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Image List - Gun

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This is a list of all gun images of Trickster Online Wiki. Please use them as Wiki Guidelines describe.

The list is in table format, when the first column is the gif image, the second is the name must be used on Wiki code, and the third is for what items use the image.


Gun Group 1

Code Sprite Name Used in
1 1 Image:Gun Type.gif Gun Type Gun Type 1, Gun Type 2, Gun Type 3, Gun Type 4
4 1 Image:Soccer Gun.gif Soccer Gun Soccer Gun Form
5 1 Image:Water Pistol Gun.gif Water Pistol Gun Water Gun, Water Pistol Gun, Water Pistol Gun S
6 1 Image:Solar Gun.gif Solar Gun Solar Gun, Solar Gun Jr.
7 1 Image:Mirage Gun.gif Mirage Gun Mirage Gun
8 1 Image:Rose Gun.gif Rose Gun Rose Gun
9 1 Image:Inferno Gun.gif Inferno Gun Inferno Gun
10 1 Image:Karu Gun.gif Karu Gun Karu Gun
11 1 Image:Gaia Gun.gif Gaia Gun Gaia Gun
12 1 Image:Tsunami Pistol.gif Tsunami Pistol Tsunami Pistol
13 1 Image:Light Snow Gun.gif Light Snow Gun Light Snow Gun
14 1 Image:Black Rose Gun.gif Black Rose Gun Black Rose Gun, Black Rose Gun 120
15 1 Image:Weber Rail Gun.gif Weber Rail Gun Weber Rail Gun
17 1 Image:Cello Gun.gif Cello Gun Cello Gun 30, Cello Gun 90
18 1 Image:Christmas Tree Gun.gif Christmas Tree Gun Christmas Tree Gun 60, Christmas Tree Gun 120
19 1 Image:Poppuri Hunting Rifle.gif Poppuri Hunting Rifle Poppuri Hunting Rifle
20 1 Image:Aquarius Cannon.gif Aquarius Cannon Aquarius Cannon
21 1 Image:Troublemaker's Popgun.gif Troublemaker's Popgun Troublemaker's Popgun 30, Troublemaker's Popgun 100, Troublemaker's Popgun 180
22 1 Image:Christmas Tree Pistol.gif Christmas Tree Pistol Christmas Tree Pistol 60, Christmas Tree Pistol 120, Christmas Tree Pistol 180
23 1 Image:Bronze Warrior's Gun.gif Bronze Warrior's Gun Bronze Warrior's Gun
25 1 Image:Carnevale Fire Breather.gif Carnevale Fire Breather Carnevale Fire Breather 30, Carnevale Fire Breather 110, Carnevale Fire Breather 190
27 1 Image:Tempest Gun.gif Tempest Gun Tempest Gun
28 1 Image:Poppuri GM Gun.gif Poppuri GM Gun Poppuri GM Gun 40, Poppuri GM Gun 100, Poppuri GM Gun 170
30 1 Image:Christmas Marble Gun.gif Christmas Marble Gun Christmas Marble Gun Skin
32 1 Image:6th Anniversary Gun.gif 6th Anniversary Gun 6th Anniversary Gun Form
33 1 Image:Poppurisia Gun.gif Poppurisia Gun Poppurisia Gun 50, Poppurisia Gun 120, Poppurisia Gun 200
39 1 Image:Fast-Track Rose Gun.gif Fast-Track Rose Gun Fast-Track Rose Gun
40 1 Image:Fuzzels Gun.gif Fuzzels Gun Fuzzels Gun 130, Fuzzels Gun 160, Fuzzels Gun 190
41 1 Image:Cozy Bowgun.gif Cozy Bowgun Cozy Bowgun Form
41 2 Image:Chilly Bowgun.gif Chilly Bowgun Chilly Bowgun Form

Gun Group 2

Code Sprite Name Used in
