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Pet Trainer Shara Pet Synergy
Pet synergy is a system feature developped by Megalo company, which allows Tricksters to "merge" two same pets (identic pet, same level) to create a "baby" pet with stats from both "parents" pets.

The Synergy system, however, only works with 4 stars pets (from the MyShop boxes and from Gacha towns) and the 5 stars pets (Boss pets, 1st job Character pets and Voice pets).

Moreover, you cannot synergy two same pets of different level bracket (for example, Rook 140 and Rook 240).

How does Synergy Work?

Synergy service is provided by Pet Trainer Shara, who is currently located in in Paradise Shop, Megalopolis Shop, and Carbigal Shop. Upon entering the Synergy window, you can insert the Main Pet and the Assistant Pet in the two slots. There's no fee for using the system.

Synergy for 4 Stars Pets

The assistant pet needs to have at least 1 stat higher than the main pet.

Let's take example of this synergy of Jacob Slayer:


The assistant pet has higher HP, while the main pet has higher values of the other stats.

Therefore the synergized pet will keep the higher stats of the main pet, while making making a range using the HP of the two pets as the minimum and maximum of the range for the HP stat, which will be randomized.

Synergy for 5 Stars Pets

This synergy follows the same principle as the 4 star synergy, except that the stats of the assistant pet which are higher than the main pet's ones will be given (not randomized) to the final synergized pet (aka the synergized pet will have both the main and the assistant pet's highest stats).


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