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Professor Komby, the Forging NPC
Professor Komby, the Forging NPC


About Forging

With the Tower of Chaos' appearance came a new system developped by Megalo Company for the players to improve the equipments they won through the fights in the dungeon: the Forging System. This system, held by Professor Komby in the safe floors of the Tower, will alow you to merge two equipments into a signle one, with hopefully better stats.

How To Forge

First thing to know when you want to forge an equipment is that only Chaos, Requiem and Altiverse and Random Box with the special icon equipments can be forged. Professor Komby will ONLY accept Chaos, Requiem and Altiverse items, while Lena will ONLY accept Random Box items.
There're three settings in the Forging: Forging Chaos & Requiem equipments, forging Altiverse equipments, and Random Forging, which will be explained down below.

Chaos & Requiem Equipment Forging

(The two types work the same way).
To be able to use the forging, you need two pieces of the same equipment. We'll be using here two Requiem Ruby Hat with the following stats:

  • Hat n°1: 1MA, 476MD, 37DP (2 slots)
  • Hat n°2: 21MA, 110MD, 11DA, 52DP (3 slots)

As you can see the n°1 has more MD, but the n°2 has better stats and slots.

Now speak to Professor Komby to initiate the forging. You'll end up on the following window:


Put then your two equipments in the first and second slot. Depending on which hat was placed first, here's what we'll obtain:



As you can see:

  • If the equipment in first slot has the best stats or slots, it'll keep the stats.
  • If the equipment in first slot has NOT the best stats or slots, the system will make a range between the stats of the two hats (for example on the second picture, the forged hat could end up with 1 MA, or 21 MA; its totally random.

Altiverse Equipment Forging

You can also forge Altiverse Equipments, with the difference that the higher stats of 2nd slot equipment will be transfered directly into the first equipment, like this:


  • If the equipment in first slot has the best stats or slots, it'll keep the stats.
  • If the equipment in second slot has the best best stats or slots, the system will trasfer them to the first slot equipment.

For example, the better AC of the 2nd slot's hatwill be transfered into the first hat and give this:


Random Forging

This version of forging is provided by Lena in Megalopolis Shop, it functions similarly to Chaos & Requiem forging except that only Random Box items that have the special icon can be used in random forging.


This version of forging is more risky since both items will disappear if the random forging fails.

Important Notes About Forging

  • As previously shown for the Altiverse Equipment, if you have an equipment with refine and/or fuse and/or compounds, put it in the first slot, or else you'll loose all the benefits you previously had on that equipment.
  • Forging success is 70%. To put it to 100%, buy a Willie's Stabilizer in MyShop for 1,200 points or use the Willie's Stabilizer Ev and add it in the forging window.
  • You CANNOT forge if the 2nd slot equipment has ALL stats lower than the 1st slot equipment.
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