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Mail System

The Mail system is a feature implemented by the Megalo Company which allows players to send mails to other players through the game.

How to use the Mail System

To open your mails, click either on the little envelop icon on the top left (below your HP/MP bar), click on the Mail icon in the downside bar (between Friend and Myshop) or press the A button (QWERTY keyboard) or the Q button (AZERTY keyboard).

You will then have a window pop-up which is the Mail System. Three sections are then available.

Checking the mail sent/recieved

The left option is is "Mailing List" where you can see:

  • the letters you recieved (Blue arrow): The mail not read will be in blue highlight, the read one in grey one.
  • the letter you sent (Red arrow):If the letter has not been read yet by the reciever, it will have his/her name on it. If the letter was read, then it will have your own name on it.

When you recieve a/several mail(s), the number next to the envelop icon ont he top left switches from 0 to the number of letters you recieved.

Note: If you send a mail, the reciever will see it while changing of maps/relogging.

Compose Mail

The middle option gives you the possibility of writing a mail.

Enter your title, the name of the person you want to send the mail to (or right click and scroll if the person is in your friend list) and type your message. You have a limit of 300 letters/spaces for your message.

You can also either send with your mail an item or galder:

  • If it's an item, put it in the slot down left. It will cost you a fee of 500g to send the mail.
  • If it's galder, you will have a fee of 500g if the amount sent is between 1 and 500,000 galder. From there, it'll be 1/1000 (0.1%) of the amount sent (for example for 1m, it'll cost you 1,000 galder fee).
  • If it's both, the fee will be calculated based on the galder fee, with an extra 10g free for the item sent.

The other option is a Trade Mail where you can sell to someone your item. Put the item down left, and write down the item's price next to it. However, be careful, due to the galder fee, you will recieve a little less money from the item you sell than the price you asked for :P

The reciever, when opening his mail, will see a message with a little smiley in the letter. If he pays, you'll recieve a recept with the money you got from the trade.

System Mail

This is the section where you'll recieve all the Gift boxes you get when you hit certain levels, as well as important quests letters (Nefertiti's, Eclipse's, Questionable Letter, D's Letter....)

Important Notes

  • Only 5 letters can be sent every 24 hours.
  • You cannot, like in a normal trade, send through mail untradable/undroppable items.
  • Any item traded through mail and not accepted in the 24h by the reciever will be sent back to the sender.
  • Any item gifted through mail and not accepted in the 6 days by the reciever will be sent back to the sender.
  • Returned items will be deleted if not accepted in the 3 days of the return.
  • If you have more than 100 letters, the oldest ones will be automatically deleted until you're under 100 mails.
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