1 1 Image:Chrome Silver Gun.gif Chrome Silver Gun Chrome Silver Gun
1 2 Image:Radiant Golden Gun.gif Radiant Golden Gun Radiant Golden Gun
2 1 Image:Blaster Gun.gif Blaster Gun Blaster Gun
3 1 Image:Bamboo Gun.gif Bamboo Gun Bamboo Gun
4 1 Image:Smooth Gun.gif Smooth Gun Smooth Gun
5 1 Image:Hunter Gun.gif Hunter Gun Hunter Gun
6 1 Image:Mercury Gun.gif Mercury Gun Mercury Gun
7 1 Image:Compounder Gas Gun.gif Compounder Gas Gun Compounder Gas Gun
9 1 Image:Banker Rifle.gif Banker Rifle Banker Rifle
10 1 Image:Wedding Rifle.gif Wedding Rifle Wedding Rifle
11 1 Image:Flying Gun.gif Flying Gun Flying Gun
12 1 Image:Shark Gun.gif Shark Gun Shark Gun
13 1 Image:Innocent Gun.gif Innocent Gun Innocent Gun
14 1 Image:Wandgun.gif Wandgun Wandgun, Wandgun 60, Wandgun 150
16 1 Image:Happiness Rifle.gif Happiness Rifle Happiness Rifle
17 1 Image:Heaven's Gun.gif Heaven's Gun Heaven's Gun 80, Heaven's Gun 120, Heaven's Gun 180
18 1 Image:Queen's Gun.gif Queen's Gun Queen's Gun 200, Queen's Gun 240
18 2 Image:Princess's Gun.gif Princess's Gun Princess's Gun, Princess's Gun 120
19 1 Image:Kitchen Eagle.gif Kitchen Eagle Kitchen Eagle
20 1 Image:Shamrock Gun.gif Shamrock Gun Shamrock Gun 50, Shamrock Gun 90, Shamrock Gun 140
21 1 Image:Silpheed Gun.gif Silpheed Gun Silpheed Gun
22 1 Image:Auto-Shot Nano Rifle.gif Auto-Shot Nano Rifle Auto-Shot Nano Rifle, Auto-Shot Nano Rifle-X
23 1 Image:Engagement Bow Gun.gif Engagement Bow Gun Engagement Bow Gun
24 1 Image:Chronos Rifle.gif Chronos Rifle Chronos Rifle
25 1 Image:Blood's Practice Pistol.gif Blood's Practice Pistol Blood's Practice Pistol
25 2 Image:Blood's Assault Pistol.gif Blood's Assault Pistol Blood's Assault Pistol
26 1 Image:Seashore Gun.gif Seashore Gun Seashore Gun 90, Seashore Gun 170
27 1 Image:Vicious Bowgun.gif Vicious Bowgun Vicious Bowgun 50, Vicious Bowgun 90, Vicious Bowgun 150, Vicious Bowgun 210
28 1 Image:SI-37 Vindicator.gif SI-37 Vindicator SI-37 Vindicator 110, SI-37 Vindicator 220
29 1 Image:Bejeweled Bow Gun.gif Bejeweled Bow Gun Bejeweled Bow Gun
30 1 Image:Karan's Pistol.gif Karan's Pistol Karan's Pistol
30 2 Image:Pirate King's Pistol.gif Pirate King's Pistol Pirate King's Pistol
31 1 Image:Matsuri Gun.gif Matsuri Gun Matsuri Gun 50, Matsuri Gun 110, Matsuri Gun 170, Matsuri Gun 230
32 1 Image:Hunter's Revolver.gif Hunter's Revolver Hunter's Revolver
33 1 Image:Guitar Gun.gif Guitar Gun Guitar Gun 60, Guitar Gun 180
35 1 Image:Cupid's SMG-143 Mk.II.gif Cupid's SMG-143 Mk.II Cupid's SMG-143 Mk.II 40, Cupid's SMG-143 Mk.II 80, Cupid's SMG-143 Mk.II 160
36 1 Image:Shooting Star Ray.gif Shooting Star Ray Shooting Star Ray
37 1 Image:Bolt of Ages.gif Bolt of Ages Bolt of Ages 40, Bolt of Ages 80, Bolt of Ages 120
38 1 Image:Elencia Pistol.gif Elencia Pistol Elencia Pistol
