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Queen Odinea

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Queen Odinea

Queen Odinea

Queen Odinea Seal

Snow Hill Boss
Queen Odinea
Type Level Weakness Resistance
Magic 520 Gun, Physical, Electric Magic (Absorb), Fire, Water, Air, Earth, Light, Dark
Ice Dungeon 5 - Room of Odinea
Active Elemental Attribute HP AP MA DP MD GD
Yes None 27,465x5 3,890 ? 3,749 4,485 720
Name Level Name Level
Arrow Rush Arrow Rush 10 Mana Storm Mana Storm
Impelling Rage Impelling Rage Rust Rust
Thunderbolt Thunderbolt Cure Cure
Banish Banish Enhanced Resistance Enhanced Resistance
Damage Tolerance
Physical Magic Gun Fire Water Air Soil Electric Light Dark Shadow
25% 14% 18% 22% 14% 14% 16% 16% 16% 16% ?
Giant Coolem Great Coolem
Giant Coolem Great Coolem
Lv.323 Lv.328
Ichthyosaur Predator (Minion)
Ichthyosaur Predator (Minion)
Lv.590 Lv.666
Level Restriction Spawn
None Queen Odinea spawns in 45 min after the previous appearance.
Give 1x Bear Fur (consumed) to General Granada at Ice Dungeon 3 - Heart of Crystal.

To proceed, you have to complete the following trials:
  1. Blue Ice Trial 1 - Gate of Ice Palace
    1. Talk to Princess Rosetta and defeat 3x Gate Keeper Coolem. Note: they use Arrow Rush, Berserker and Faint. Talk to her again after completion and go to Trial 2.
  2. Blue Ice Trial 2 - Ice Palace Stairs
    1. Drill Red Planks, Blue Planks and Green Planks anywhere in the map.
      Notes: There are three common ways to get to General Granada:
      Method #1: Green, Red, Green and Green (fastest way to reach General Granada);
      Method #2: Blue, Green, Green and Green (alternative way);
      Method #3: Blue, Red, Red, Green and Green (saves you 1x Green).
      (Blue Plank is for Niwerth, Red Plank is for Freyr and Green Plank is for Freyja).
    2. Talk to General Granada and defeat 3x General's Peon Niwerth in 1 minute. Be careful, as they have Banish and Suicide. Talk to him again and proceed to Trial 3.
  3. Blue Ice Trial 3 - Ice Palace Hallway
    1. Talk to Santa Claus and defeat 5x Queen's Icicler in 2 minutes. Run to the end of the map and finish the MQ by handing it in to Witch La Befana for the next quest.
    2. Now, drill 1x Special Broom anywhere in the map and give it to Witch La Befana to go to Trial 4. You can also drill first, then do the MQ and Witch La Befana's quest right after each other.
  4. Blue Ice Trial 4 - Ice Palace Maid's Room
    1. Talk to General Granada and defeat 1x Queen's Maid 1 which has Berserker, Lacerator, Banish and Faint. After completion, keep talking to him for the next quest.
    2. Next, defeat Queen's Maid 2 for 1x Maid's Room Key and give it to him to get teleported to the Maid's Room.
    3. Talk to Star Gazer Stella and choose "Defend", after that keep clicking "Attack" to proceed to the quest. When you fail her little game you will be banished to Ice Palace Jail (3), where you have to do a MQ to get teleported back to the beginning of Blue Ice Trial 4 (See Notes for more information about Ice Palace Jails).
    4. After that, get 1x Queen's Room Key from Sly Snow Kid and give it to Star Gazer Stella to get teleported to Ice Dungeon 5 - Room of Odinea.

For detailed trial quests, please see Queen Odinea's Trial Quests.

Queen Odinea will spawn in 50 seconds upon entering the Boss Room. Queen Odinea is highly resistant to a lot of Magic Elements with the exception of Electricity, she's Physical and Gun weak as well. However, you shouldn't take her lightly since her Magic Attacks and Impelling Rage can deal a lot of damage if you're not alert, so be careful! When you succeed in defeating her, you have 30 seconds to check the ground for any item drops including uniques before you get teleported to Gate of Snow Hill. After that, you have to wait for 45 minutes before you can enter the trials again. For more information and stats on the uniques Queen Odinea drops see the Cold Hearted Set Table. The Ice Nail, the last piece to complete the Cold Hearted Set, is obtained from completing Ice Nail Quests.

