wand Form
265 1 Image:Cheerful Stella Staff.gif Cheerful Stella Staff Cheerful Stella Staff
270 1 Image:Bone Scythe.gif Bone Scythe Bone Scythe 90, Bone Scythe 210
270 2 Image:Bone Staff.gif Bone Staff Bone Staff 90, Bone Staff 210
271 1 Image:Magician Girl Purple Wand.gif Magician Girl Purple Wand Magician Girl Purple Wand Form
271 2 Image:Blue Fairy Wand.gif Blue Fairy Wand Blue Fairy Wand Form
271 3 Image:Mint Spade Staff.gif Mint Spade Staff Mint Spade Staff Form
272 1 Image:Arlene's Boho Dagger.gif Arlene's Boho Dagger Arlene's Boho Dagger
273 1 Image:Card Master Raccoon Staff.gif Card Master Raccoon Staff Card Master Raccoon Staff 60, Card Master Raccoon Staff 180, Card Master Raccoon Staff 240
275 1 Image:Inventor Lion Wrench.gif Inventor Lion Wrench Inventor Lion Wrench 60, Inventor Lion Wrench 180, Inventor Lion Wrench 240
276 1 Image:Bard Sheep Wand.gif Bard Sheep Wand Bard Sheep Wand 60, Bard Sheep Wand 180, Bard Sheep Wand 240
278 1 Image:Rachel's Spear.gif Rachel's Spear Rachel's Spear
279 1 Image:Koala Sword.gif Koala Sword Koala Sword 160
279 2 Image:Koala Dagger.gif Koala Dagger Koala Dagger 160
279 3 Image:Koala Staff.gif Koala Staff Koala Staff 160
280 1 Image:Hunter Yuna Hammer.gif Hunter Yuna Hammer Hunter Yuna Hammer
282 1 Image:Entertainer Cat Mic Stand.gif Entertainer Cat Mic Stand Entertainer Cat Mic Stand 70, Entertainer Cat Mic Stand 150, Entertainer Cat Mic Stand 220
283 1 Image:Warrior Bika Buffalo Sword.gif Warrior Bika Buffalo Sword Warrior Bika Buffalo Sword 70, Warrior Bika Buffalo Sword 150, Warrior Bika Buffalo Sword 220
284 1 Image:Magician Dragon Staff.gif Magician Dragon Staff Magician Dragon Staff 70, Magician Dragon Staff 150, Magician Dragon Staff 220
285 1 Image:Explorer Zorra Knife.gif Explorer Zorra Knife Explorer Zorra Knife 70, Explorer Zorra Knife 150, Explorer Zorra Knife 220
286 1 Image:Elephant Sword.gif Elephant Sword Elephant Sword 150, Elephant Sword 250
287 1 Image:Year of the Dragon Sword.gif Year of the Dragon Sword Year of the Dragon Sword 80, Year of the Dragon Sword 140, Year of the Dragon Sword 230
287 2 Image:Year of the Dragon Staff.gif Year of the Dragon Staff Year of the Dragon Staff 80, Year of the Dragon Staff 140, Year of the Dragon Staff 230
289 1 Image:Christmas 2011 Blade.gif Christmas 2011 Blade Christmas 2011 Blade
289 2 Image:Christmas 2011 Staff.gif Christmas 2011 Staff Christmas 2011 Staff
291 1 Image:Yut Stick.gif Yut Stick Yut Stick
292 1 Image:Elsa Cane.gif Elsa Cane Elsa Cane Form
292 2 Image:Elsa Dagger.gif Elsa Dagger Elsa Dagger Form
292 3 Image:Ravenwood Sword.gif Ravenwood Sword Ravenwood Sword Form
292 4 Image:Ravenwood Cane.gif Ravenwood Cane Ravenwood Cane Form
293 1 Image:Sturdy Robot Sword.gif Sturdy Robot Sword Sturdy Robot Sword Form
293 2 Image:Butterfly Rod.gif Butterfly Rod Butterfly Rod Form
293 3 Image:Toy Ice Cream Staff.gif Toy Ice Cream Staff Toy Ice Cream Staff Form
294 1 Image:Parrot Sword.gif Parrot Sword Parrot Sword 180
294 2 Image:Parrot Dagger.gif Parrot Dagger Parrot Dagger 180
294 3 Image:Parrot Staff.gif Parrot Staff Parrot Staff 180
296 1 Image:Ethel Wand.gif Ethel Wand Ethel Wand 160
297 1 Image:Valentine Sword 2012.gif Valentine Sword 2012 Valentine Sword 2012 90, Valentine Sword 2012 190
298 1 Image:Poirot Staff.gif Poirot Staff Poirot Staff