40 1 Image:Matrimony Crossbow.gif Matrimony Crossbow Matrimony Crossbow
41 1 Image:Aestra Shot.gif Aestra Shot Aestra Shot 70, Aestra Shot 170
43 1 Image:Admiral's Pistol.gif Admiral's Pistol Admiral's Pistol
43 2 Image:Captain Skull's Pistol.gif Captain Skull's Pistol Captain Skull's Pistol
44 1 Image:Smooth Soul Gun.gif Smooth Soul Gun Smooth Soul Gun, Smooth Soul Gun XL
45 1 Image:Cielo Gun.gif Cielo Gun Cielo Gun
46 1 Image:Syringe Gun.gif Syringe Gun Syringe Gun 70, Syringe Gun 190
47 1 Image:Lycan Hunting Rifle.gif Lycan Hunting Rifle Lycan Hunting Rifle 120, Lycan Hunting Rifle 240
48 1 Image:Gero Gun.gif Gero Gun Gero Gun 40, Gero Gun 120
49 1 Image:Angelic Gun.gif Angelic Gun Angelic Gun
51 1 Image:Sagittarii Bow Gun.gif Sagittarii Bow Gun Sagittarii Bow Gun
52 1 Image:Tiger Rifle.gif Tiger Rifle Tin Tiger Rifle, Steel Tiger Rifle, Titanium Tiger Rifle
53 1 Image:Cupid Bowgun.gif Cupid Bowgun Cupid Bowgun 60, Cupid Bowgun 160
54 1 Image:Mardi Gras Gun.gif Mardi Gras Gun Mardi Gras Gun 80, Mardi Gras Gun 180
55 1 Image:Wedding Bubble Gun.gif Wedding Bubble Gun Wedding Bubble Gun 60, Wedding Bubble Gun 190
57 1 Image:Nadia's Iron Gun.gif Nadia's Iron Gun Nadia's Iron Gun, Nadia's Iron Gun MKII
59 1 Image:Marital Revolver.gif Marital Revolver Marital Revolver
61 1 Image:Choux's Pastry Gun.gif Choux's Pastry Gun Choux's Pastry Gun 40, Choux's Pastry Gun 110, Choux's Pastry Gun 180, Choux's Pastry Gun 250
62 1 Image:Roseus Gun.gif Roseus Gun Roseus Gun
63 1 Image:Koto's Wing Gun.gif Koto's Wing Gun Koto's Wing Gun 50, Koto's Wing Gun 100, Koto's Wing Gun 170, Koto's Wing Gun 240
64 1 Image:Wedding Party Crossbow.gif Wedding Party Crossbow Wedding Party Crossbow 60, Grand Wedding Party Crossbow 190
65 1 Image:Summer Dolphin Gun.gif Summer Dolphin Gun Summer Dolphin Gun
66 1 Image:Santa Sephiria's Gun Bow.gif Santa Sephiria's Gun Bow Santa Sephiria's Gun Bow
67 1 Image:2011 New Year Gun.gif 2011 New Year Gun 2011 New Year Gun 60, 2011 New Year Gun 130, 2011 New Year Gun 190, 2011 New Year Gun 250
68 1 Image:Edelweiss Gun.gif Edelweiss Gun Edelweiss Gun 160, Edelweiss Gun 230
68 2 Image:Fur Lined Gun.gif Fur Lined Gun Fur Lined Gun 160, Fur Lined Gun 230
69 1 Image:Heartpierce.gif Heartpierce Heartpierce 60, Heartpierce 110, Heartpierce 230
70 1 Image:Danihen's Coach Gun.gif Danihen's Coach Gun Danihen's Coach Gun
71 1 Image:Juris' Crossbow.gif Juris' Crossbow Juris' Crossbow 120, Juris' Crossbow 220
72 1 Image:Jupiter Bowgun.gif Jupiter Bowgun Jupiter Bowgun
73 1 Image:Panda Gun.gif Panda Gun Panda Gun 120
74 1 Image:Blue Rose Flintlock.gif Blue Rose Flintlock Blue Rose Flintlock 70, Blue Rose Flintlock 170
75 1 Image:Happy Wedding Gun.gif Happy Wedding Gun Happy Wedding Gun