Blue Ice Trial 5 - Ice Palace Jail Notes:
When you go through Blue Ice Trial 2, 3 and 4 you might end up in one of the three Ice Palace Jails. The Blue Ice Trial you will fail at will bring you to that trial's Ice Palace Jail.
Ice Palace Jail (1) in Blue Ice Trial 2 - Ice Palace Stairs, where you have to complete Jailer Santa Bear Quest to get teleported back to the beginning of Blue Ice Trial 2.
Ice Palace Jail (2) in Blue Ice Trial 3 - Ice Palace Hallway where you have to complete Jailer Ice Cream Quest to get teleported back to the beginning of Blue Ice Trial 3.
Ice Palace Jail (3) in Blue Ice Trial 4 - Ice Palace Maid's Room where you have to complete Jailer Coolem Quest to get teleported back to the beginning of Blue Ice Trial 4.

Name Use %
Queen Odinea Card Queen Odinea Card Compound: Critical +5~19% (Lv.170)
Card Identification
Ice Diadem Ice Diadem Legendary Unique Hat (Lv.240)
Rudolph - Santa Expert Kidnapee
Very Rare
Ice Heart Sword Ice Heart Sword Legendary Unique Special Weapon (Lv.240)
Rudolph - Santa Expert Kidnapee
Very Rare
Ice Shield Ice Shield Legendary Unique Shield (Lv.240)
Rudolph - Santa Expert Kidnapee
Very Rare
Ice Earring Ice Earring Throw AP +250 (Lv.170)
Ice Heart Ice Heart Witch La Befana - Broken Promise
Compound: Water Attr +32~61% (Lv.190)
100 Galder Coupon 100 Galder Coupon Galder: 100
Clever Owl - Owl's Letter Delivery
Ultimate Shamshir Ultimate Shamshir Sword (Lv.170)
Ultimate Blue Dragon Rod Ultimate Blue Dragon Rod Cane (Lv.170)
Ultimate Kalis Ultimate Kalis Knife (Lv.170)
Ultimate Shotgun Ultimate Shotgun Gun (Lv.170)
Ultimate Diadem Ultimate Diadem Hat (Lv.170)
Ultimate Witch Hat Ultimate Witch Hat Hat (Lv.170)
Ultimate Golden Shield Ultimate Golden Shield Shield (Lv.170)
Image:Ice Witch Broom.gif Ice Witch Broom Teleport
Elixir Extract Elixir Extract Recovery: 2,000 HP Common
Jewelry Potion Jewelry Potion Recovery: 2,000 MP Common
Star Card Pack No.6 Star Card Pack No.6 Box: Fortune Cards Rank #5
Star Gazer Stella - Daily Quest - Techichi Volcano (Autumn)
Star Card Pack No.7 Star Card Pack No.7 Box: Fortune Cards Rank #6
Fake Card Pack No.3 Fake Card Pack No.3 Star Gazer Stella - Daily Quest - Techichi Volcano (Winter)
Old Wakizashi Old Wakizashi Sword (Lv.185) Rare
Sharp Wakizashi Sharp Wakizashi Sword (Lv.185) Very Rare
Art Wakizashi Art Wakizashi Sword (Lv.185) Very Rare
Old Pugio Old Pugio Knife (Lv.185) Rare
Sharp Pugio Sharp Pugio Knife (Lv.185) Very Rare
Art Pugio Art Pugio Knife (Lv.185) Very Rare
Old Black Dragon Rod Old Black Dragon Rod Cane (Lv.185) Rare
Moon Black Dragon Rod Moon Black Dragon Rod Cane (Lv.185) Very Rare
Art Black Dragon Rod Art Black Dragon Rod Cane (Lv.185) Very Rare
Old Hand Cannon Old Hand Cannon Gun (Lv.185) Rare
Strong Hand Cannon Strong Hand Cannon Gun (Lv.185) Very Rare
Art Hand Cannon Art Hand Cannon Gun (Lv.185) Very Rare