299 1 Image:Siffleur Staff.gif Siffleur Staff Siffleur Staff 100, Siffleur Staff 200
300 1 Image:Dark Shadow Scythe.gif Dark Shadow Scythe Dark Shadow Scythe 140, Dark Shadow Scythe 240
301 1 Image:Leviathan Sword.gif Leviathan Sword Leviathan Sword
302 1 Image:Red Crab Dagger.gif Red Crab Dagger Red Crab Dagger 200
302 2 Image:Red Crab Sword.gif Red Crab Sword Red Crab Sword 200
302 3 Image:Red Crab Staff.gif Red Crab Staff Red Crab Staff 200
303 1 Image:Fruit Skewer Rod.gif Fruit Skewer Rod Fruit Skewer Rod Form
303 2 Image:Young Prince Sword.gif Young Prince Sword Young Prince Sword Form
303 3 Image:Palm Tree Rod.gif Palm Tree Rod Palm Tree Rod Form
303 4 Image:Bath Brush Rod.gif Bath Brush Rod Bath Brush Rod Form
304 1 Image:Marion Hammer.gif Marion Hammer Marion Hammer
305 1 Image:Swirly Popsicle.gif Swirly Popsicle Swirly Popsicle
305 2 Image:Fishing Rod.gif Fishing Rod Fishing Rod
306 1 Image:Flower Cudgel.gif Flower Cudgel Flower Cudgel
307 1 Image:Laic Hammer.gif Laic Hammer Laic Hammer 80, Laic Hammer 180, Laic Hammer 280
307 2 Image:Laic Staff.gif Laic Staff Laic Staff 80, Laic Staff 180, Laic Staff 280
307 3 Image:Pavane Staff.gif Pavane Staff Pavane Staff 80, Pavane Staff 180, Pavane Staff 280
307 4 Image:Pavane Sword.gif Pavane Sword Pavane Sword 80, Pavane Sword 180, Pavane Sword 280
308 1 Image:Mallard Staff.gif Mallard Staff Mallard Staff
308 2 Image:White Swan Staff.gif White Swan Staff White Swan Staff
309 1 Image:Honeybee Sword.gif Honeybee Sword Honeybee Sword 220
309 2 Image:Honeybee Dagger.gif Honeybee Dagger Honeybee Dagger 220
309 3 Image:Honeybee Staff.gif Honeybee Staff Honeybee Staff 220
310 1 Image:Osteo Sword.gif Osteo Sword Osteo Sword
310 2 Image:Osteo Rod.gif Osteo Rod Osteo Rod
311 1 Image:Sylvia Hairbrush.gif Sylvia Hairbrush Sylvia Hairbrush 150, Sylvia Hairbrush 220
312 1 Image:Blue Sturdy Robot Sword.gif Blue Sturdy Robot Sword Blue Sturdy Robot Sword Form
314 1 Image:Dark Nyxx Scythe.gif Dark Nyxx Scythe Dark Nyxx Scythe 160, Dark Nyxx Scythe 230
314 2 Image:Dark Noxx Sword.gif Dark Noxx Sword Dark Noxx Sword 160, Dark Noxx Sword 230
316 1 Image:Ocularia Sword.gif Ocularia Sword Ocularia Sword 140, Ocularia Sword 210
316 2 Image:Candypump Staff.gif Candypump Staff Candypump Staff Form
317 2 Image:Little Devil Neal Sword.gif Little Devil Neal Sword Little Devil Neal Sword 240
317 4 Image:Apprentice Witch Pepe Staff.gif Apprentice Witch Pepe Staff Apprentice Witch Pepe Staff 240
318 1 Image:Little Cletta Spear.gif Little Cletta Spear Little Cletta Spear
319 1 Image:Kooh’s Spike Hammer Sword.gif Kooh’s Spike Hammer Sword Kooh’s Spike Hammer Sword 130, Kooh’s Spike Hammer Sword 220
325 1 Image:Christmas Holy Scythe.gif Christmas Holy Scythe Christmas Holy Scythe
325 2 Image:Christmas Holy Staff.gif Christmas Holy Staff Christmas Holy Staff

Weapon Group 3

Code Sprite Name Used in
1 1 Image:Shining Crystal Sword.gif Shining Crystal Sword Shining Crystal Sword
2 1 Image:Blood Sword.gif Blood Sword Blood Sword
2 2 Image:Golden Sword.gif Golden Sword Golden Sword
5 1 Image:Tenter Lion Tail Spear.gif Tenter Lion Tail Spear Tenter Lion Tail Spear
6 1 Image:Fallen Watcher Staff.gif Fallen Watcher Staff Fallen Watcher Staff
7 1 Image:Guardian's Soul Staff.gif Guardian's Soul Staff Guardian's Soul Staff
8 1 Image:Dread Cutlass.gif Dread Cutlass Dread Cutlass
9 1 Image:Ice Heart Sword.gif Ice Heart Sword Ice Heart Sword