76 1 Image:Guardian Robin's Gun.gif Guardian Robin's Gun Guardian Robin's Gun 130, Guardian Robin's Gun 260
76 2 Image:Flashire's Gun.gif Flashire's Gun Flashire's Gun 130, Flashire's Gun 260
77 1 Image:Dino Gun.gif Dino Gun Dino Gun
79 1 Image:Bone Gun.gif Bone Gun Bone Gun 90, Bone Gun 210
80 1 Image:Arlene's Boho Gun.gif Arlene's Boho Gun Arlene's Boho Gun
82 1 Image:Inventor Lion Nailgun.gif Inventor Lion Nailgun Inventor Lion Nailgun 60, Inventor Lion Nailgun 180, Inventor Lion Nailgun 240
84 1 Image:Koala Gun.gif Koala Gun Koala Gun 160
85 1 Image:Elephant Gun.gif Elephant Gun Elephant Gun 150, Elephant Gun 250
86 1 Image:Year of the Dragon Fire.gif Year of the Dragon Fire Year of the Dragon Fire 80, Year of the Dragon Fire 140, Year of the Dragon Fire 230
87 1 Image:Christmas 2011 Gun.gif Christmas 2011 Gun Christmas 2011 Gun
88 1 Image:Elsa Gun.gif Elsa Gun Elsa Gun Form
88 2 Image:Ravenwood Gun.gif Ravenwood Gun Ravenwood Gun Form
89 1 Image:Parrot Gun.gif Parrot Gun Parrot Gun 180
90 1 Image:Poirot Gun.gif Poirot Gun Poirot Gun
91 1 Image:Red Crab Gun.gif Red Crab Gun Red Crab Gun 200
92 1 Image:Toy Water Gun.gif Toy Water Gun Toy Water Gun
93 1 Image:Laic Gun.gif Laic Gun Laic Gun 80, Laic Gun 180, Laic Gun 280
93 2 Image:Pavane Bowgun.gif Pavane Bowgun Pavane Bowgun 80, Pavane Bowgun 180, Pavane Bowgun 280
94 1 Image:White Swan Gun.gif White Swan Gun White Swan Gun
95 1 Image:Honeybee Gun.gif Honeybee Gun Honeybee Gun 220
96 1 Image:Osteo Gun.gif Osteo Gun Osteo Gun
97 1 Image:Dark Noxx Machine Gun.gif Dark Noxx Machine Gun Dark Noxx Machine Gun 160, Dark Noxx Machine Gun 230
99 1 Image:Astrocandle Gun.gif Astrocandle Gun Astrocandle Gun 140, Astrocandle Gun 210
100 1 Image:Little Devil Neal Crossbow.gif Little Devil Neal Crossbow Little Devil Neal Crossbow 240
104 1 Image:Christmas Champagne Gun.gif Christmas Champagne Gun Christmas Champagne Gun

Gun Group 3

Code Sprite Name Used in
1 1 Image:Pearl Pistol.gif Pearl Pistol Pearl Pistol
3 1 Image:Draconic Bowgun.gif Draconic Bowgun Draconic Bowgun

Gun Group 4

Code Sprite Name Used in
1 1 Image:Wood Gun.gif Wood Gun Old Wood Gun, Wood Gun, Strong Wood Gun, Precise Wood Gun, Morph Wood Gun, Powerful Wood Gun, Art Wood Gun, Chaos Wood Gun, Requiem Wood Gun, Ultimate Wood Gun
1 2 Image:Classic Gun.gif Classic Gun Old Classic Gun, Classic Gun, Strong Classic Gun, Morph Classic Gun, Powerful Classic Gun, Art Classic Gun, Chaos Classic Gun, Requiem Classic Gun, Ultimate Classic Gun, Indiana Rifle
1 3 Image:Antique Gun.gif Antique Gun Renaissance Gun, Odd Renaissance Gun, Shrewd Renaissance Gun, Craft Renaissance Gun, Power Renaissance Gun, Artisan Renaissance Gun, Custom Renaissance Gun, Master Renaissance Gun, Old Antique Gun, Antique Gun, Strong Antique Gun, Precise Antique Gun, Morph Antique Gun, Powerful Antique Gun, Art Antique Gun, Chaos Antique Gun, Requiem Antique Gun, Ultimate Antique Gun
