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1st Job 2nd Job 3rd Job
Engineer Inventor Scientist Cyber Hunter
Engineer Inventor Scientist
Cyber Hunter


The Lion is the male counterpart of the Sense Type. The Lion uses Gun type weapons for gun damage and Accuracy (AC) to strengthen its attacks. The Lion specializes in quick, and fairly powerful one-to-one attack skills but also offers other useful abilities such as being able to increase critical hits and attack multiple enemies (AoE).


He is brave, smart, and quick on his feet. He always wears cargo shorts and carries loads of fun and useful gadgets with him.

Reason for coming to Caballa Island

Leo studied engineering in hopes of one day building a robot by himself. “World Robot Building Contest”, the world cup of robot building contest which is held every 4 years, is being hosted this year. But he needs money to get all the materials necessary to compete. Leo comes to Caballa Island to raise fund for this competition.


For more information see Sense Skills, or click one of the below skills for in-depth information.

The Fox and Lion share a set of Sense Type skills in their first job. It consists of one-to-one attack skills and some stat buffs/debuffs.

Stone Shower Stone Shower Invincible Drilling Invincible Drilling Gun Carrier Gun Carrier Sixth Sense Sixth Sense Stone Strike Stone Strike
Heavy Carrier Heavy Carrier Shuriken Master Shuriken Master Invincible Reload Invincible Reload Sticky Foot Sticky Foot Gun Booster Gun Booster
Basic Detection Basic Detection Armor Destructor Armor Destructor Quick Reload Quick Reload Lucky Seven Lucky Seven Anger Management Anger Management
Compound Mastery Compound Mastery

Hair Dye Colors

Hair color of your Lion can be determined upon creation of it, but only the basic colors are available to choose from. If you want to change the color, you can purchase a Hair Dye item from MyShop. Once the item is used, your Lion will always have that color hair in that job, unless changed later. When advancing to the next jobs however (second and third), they will use the default color (Yellow) unless another Hair Dye item is purchased and used.

Basic Colors
Lion Hair Dye Lion Hair Dye 1,200 Points Engineer Basic Hair
Professional Colors
Spot Coloring Spot Coloring 2,700 Points Engineer Professional Hair

Notes: Please note there are different hair dye items for each character and job when purchasing from MyShop.

Advance to 2nd Job

Inventor Gale - Lion 2nd Job Quest

Inventor Gale
Relics Town - Azteca
NPC: Inventor Gale Location: Relics Town - Azteca
Base Experience: 1,000,000 TM Experience: 12,000,000
Request: Growth Badge, 3x 100k Galder Check
Quest Cycles: 1 Time(s) Condition: Level 50+ and TM Level 40+
Cycle 1: Sign of Creation
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Notes: Inventor Gale can be found at Room of Job Administrator 1 too (located in Garden of Skill Master). Growth Badge Growth Badge is dropped by Kaboom (Lv. 60) located in Caballa Relics Dungeon 4 and 100k Galder Check 100k Galder Check is bought from Andrew for 105,000 Galders. After advancing, your Lion's sprite art will change to their new job look, and your Lion is now able to wear Capes. At any time you can revert to your first job look (Engineer) by paying 50,000 Galders to Louis Bitton, and 50,000 Galders again to change back to second job look (Inventor).


The guides here may or may not by up to date with current patch, Do not count on them for recent skill info.

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