12 1 Image:Gray Ash Staff.gif Gray Ash Staff Gray Ash Staff
14 1 Image:Draconic  Sword.gif Draconic Sword Draconic Sword
14 2 Image:Draconic  Dagger.gif Draconic Dagger Draconic Dagger
14 3 Image:Draconic  Staff.gif Draconic Staff Draconic Staff

Weapon Group 4

Code Sprite Name Used in
1 1 Image:Wooden Sword.gif Wooden Sword Wood Sword, Shrewd Wood Sword, Sharp Wood Sword, Old Wooden Sword, Wooden Sword, Sharp Wooden Sword
1 2 Image:Bokken.gif Bokken Bamboo Sword, Old Bokken, Bokken, Sharp Bokken, Edge Bokken, Morph Bokken, Powerful Bokken, Art Bokken, Chaos Bokken, Requiem Bokken, Ultimate Bokken
1 3 Image:Stone Sword.gif Stone Sword Stone Sword (old), Shrewd Stone Sword, Sharp Stone Sword (old), Old Stone Sword, Stone Sword, Sharp Stone Sword, Morph Stone Sword, Powerful Stone Sword, Art Stone Sword, Chaos Stone Sword, Requiem Stone Sword, Ultimate Stone Sword
1 4 Image:Sword.gif Sword Sword (old), Odd Sword, Shrewd Sword, Craft Sword, Sharp Sword (old), Artisan Sword, Custom Sword, Elemental Sword, Master Sword, Old Sword, Sword, Sharp Sword, Edge Sword, Morph Sword, Powerful Sword, Art Sword, Chaos Sword, Requiem Sword, Ultimate Sword
1 5 Image:Epoch Sword.gif Epoch Sword Rapier, Odd Rapier, Shrewd Rapier, Craft Rapier, Sharp Rapier, Artisan Rapier, Custom Rapier, Elemental Rapier, Master Rapier, Old Epoch Sword, Epoch Sword, Sharp Epoch Sword, Edge Epoch Sword, Morph Epoch Sword, Powerful Epoch Sword, Art Epoch Sword, Chaos Epoch Sword, Requiem Epoch Sword, Ultimate Epoch Sword
1 6 Image:Katana.gif Katana Katana (old), Odd Katana, Shrewd Katana, Craft Katana, Sharp Katana (old), Artisan Katana, Custom Katana, Elemental Katana, Master Katana, Old Katana, Katana, Sharp Katana, Edge Katana, Morph Katana, Powerful Katana, Art Katana, Chaos Katana, Requiem Katana, Ultimate Katana
1 7 Image:Dao.gif Dao Short Sword, Odd Short Sword, Shrewd Short Sword, Craft Short Sword, Sharp Short Sword, Artisan Short Sword, Custom Short Sword, Elemental Short Sword, Master Short Sword, Old Dao, Dao, Sharp Dao, Morph Dao, Powerful Dao, Art Dao, Chaos Dao, Requiem Dao, Ultimate Dao
1 8 Image:Sabre.gif Sabre Saber, Odd Saber, Shrewd Saber, Craft Saber, Sharp Saber, Artisan Saber, Custom Saber, Elemental Saber, Master Saber, Old Sabre, Sabre, Sharp Sabre, Edge Sabre, Morph Sabre, Powerful Sabre, Art Sabre, Chaos Sabre, Requiem Sabre, Ultimate Sabre
1 9 Image:Long Sword.gif Long Sword Long Sword (old), Odd Long Sword, Shrewd Long Sword, Craft Long Sword, Sharp Long Sword (old), Artisan Long Sword, Custom Long Sword, Elemental Long Sword, Master Long Sword, Old Long Sword, Long Sword, Sharp Long Sword, Edge Long Sword, Morph Long Sword, Powerful Long Sword, Art Long Sword, Chaos Long Sword, Requiem Long Sword, Ultimate Long Sword
1 10 Image:Talwar.gif Talwar Scimitar, Odd Scimitar, Shrewd Scimitar, Craft Scimitar, Sharp Scimitar, Artisan Scimitar, Custom Scimitar, Elemental Scimitar, Master Scimitar, Old Talwar, Talwar, Sharp Talwar, Morph Talwar, Powerful Talwar, Art Talwar, Chaos Talwar, Requiem Talwar, Ultimate Talwar
1 11 Image:Shamshir.gif Shamshir Falchion, Odd Falchion, Shrewd Falchion, Craft Falchion, Sharp Falchion, Artisan Falchion, Custom Falchion, Elemental Falchion, Master Falchion, Old Shamshir, Shamshir, Sharp Shamshir, Edge Shamshir, Morph Shamshir, Powerful Shamshir, Art Shamshir, Chaos Shamshir, Requiem Shamshir, Ultimate Shamshir, Shadow Shamshir
