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Alan, the Tempering NPC
Alan, the Tempering NPC

About Tempering

Tempering is a new system for modifying equipment, and is different than both refinement and compounding systems. With refining, you are increasing a pre-determined base stat of the equipment. With compounding, you are adding additional stats onto equipment with pre-determined growth types and available growth slots. Tempering uses a different system, in which it re-rolls the base stats of the original item within a 70%-130% decrease/increase. Tempering can also be done an unlimited amount of times, and there is no failure rate. If an equipment has slots for compounding, tempering does not effect how many slots or what stats are compounded into them. Note that the stats you receive after tempering are generated RANDOMLY and is not based on LK.

  • Example: If an item had 100 AP, when that item is re-rolled using tempering, the outcome of the new stat will be between 70 AP and 130 AP.
  • Example: If an item had 200 DP, when that item is re-rolled using tempering, the outcome of the new stat will be between 140 DP and 260 DP.
    • Note: Keep in mind tempering will re-roll all stats that the equipment has.

However, there is an exception for "box equipments," (generally from MyShop) Ultimate, Chaos, and Master equipments that have randomized stats. When you temper these items, you re-randomize the stats. Therefore, regardless of the stats on your item, it will increase or decrease according to the maximum/minimum stat possible for that item.

How To Temper

To temper equipment, visit Alan. He can be found in all the main towns and shops. Take your equipment to him and he will tell you what feathers you need and what quantity to temper with that piece of equipment.

Tempering Items

There are different leveled items which are required to temper with different leveled equipment. However, you cannot temper any equipment which is below level 20. Unlike compounding where the item only has to meet the minimum required compound item to succeed, tempering can only use the item within its level range. As the equipment levels get higher, so does the level of the item required to temper it. The following list is the level range of what each tempering item will use.

Note: Information on where to obtain these feathers can be viewed on their separate pages.
You may also check Alan's page for an all-in-one view.
Image:Chaos's Feather.gif
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