1 4 Image:Metal Gun.gif Metal Gun Metal Gun (old), Odd Metal Gun, Shrewd Metal Gun, Craft Metal Gun, Power Metal Gun, Artisan Metal Gun, Custom Metal Gun, Master Metal Gun, Old Metal Gun, Metal Gun, Strong Metal Gun, Precise Metal Gun, Morph Metal Gun, Powerful Metal Gun, Art Metal Gun, Chaos Metal Gun, Requiem Metal Gun, Ultimate Metal Gun
1 5 Image:Sten Gun.gif Sten Gun Stainless Gun, Odd Stainless Gun, Shrewd Stainless Gun, Craft Stainless Gun, Power Stainless Gun, Artisan Stainless Gun, Custom Stainless Gun, Master Stainless Gun, Old Sten Gun, Sten Gun, Strong Sten Gun, Precise Sten Gun, Morph Sten Gun, Powerful Sten Gun, Art Sten Gun, Chaos Sten Gun, Requiem Sten Gun, Ultimate Sten Gun, Gloom Sten Gun
1 6 Image:Titan Gun.gif Titan Gun Titan Gun (old), Odd Titan Gun, Shrewd Titan Gun, Craft Titan Gun, Power Titan Gun, Artisan Titan Gun, Custom Titan Gun, Master Titan Gun, Old Titan Gun, Titan Gun, Strong Titan Gun, Morph Titan Gun, Powerful Titan Gun, Art Titan Gun, Chaos Titan Gun, Requiem Titan Gun, Ultimate Titan Gun
1 7 Image:Milli-Gun.gif Milli-Gun Military Gun, Odd Military Gun, Shrewd Military Gun, Craft Military Gun, Power Military Gun, Artisan Military Gun, Custom Military Gun, Master Military Gun, Old Milli-Gun, Milli-Gun, Strong Milli-Gun, Precise Milli-Gun, Morph Milli-Gun, Powerful Milli-Gun, Art Milli-Gun, Chaos Milli-Gun, Requiem Milli-Gun, Ultimate Milli-Gun
1 8 Image:Blue Seal Gun.gif Blue Seal Gun Blue Seal Gun (old), Odd Blue Seal Gun, Shrewd Blue Seal Gun, Craft Blue Seal Gun, Power Blue Seal Gun, Artisan Blue Seal Gun, Custom Blue Seal Gun, Master Blue Seal Gun, Old Blue Seal Gun, Blue Seal Gun, Strong Blue Seal Gun, Precise Blue Seal Gun, Morph Blue Seal Gun, Powerful Blue Seal Gun, Art Blue Seal Gun, Chaos Blue Seal Gun, Requiem Blue Seal Gun, Ultimate Blue Seal Gun
1 9 Image:Pierce Gun.gif Pierce Gun Pierce Gun (old), Odd Pierce Gun, Shrewd Pierce Gun, Craft Pierce Gun, Power Pierce Gun, Artisan Pierce Gun, Custom Pierce Gun, Master Pierce Gun, Old Pierce Gun, Pierce Gun, Strong Pierce Gun, Precise Pierce Gun, Morph Pierce Gun, Powerful Pierce Gun, Art Pierce Gun, Chaos Pierce Gun, Requiem Pierce Gun, Ultimate Pierce Gun
1 10 Image:Blunderbuss.gif Blunderbuss Brutal Gun, Odd Brutal Gun, Shrewd Brutal Gun, Craft Brutal Gun, Power Brutal Gun, Artisan Brutal Gun, Custom Brutal Gun, Master Brutal Gun, Old Blunderbuss, Blunderbuss, Strong Blunderbuss, Morph Blunderbuss, Powerful Blunderbuss, Art Blunderbuss, Chaos Blunderbuss, Requiem Blunderbuss, Ultimate Blunderbuss