1 12 Image:Shotel.gif Shotel Shotel (old), Odd Shotel, Shrewd Shotel, Craft Shotel, Sharp Shotel (old), Artisan Shotel, Custom Shotel, Elemental Shotel, Master Shotel, Old Shotel, Shotel, Sharp Shotel, Edge Shotel, Morph Shotel, Powerful Shotel, Art Shotel, Chaos Shotel, Requiem Shotel, Ultimate Shotel
1 13 Image:Wakizashi.gif Wakizashi Blade, Odd Blade, Shrewd Blade, Craft Blade, Sharp Blade, Artisan Blade, Custom Blade, Elemental Blade, Master Blade, Powerful Wakizashi, Art Wakizashi, Phantom Wakizashi, Chaos Wakizashi, Requiem Wakizashi, Ultimate Wakizashi
1 14 Image:Langschwert.gif Langschwert Bastard Sword, Odd Bastard Sword, Shrewd Bastard Sword, Craft Bastard Sword, Sharp Bastard Sword, Artisan Bastard Sword, Custom Bastard Sword, Elemental Bastard Sword, Master Bastard Sword, Old Langschwert, Langschwert, Sharp Langschwert, Morph Langschwert, Powerful Langschwert, Art Langschwert, Gloom Langschwert
1 15 Image:Sky Blade.gif Sky Blade Holy Sword, Odd Holy Sword, Shrewd Holy Sword, Craft Holy Sword, Sharp Holy Sword, Artisan Holy Sword, Custom Holy Sword, Elemental Holy Sword, Master Holy Sword, Old Sky Blade, Sky Blade, Sharp Sky Blade, Edge Sky Blade, Morph Sky Blade, Powerful Sky Blade, Art Sky Blade, Phantom Sky Blade, Chaos Sky Blade, Requiem Sky Blade, Ultimate Sky Blade
1 16 Image:Flamberge.gif Flamberge Flamberge, Odd Flamberge, Shrewd Flamberge, Craft Flamberge, Sharp Flamberge, Artisan Flamberge, Custom Flamberge, Elemental Flamberge, Master Flamberge
1 17 Image:Dragon Sword.gif Dragon Sword Dragon Blade, Odd Dragon Blade, Shrewd Dragon Blade, Craft Dragon Blade, Sharp Dragon Blade, Artisan Dragon Blade, Custom Dragon Blade, Elemental Dragon Blade, Master Dragon Blade, Shadow Ancient Broadsword
1 18 Image:Claymore.gif Claymore Claymore, Odd Claymore, Shrewd Claymore, Craft Claymore, Sharp Claymore, Artisan Claymore, Custom Claymore, Elemental Claymore, Master Claymore
1 19 Image:God Sword.gif God Sword God Sword, Odd God Sword, Shrewd God Sword, Craft God Sword, Sharp God Sword, Artisan God Sword, Custom God Sword, Elemental God Sword, Master God Sword, Shadow God Sword
2 1 Image:Staff.gif Staff Kane Cane, Chance Kane Cane, Boost Kane Cane, Old Staff, Staff, Moon Staff, Sleek Staff, Old Kane Rod, Kane Rod, Moon Kane Rod, Sun Kane Rod, Morph Kane Rod, Powerful Kane Rod, Art Kane Rod, Chaos Kane Rod, Requiem Kane Rod, Ultimate Kane Rod
2 2 Image:Baton Rod.gif Baton Rod Baton Cane, Chance Baton Cane, Boost Baton Cane, Craft Baton Cane, Poppuri Cane, Poppuri Artisan Cane, Old Baton Rod, Baton Rod, Moon Baton Rod, Morph Baton Rod, Powerful Baton Rod, Art Baton Rod, Chaos Baton Rod, Requiem Baton Rod, Ultimate Baton Rod
2 3 Image:Bronze Rod.gif Bronze Rod Bronze Cane, Chance Bronze Cane, Boost Bronze Cane, Craft Bronze Cane, Artisan Bronze Cane, Custom Bronze Cane, Elemental Bronze Cane, Master Bronze Cane, Old Bronze Rod, Bronze Rod, Moon Bronze Rod, Sun Bronze Rod, Morph Bronze Rod, Powerful Bronze Rod, Art Bronze Rod, Chaos Bronze Rod, Requiem Bronze Rod, Ultimate Bronze Rod
2 4 Image:Wood Rod.gif Wood Rod Wood Staff, Chance Wood Staff, Boost Wood Staff, Craft Wood Staff, Artisan Wood Staff, Custom Wood Staff, Elemental Wood Staff, Master Wood Staff, Old Wood Rod, Wood Rod, Moon Wood Rod, Sun Wood Rod, Morph Wood Rod, Powerful Wood Rod, Art Wood Rod, Chaos Wood Rod, Requiem Wood Rod, Ultimate Wood Rod, Staff of Influence, Okto's Staff