Old Defender Old Defender Shield (Lv.185) Rare
Strong Defender Strong Defender Shield (Lv.185) Very Rare
Art Defender Art Defender Shield (Lv.185) Very Rare
Sharp Piece Sharp Piece Compound: Compounder Nadia - Super Dagger, Super Willow Dagger, Super Fir Dagger, Super Apricot Dart Common
AP Stone 185 AP Stone 185 Compound: AP +88~288 (Lv.185) Very Rare
AC Stone 185 AC Stone 185 Compound: AC +5~18 (Lv.185) Very Rare
DX Stone 185 DX Stone 185 Compound: DX -2~-7 (Lv.185) Very Rare
MP Stone 185 MP Stone 185 Compound: MP +666~2,164 (Lv.185) Very Rare
MA Stone 185 MA Stone 185 Compound: MA +5~18 (Lv.185) Very Rare
MD Stone 185 MD Stone 185 Compound: MD +88~288 (Lv.185) Very Rare
WT Stone 185 WT Stone 185 Compound: WT +1,776~5,772 (Lv.185) Very Rare
DA Stone 185 DA Stone 185 Compound: DA +5~18 (Lv.185) Very Rare
LK Stone 185 LK Stone 185 Compound: LK +5~18 (Lv.185) Very Rare
HP Stone 185 HP Stone 185 Compound: HP +666~2,164 (Lv.185) Very Rare
DP Stone 185 DP Stone 185 Compound: DP +88~288 (Lv.185) Very Rare
HV Stone 185 HV Stone 185 Compound: HV +5~18 (Lv.185) Very Rare
Air Crystal 185 Air Crystal 185 Compound: Air Attr +29~67% (Lv.185) Very Rare
Water Crystal 185 Water Crystal 185 Compound: Water Attr +29~67% (Lv.185) Very Rare
Fire Crystal 185 Fire Crystal 185 Compound: Fire Attr +29~67% (Lv.185) Very Rare
Soil Crystal 185 Soil Crystal 185 Compound: Soil Attr +29~67% (Lv.185) Very Rare
Electric Crystal 185 Electric Crystal 185 Compound: Electric Attr +29~67% (Lv.185) Very Rare
Light Crystal 185 Light Crystal 185 Compound: Light Attr +29~67% (Lv.185) Very Rare
Dark Crystal 185 Dark Crystal 185 Compound: Dark Attr +29~67% (Lv.185) Very Rare
Air Resist Crystal 185 Air Resist Crystal 185 Compound: Air Resist +18~46% (Lv.185) Very Rare
Water Resist Crystal 185 Water Resist Crystal 185 Compound: Water Resist +18~46% (Lv.185) Very Rare
Fire Resist Crystal 185 Fire Resist Crystal 185 Compound: Fire Resist +18~46% (Lv.185) Very Rare
Soil Resist Crystal 185 Soil Resist Crystal 185 Compound: Soil Resist +18~46% (Lv.185) Very Rare
Elec Resist Crystal 185 Elec Resist Crystal 185 Compound: Elec Resist +18~46% (Lv.185) Very Rare
Light Resist Crystal 185 Light Resist Crystal 185 Compound: Light Resist +18~46% (Lv.185) Very Rare
Dark Resist Crystal 185 Dark Resist Crystal 185 Compound: Dark Resist +18~46% (Lv.185) Very Rare
Critical Metal 185 Critical Metal 185 Compound: Critical +8~24% (Lv.185) Very Rare
Block Metal 185 Block Metal 185 Compound: Block +7~22% (Lv.185) Very Rare

Queen Odinea
Tutankhamen Seal Tombeth Seal Captain Skull Seal Pirate King Karan Seal Count Blood Seal Tenter Lion Seal Queen Odinea Seal Soki Seal Spicy Dragon Seal
Tutankhamen Tombeth Captain Skull Pirate King Karan Count Blood Tenter Lion Queen Odinea Soki Spicy Dragon

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