1 11 Image:Shotgun.gif Shotgun Cruel Gun, Odd Cruel Gun, Shrewd Cruel Gun, Craft Cruel Gun, Power Cruel Gun, Artisan Cruel Gun, Custom Cruel Gun, Master Cruel Gun, Old Shotgun, Shotgun, Strong Shotgun, Precise Shotgun, Morph Shotgun, Powerful Shotgun, Art Shotgun, Chaos Shotgun, Requiem Shotgun, Ultimate Shotgun, Shadow Shotgun
1 12 Image:Hand Cannon.gif Hand Cannon Devil Gun, Odd Devil Gun, Shrewd Devil Gun, Craft Devil Gun, Power Devil Gun, Artisan Devil Gun, Custom Devil Gun, Master Devil Gun, Phantom Hand Cannon, Chaos Hand Cannon, Requiem Hand Cannon, Ultimate Hand Cannon, Gloom Hand Cannon, Shadow Hand Cannon
2 1 Image:Ebony Gun.gif Ebony Gun Sleek Gun, Old Ebony Gun, Ebony Gun, Strong Ebony Gun
3 1 Image:MJS-G5.gif MJS-G5 Old MJS-G5, MJS-G5, Strong MJS-G5, Precise MJS-G5, Morph MJS-G5, Powerful MJS-G5, Art MJS-G5, Phantom MJS-G5, Chaos MJS-G5, Requiem MJS-G5, Ultimate MJS-G5
3 2 Image:Stinger Gun.gif Stinger Gun Old Stinger Gun, Stinger Gun, Strong Stinger Gun, Precise Stinger Gun, Morph Stinger Gun, Powerful Stinger Gun, Art Stinger Gun, Phantom Stinger Gun, Chaos Stinger Gun, Requiem Stinger Gun, Ultimate Stinger Gun
3 3 Image:Striker.gif Striker Old Striker, Striker, Strong Striker, Artisan Striker, Morph Striker, Powerful Striker, Chaos Striker, Requiem Striker
4 1 Image:Maverick Gun.gif Maverick Gun Gloom Maverick Gun, Shadow Maverick Gun, Chaos Maverick Gun, Requiem Maverick Gun
4 2 Image:Schneider.gif Schneider Chaos Schneider, Requiem Schneider
4 3 Image:J. Colet.gif J. Colet Shadow J. Colet, Chaos Schneider, Requiem Schneider
4 4 Image:Hell Keeper.gif Hell Keeper Shadow Hell Keeper, Chaos Hell Keeper, Requiem Hell Keeper
4 5 Image:Grenade.gif Grenade Gloom Grenade, Chaos Grenade, Requiem Grenade
4 6 Image:Slayer.gif Slayer Chaos Slayer, Requiem Slayer
4 8 Image:Lucky 7.gif Lucky 7 Gloom Lucky 7, Shadow Lucky 7, Chaos Lucky 7, Requiem Lucky 7
4 11 Image:Renegade.gif Renegade Gloom Renegade, Chaos Renegade, Requiem Renegade
5 1 Image:Don Cavalier's Gun.gif Don Cavalier's Gun Don Cavalier's Gun, Don Cavalier's Gun LX
6 1 Image:Amadas Gun.gif Amadas Gun Amadas Gun, Ultimate Amadas Gun
6 2 Image:Dynite Gun.gif Dynite Gun Dynite Gun 180, Dynite Gun 210, Dynite Gun 240, Dynite Gun 270
7 1 Image:Megas Gun.gif Megas Gun Megas Gun 30, Megas Gun 60
7 2 Image:Teras Gun.gif Teras Gun Teras Gun 130, Teras Gun 160
7 3 Image:Gigas Gun.gif Gigas Gun Gigas Gun 80, Gigas Gun 110
8 1 Image:Thorny Rose Gun.gif Thorny Rose Gun Altiverse Thorny Rose Gun
8 2 Image:Twist Crossbow.gif Twist Crossbow Altiverse Twist Crossbow
8 3 Image:Spiritual Gun.gif Spiritual Gun Altiverse Spiritual Gun
8 4 Image:Flash Bat Gun.gif Flash Bat Gun Altiverse Flash Bat Gun
8 5 Image:Maiden Queen Shotgun.gif Maiden Queen Shotgun Altiverse Maiden Queen Shotgun
8 6 Image:Crimson Gun.gif Crimson Gun Altiverse Crimson Gun
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