2 5 Image:Stone Rod.gif Stone Rod Stone Staff, Chance Stone Staff, Boost Stone Staff, Craft Stone Staff, Artisan Stone Staff, Custom Stone Staff, Elemental Stone Staff, Master Stone Staff, Old Stone Rod, Stone Rod, Moon Stone Rod, Sun Stone Rod, Morph Stone Rod, Powerful Stone Rod, Art Stone Rod, Chaos Stone Rod, Requiem Stone Rod, Ultimate Stone Rod
2 6 Image:Rune Staff.gif Rune Staff Rune Staff (old), Chance Rune Staff, Boost Rune Staff, Craft Rune Staff, Artisan Rune Staff, Custom Rune Staff, Elemental Rune Staff, Master Rune Staff, Old Rune Staff, Rune Staff, Moon Rune Staff, Morph Rune Staff, Powerful Rune Staff, Art Rune Staff, Chaos Rune Staff, Requiem Rune Staff, Ultimate Rune Staff
2 7 Image:Battle Rod.gif Battle Rod Battle Staff, Chance Battle Staff, Boost Battle Staff, Craft Battle Staff, Artisan Battle Staff, Custom Battle Staff, Elemental Battle Staff, Master Battle Staff, Old Battle Rod, Battle Rod, Moon Battle Rod, Sun Battle Rod, Morph Battle Rod, Powerful Battle Rod, Art Battle Rod, Chaos Battle Rod, Requiem Battle Rod, Ultimate Battle Rod
2 8 Image:Silver Rod.gif Silver Rod Silver Rod (old), Chance Silver Rod, Boost Silver Rod, Craft Silver Rod, Artisan Silver Rod, Custom Silver Rod, Elemental Silver Rod, Master Silver Rod, Old Silver Rod, Silver Rod, Moon Silver Rod, Sun Silver Rod, Morph Silver Rod, Powerful Silver Rod, Art Silver Rod, Chaos Silver Rod, Requiem Silver Rod, Ultimate Silver Rod
2 9 Image:Gold Rod.gif Gold Rod Gold Rod (old), Chance Gold Rod, Boost Gold Rod, Craft Gold Rod, Artisan Gold Rod, Custom Gold Rod, Elemental Gold Rod, Master Gold Rod, Old Gold Rod, Gold Rod, Moon Gold Rod, Sun Gold Rod, Morph Gold Rod, Powerful Gold Rod, Art Gold Rod, Chaos Gold Rod, Requiem Gold Rod, Ultimate Gold Rod
2 10 Image:Celestial Rod.gif Celestial Rod Lunar Rod, Chance Lunar Rod, Boost Lunar Rod, Craft Lunar Rod, Artisan Lunar Rod, Custom Lunar Rod, Elemental Lunar Rod, Master Lunar Rod, Old Celestial Rod, Celestial Rod, Moon Celestial Rod, Morph Celestial Rod, Powerful Celestial Rod, Art Celestial Rod, Chaos Celestial Rod, Requiem Celestial Rod, Ultimate Celestial Rod
2 11 Image:Blue Dragon Rod.gif Blue Dragon Rod Dragon Rod, Chance Dragon Rod, Boost Dragon Rod, Craft Dragon Rod, Artisan Dragon Rod, Custom Dragon Rod, Elemental Dragon Rod, Master Dragon Rod, Old Blue Dragon Rod, Blue Dragon Rod, Moon Blue Dragon Rod, Sun Blue Dragon Rod, Morph Blue Dragon Rod, Powerful Blue Dragon Rod, Art Blue Dragon Rod, Chaos Blue Dragon Rod, Requiem Blue Dragon Rod, Ultimate Blue Dragon Rod, Shadow Blue Dragon Rod
3 1 Image:Poniard.gif Poniard Bronze Sword, Sharp Bronze Sword, Sensible Bronze Sword, Old Poniard, Poniard, Sharp Poniard, Sleek Short Sword
3 2 Image:Knife.gif Knife Old Knife, Knife, Sharp Knife, Edge Knife, Morph Knife, Powerful Knife, Art Knife, Chaos Knife, Requiem Knife, Ultimate Knife
3 3 Image:Silver Knife.gif Silver Knife Old Silver Knife, Silver Knife, Sharp Silver Knife, Morph Silver Knife, Powerful Silver Knife, Art Silver Knife, Chaos Silver Knife, Requiem Silver Knife, Ultimate Silver Knife
