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This is a list of all face accessory images of Trickster Online Wiki. Please use them as Wiki Guidelines describe.

The list is in table format, when the first column is the gif image, the second is the name must be used on Wiki code, and the third is for what items use the image.


Code Sprite Name Used in
1 1 Image:Black Sunglasses.gif Black Sunglasses Black Sunglasses
2 1 Image:Red Sunglasses.gif Red Sunglasses Red Sunglasses
2 2 Image:Blue Sunglasses.gif Blue Sunglasses Blue Sunglasses
8 1 Image:Gold Sleeping Mask.gif Gold Sleeping Mask Gold Sleeping Mask
9 1 Image:Blue Frame Glasses.gif Blue Frame Glasses Blue Frame Glasses
11 1 Image:Don Giuvanni's Mask.gif Don Giuvanni's Mask Don Giuvanni's Mask
12 1 Image:Tree Mask.gif Tree Mask Tree Mask
13 1 Image:2nd Anniversary Glasses.gif 2nd Anniversary Glasses 2nd Anniversary Glasses
15 1 Image:Wedding Shades.gif Wedding Shades Wedding Shades
16 1 Image:Ruby Shades.gif Ruby Shades Ruby Shades 130
16 2 Image:Swirly Glasses.gif Swirly Glasses Swirly Glasses
16 3 Image:Rose Colored Glasses.gif Rose Colored Glasses Rose Colored Glasses
17 1 Image:Hawaiian Glasses.gif Hawaiian Glasses Hawaiian Glasses
18 1 Image:Innocent Glasses.gif Innocent Glasses Innocent Glasses
19 1 Image:Rudolph Glasses.gif Rudolph Glasses Rudolph Glasses
20 1 Image:Black Cat Mask.gif Black Cat Mask Black Cat Mask
20 2 Image:Purple Butterfly Mask.gif Purple Butterfly Mask Purple Butterfly Mask
20 3 Image:Noble's Feather Mask.gif Noble's Feather Mask Noble's Feather Mask
20 4 Image:Golden Mask.gif Golden Mask Golden Mask
21 1 Image:Golden Mole Goggles.gif Golden Mole Goggles Golden Mole Goggles Jr., Golden Mole Goggles
21 2 Image:Leaf Bird Goggles.gif Leaf Bird Goggles Leaf Bird Goggles Jr., Leaf Bird Goggles
21 3 Image:Chimu Goggles.gif Chimu Goggles Chimu Goggles Jr., Chimu Goggles
21 4 Image:Tango Goggles.gif Tango Goggles Tango Goggles Jr., Tango Goggles
22 1 Image:Korean Flag Mask.gif Korean Flag Mask Korean Flag Mask
22 2 Image:Japanese Flag Mask.gif Japanese Flag Mask Japanese Flag Mask
22 3 Image:Taiwanese Flag Mask.gif Taiwanese Flag Mask Taiwanese Flag Mask
22 4 Image:American Flag Mask.gif American Flag Mask American Flag Mask
22 5 Image:Thai Flag Mask.gif Thai Flag Mask Thai Flag Mask
23 1 Image:Mask of Victory.gif Mask of Victory Mask of Victory
24 1 Image:Vindicator's Visage.gif Vindicator's Visage Vindicator's Visage 110, Vindicator's Visage 220
25 1 Image:Sweat Drop Mask.gif Sweat Drop Mask Sweat Drop Mask
25 2 Image:Raspberry Mask.gif Raspberry Mask Raspberry Mask
25 3 Image:Big Smile Mask.gif Big Smile Mask Big Smile Mask
25 4 Image:Emo Mask.gif Emo Mask Emo Mask
27 1 Image:Tenter Lion Mask.gif Tenter Lion Mask Tenter Lion Mask
27 2 Image:Noble Monocle.gif Noble Monocle Noble Monocle
27 3 Image:XT Goggles.gif XT Goggles XT Goggles
27 4 Image:Jelly Fish Goggle.gif Jelly Fish Goggle Jelly Fish Goggle
29 1 Image:Lucky Teddy Mask.gif Lucky Teddy Mask Lucky Teddy Mask
29 2 Image:Beaver Mask.gif Beaver Mask Beaver Mask
29 3 Image:Glaring Eyes.gif Glaring Eyes Glaring Eyes
29 4 Image:Blood Red Eyes.gif Blood Red Eyes Blood Red Eyes
29 5 Image:Lemur Mask.gif Lemur Mask Lemur Mask
29 6 Image:Odd Eyes.gif Odd Eyes Odd Eyes
29 7 Image:Angry Eyes.gif Angry Eyes Angry Eyes
29 8 Image:Panda Mask.gif Panda Mask Panda Mask
30 1 Image:Ninja Mask.gif Ninja Mask Ninja Mask 70, Ninja Mask 190
33 1 Image:Harvest Glasses.gif Harvest Glasses Harvest Glasses
35 1 Image:Geminorum Glasses.gif Geminorum Glasses Geminorum Glasses
38 1 Image:Strawberry Glasses.gif Strawberry Glasses Strawberry Glasses
39 1 Image:Danihen's Party Mask.gif Danihen's Party Mask Danihen's Party Mask
40 1 Image:Nadia's Iron Mask.gif Nadia's Iron Mask Nadia's Iron Mask, Nadia's Iron Mask MKII
42 1 Image:Kitty Nose.gif Kitty Nose Kitty Nose 30, Kitty Nose 210
42 2 Image:Pinocchio Nose.gif Pinocchio Nose Pinocchio Nose 30, Pinocchio Nose 210
42 3 Image:Oinker Nose.gif Oinker Nose Oinker Nose 30, Oinker Nose 210
42 4 Image:Clever Disguise Nose.gif Clever Disguise Nose Clever Disguise Nose 30, Clever Disguise Nose 210
43 1 Image:Sleeping Kitty Mask.gif Sleeping Kitty Mask Sleeping Kitty Mask
43 2 Image:Sleeping Angel Mask.gif Sleeping Angel Mask Sleeping Angel Mask
43 3 Image:Sleeping Bear Mask.gif Sleeping Bear Mask Sleeping Bear Mask
43 4 Image:Sleeping Devil Mask.gif Sleeping Devil Mask Sleeping Devil Mask
44 1 Image:Mercury Goggles.gif Mercury Goggles Mercury Goggles
45 1 Image:Happy Wedding Glasses.gif Happy Wedding Glasses Happy Wedding Glasses
47 1 Image:Cross Tattoo.gif Cross Tattoo Cross Tattoo 90, Cross Tattoo 210
48 1 Image:Party Blowout.gif Party Blowout Party Blowout 250
48 2 Image:Matroos Pipe.gif Matroos Pipe Matroos Pipe 250
48 3 Image:A Stem of Rose.gif A Stem of Rose A Stem of Rose 250
48 4 Image:Bubble Gum.gif Bubble Gum Bubble Gum 250
49 1 Image:Heart Face Painting.gif Heart Face Painting Heart Face Painting

Face Group 2

Code Sprite Name Used in
1 1 Image:Blood-Red Eyepatch.gif Blood-Red Eyepatch Blood-Red Eyepatch
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