3 4 Image:Dagger.gif Dagger Dagger (old), Odd Dagger, Sharp Dagger (old), Craft Dagger, Swift Dagger, Sensible Dagger, Elemental Dagger, Artisan Dagger, Custom Dagger, Master Dagger, Poppuri Custom Dagger, Poppuri Artisan Dagger, Old Dagger, Dagger, Sharp Dagger, Edge Dagger, Morph Dagger, Powerful Dagger, Art Dagger, Chaos Dagger, Requiem Dagger, Ultimate Dagger
3 5 Image:Dirk.gif Dirk Dirk (old), Odd Dirk, Sharp Dirk (old), Craft Dirk, Swift Dirk, Sensible Dirk, Elemental Dirk, Artisan Dirk, Custom Dirk, Master Dirk, Old Dirk, Dirk, Sharp Dirk, Edge Dirk, Morph Dirk, Powerful Dirk, Art Dirk, Chaos Dirk, Requiem Dirk, Ultimate Dirk
3 6 Image:Flat Sword.gif Flat Sword Gladius, Odd Gladius, Sharp Gladius, Craft Gladius, Swift Gladius, Sensible Gladius, Elemental Gladius, Artisan Gladius, Custom Gladius, Master Gladius, Old Flat Sword, Flat Sword, Sharp Flat Sword, Edge Flat Sword, Morph Flat Sword, Powerful Flat Sword, Art Flat Sword, Chaos Flat Sword, Requiem Flat Sword, Ultimate Flat Sword
3 7 Image:Kaldo.gif Kaldo Kaldo (old), Odd Kaldo, Sharp Kaldo (old), Craft Kaldo, Swift Kaldo, Sensible Kaldo, Elemental Kaldo, Artisan Kaldo, Custom Kaldo, Master Kaldo, Old Kaldo, Kaldo, Sharp Kaldo, Morph Kaldo, Powerful Kaldo, Art Kaldo, Chaos Kaldo, Requiem Kaldo, Ultimate Kaldo
3 8 Image:Kukri.gif Kukri Kukuri, Odd Kukuri, Sharp Kukuri, Craft Kukuri, Swift Kukuri, Sensible Kukuri, Elemental Kukuri, Artisan Kukuri, Custom Kukuri, Master Kukuri, Old Kukri, Kukri, Sharp Kukri, Edge Kukri, Morph Kukri, Powerful Kukri, Art Kukri, Chaos Kukri, Requiem Kukri, Ultimate Kukri
3 9 Image:Main-Gauche.gif Main-Gauche Main-Gauche (old), Odd Main-Gauche, Sharp Main-Gauche (old), Craft Main-Gauche, Swift Main-Gauche, Sensible Main-Gauche, Elemental Main-Gauche, Artisan Main-Gauche, Custom Main-Gauche, Master Main-Gauche, Old Main-Gauche, Main-Gauche, Sharp Main-Gauche, Edge Main-Gauche, Morph Main-Gauche, Powerful Main-Gauche, Art Main-Gauche, Chaos Main-Gauche, Requiem Main-Gauche, Ultimate Main-Gauche
3 10 Image:Stiletto.gif Stiletto Stiletto (old), Odd Stiletto, Sharp Stiletto (old), Craft Stiletto, Swift Stiletto, Sensible Stiletto, Elemental Stiletto, Artisan Stiletto, Custom Stiletto, Master Stiletto, Old Stiletto, Stiletto, Sharp Stiletto, Edge Stiletto, Morph Stiletto, Powerful Stiletto, Art Stiletto, Chaos Stiletto, Requiem Stiletto, Ultimate Stiletto
3 11 Image:Bundi Dagger.gif Bundi Dagger Katar, Odd Katar, Sharp Katar, Craft Katar, Swift Katar, Sensible Katar, Elemental Katar, Artisan Katar, Custom Katar, Master Katar, Old Bundi Dagger, Bundi Dagger, Sharp Bundi Dagger, Morph Bundi Dagger, Powerful Bundi Dagger, Art Bundi Dagger, Chaos Bundi Dagger, Requiem Bundi Dagger, Ultimate Bundi Dagger
3 12 Image:Kalis.gif Kalis Creese, Odd Creese, Sharp Creese, Craft Creese, Swift Creese, Sensible Creese, Elemental Creese, Artisan Creese, Custom Creese, Master Creese, Old Kalis, Kalis, Sharp Kalis, Edge Kalis, Morph Kalis, Powerful Kalis, Art Kalis, Chaos Kalis, Requiem Kalis, Ultimate Kalis, Shadow Kalis
3 13 Image:Pugio.gif Pugio Knight Dagger, Odd Knight Dagger, Sharp Knight Dagger, Craft Knight Dagger, Swift Knight Dagger, Sensible Knight Dagger, Elemental Knight Dagger, Artisan Knight Dagger, Custom Knight Dagger, Master Knight Dagger, Phantom Pugio, Gloom Pugio
3 14 Image:Sword Breaker.gif Sword Breaker Sword Breaker, Odd Sword Breaker, Sharp Sword Breaker, Craft Sword Breaker, Swift Sword Breaker, Sensible Sword Breaker, Elemental Sword Breaker, Artisan Sword Breaker, Custom Sword Breaker, Master Sword Breaker
3 15 Image:Valkyrie Sword.gif Valkyrie Sword Valkyrie Sword, Odd Valkyrie Sword, Sharp Valkyrie Sword, Craft Valkyrie Sword, Swift Valkyrie Sword, Sensible Valkyrie Sword, Elemental Valkyrie Sword, Artisan Valkyrie Sword, Custom Valkyrie Sword, Master Valkyrie Sword
4 1 Image:Smooth Black Sword.gif Smooth Black Sword Smooth Black Sword
5 1 Image:Broadsword.gif Broadsword Old Broadsword, Broadsword, Sharp Broadsword, Edge Broadsword, Morph Broadsword, Powerful Broadsword, Artisan Broadsword, Phantom Broadsword, Chaos Broadsword, Requiem Broadsword, Ultimate Broadsword
6 1 Image:Poignard.gif Poignard Old Poignard, Poignard, Sharp Poignard, Edge Poignard, Morph Poignard, Powerful Poignard, Artisan Poignard, Phantom Poignard, Chaos Poignard, Requiem Poignard, Ultimate Poignard
6 2 Image:Khanjar.gif Khanjar Old Khanjar, Khanjar, Sharp Khanjar, Edge Khanjar, Morph Khanjar, Powerful Khanjar, Artisan Khanjar, Phantom Khanjar, Chaos Khanjar, Requiem Khanjar, Ultimate Khanjar
6 3 Image:Jur.gif Jur Old Jur, Jur, Sharp Jur, Edge Jur, Morph Jur, Powerful Jur, Artisan Jur, Chaos Jur, Requiem Jur
7 1 Image:Stick.gif Stick Old Stick, Stick, Lunar Stick, Solar Stick, Morph Stick, Powerful Stick, Artisan Stick, Phantom Stick, Chaos Stick, Requiem Stick, Ultimate Stick, Gloom Stick
7 2 Image:Arc Stick.gif Arc Stick Old Arc Stick, Arc Stick, Lunar Arc Stick, Solar Arc Stick, Morph Arc Stick, Powerful Arc Stick, Artisan Arc Stick, Phantom Arc Stick, Chaos Arc Stick, Requiem Arc Stick, Ultimate Arc Stick
7 3 Image:Chrome Staff.gif Chrome Staff Old Chrome Staff, Chrome Staff, Lunar Chrome Staff, Morph Chrome Staff, Powerful Chrome Staff, Artisan Chrome Staff, Chaos Chrome Staff, Requiem Chrome Staff
8 1 Image:Sparta.gif Sparta Shadow Sparta, Chaos Sparta, Requiem Sparta
8 2 Image:Machete.gif Machete Shadow Machete, Chaos Machete, Requiem Machete
8 3 Image:Estoc.gif Estoc Chaos Estoc, Requiem Estoc
8 4 Image:Colada.gif Colada Chaos Colada, Requiem Colada
8 5 Image:Rhomphaia.gif Rhomphaia Gloom Rhomphaia, Chaos Rhomphaia, Requiem Rhomphaia
8 6 Image:Damascus.gif Damascus Gloom Damascus, Chaos Damascus, Requiem Damascus
9 1 Image:Seeker.gif Seeker Shadow Seeker, Chaos Seeker, Requiem Seeker
9 2 Image:Jambiya.gif Jambiya Chaos Jambiya, Requiem Jambiya
9 3 Image:Bone Dagger.gif Bone Dagger Gloom Bone Dagger, Shadow Bone Dagger, Chaos Bone Dagger, Requiem Bone Dagger
9 4 Image:Khopesh.gif Khopesh Chaos Khopesh, Requiem Khopesh
9 5 Image:Pesh Kabs.gif Pesh Kabs Chaos Pesh Kabs, Requiem Pesh Kabs
9 6 Image:Syabel Dagger.gif Syabel Dagger Chaos Syabel Dagger, Requiem Syabel Dagger
9 9 Image:Ring Knife.gif Ring Knife Gloom Ring Knife, Shadow Ring Knife, Chaos Ring Knife, Requiem Ring Knife
9 10 Image:Sting.gif Sting Chaos Sting, Requiem Sting
10 1 Image:Metal Stick.gif Metal Stick Gloom Metal Stick, Shadow Metal Stick, Chaos Metal Stick, Requiem Metal Stick
10 2 Image:Diamond Stick.gif Diamond Stick Gloom Diamond Stick, Chaos Diamond Stick, Requiem Diamond Stick
10 3 Image:Soul Stick.gif Soul Stick Shadow Soul Stick, Chaos Soul Stick, Requiem Soul Stick
10 4 Image:Misty Stick.gif Misty Stick Gloom Misty Stick, Shadow Misty Stick, Chaos Misty Stick, Requiem Misty Stick
10 5 Image:Luna Stick.gif Luna Stick Gloom Luna Stick, Shadow Luna Stick, Chaos Luna Stick, Requiem Luna Stick
10 6 Image:Holy Staff.gif Holy Staff Chaos Holy Staff, Requiem Holy Staff
10 9 Image:Wild Staff.gif Wild Staff Chaos Wild Staff, Requiem Wild Staff
10 11 Image:Spirit Staff.gif Spirit Staff Chaos Spirit Staff, Requiem Spirit Staff
11 1 Image:Don Cavalier's Sword.gif Don Cavalier's Sword Don Cavalier's Sword, Don Cavalier's Sword LX
11 2 Image:Don Cavalier's Staff.gif Don Cavalier's Staff Don Cavalier's Staff, Don Cavalier's Staff LX
12 1 Image:Flame Lion Sword.gif Flame Lion Sword Flame Lion Sword 80, Flame Lion Sword 105, Flame Lion Sword 130, Flame Lion Sword 155, Flame Lion Sword 180, Flame Lion Sword 205
12 2 Image:Dephinus Staff.gif Dephinus Staff Dephinus Staff 80, Dephinus Staff 105, Dephinus Staff 130, Dephinus Staff 155, Dephinus Staff 180, Dephinus Staff 205
12 3 Image:Arrowhead Dagger.gif Arrowhead Dagger Arrowhead Dagger 80, Arrowhead Dagger 105, Arrowhead Dagger 130, Arrowhead Dagger 155, Arrowhead Dagger 180, Arrowhead Dagger 205
12 4 Image:Black Crow Dagger.gif Black Crow Dagger Black Crow Dagger 80, Black Crow Dagger 105, Black Crow Dagger 130, Black Crow Dagger 155, Black Crow Dagger 180, Black Crow Dagger 205
12 5 Image:Devout Sword.gif Devout Sword Devout Sword 80, Devout Sword 105, Devout Sword 130, Devout Sword 155, Devout Sword 180, Devout Sword 205
12 6 Image:Goddess Staff.gif Goddess Staff Goddess Staff
13 1 Image:Scorpion Sword.gif Scorpion Sword Scorpion Sword 80, Scorpion Sword 105, Scorpion Sword 130, Scorpion Sword 155, Scorpion Sword 180, Scorpion Sword 205
13 2 Image:Unicorn Sword.gif Unicorn Sword Unicorn Sword 80, Unicorn Sword 105, Unicorn Sword 130, Unicorn Sword 155, Unicorn Sword 180, Unicorn Sword 205
14 1 Image:Amadas Scythe.gif Amadas Scythe Amadas Scythe, Ultimate Amadas Scythe
14 2 Image:Amadas Staff.gif Amadas Staff Amadas Staff, Ultimate Amadas Staff
15 1 Image:Ophidian Dagger.gif Ophidian Dagger Ophidian Dagger 180, Ophidian Dagger 210, Ophidian Dagger 240, Ophidian Dagger 270
15 2 Image:Septarian Sword.gif Septarian Sword Septarian Sword 180, Septarian Sword 210, Septarian Sword 240, Septarian Sword 270
15 3 Image:Imperian Staff.gif Imperian Staff Imperian Staff 180, Imperian Staff 210, Imperian Staff 240, Imperian Staff 270
16 1 Image:Megas Hammer.gif Megas Hammer Megas Hammer 30, Megas Hammer 60
16 2 Image:Teras Hammer.gif Teras Hammer Teras Hammer 130, Teras Hammer 160
16 3 Image:Gigas Hammer.gif Gigas Hammer Gigas Hammer 80, Gigas Hammer 110
17 1 Image:Twist Sword.gif Twist Sword Altiverse Twist Sword
17 2 Image:Spiritual Sword.gif Spiritual Sword Altiverse Spiritual Sword
17 3 Image:Thorny Rose Sword.gif Thorny Rose Sword Altiverse Thorny Rose Sword
17 4 Image:Maiden Queen Mace.gif Maiden Queen Mace Altiverse Maiden Queen Mace
17 5 Image:Spiritual Staff.gif Spiritual Staff Altiverse Spiritual Staff
17 6 Image:Twist Staff.gif Twist Staff Altiverse Twist Staff
17 7 Image:Thorny Rose Sickle.gif Thorny Rose Sickle Altiverse Thorny Rose Sickle
17 8 Image:Maiden Queen Staff.gif Maiden Queen Staff Altiverse Maiden Queen Staff
17 9 Image:Flash Bat Staff.gif Flash Bat Staff Altiverse Flash Bat Staff
17 10 Image:Crimson Sword (Altiverse).gif Crimson Sword (Altiverse) Altiverse Crimson Sword
17 11 Image:Crimson Staff.gif Crimson Staff Altiverse Crimson Staff
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