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Count Blood

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Count Blood

Count Blood

Count Blood Seal

Rose Garden Boss
Count Blood
Type Level Weakness Resistance
Charm 330 Gun Physical, Magic (absorb at green bar), Dark (absorb)
Vamp Castle Boss Room
Active Elemental Attribute HP AP MA DP MD GD
Yes None 15,853x5 1,146 0 1,939 1,077 ?
Name Level Name Level
Power Blow Power Blow Final Blow Final Blow
Mana Reflector Mana Reflector Thunderbolt Thunderbolt
Cure Cure Banish Banish
Enhanced Resistance Enhanced Resistance
Damage Tolerance
Physical Magic Gun Fire Water Air Soil Electric Light Dark Shadow
25% 25% 25% 25% 25% 25% 25% 25% 25% 25% ?
Vamp Rydia Majordomo Felix (Summon) Vamp Lucia
Vamp Rydia Majordomo Felix (Summon) Vamp Lucia
Lv.250 Lv.285 Lv.300
Level Restriction Spawn
Level 1 ~ 360 Count Blood spawns in 30 min after the previous appearance.
Give 1x Lapis Lazuli (consumed) to Werewolf Lycan at Vamp Dungeon 4 - Center of the Dark.
To proceed to the boss, first give Lapis Lazuli to Werewolf Lycan at night (7:00pm - 6:00am), then you have to complete the following trials:
  1. Trial 1 - Guardian Kerberos' Trial
    1. Talk to Guardian Kerberos (he teleported you into a map area littered with Guardian Kerberos (non active) and Guardian Kerberos (active). The strategy here is simply to get to the other side and warp out at the portal.
  2. Trial 2 - Vamp Lydia's Trial
    1. Talk to Vamp Lydia, and begin the monster quest. You're now endowed with the job to hunt out the few Vampire Bats that are mingling with the other normal Bats in the map you've been teleported to. AoE skills are your best shot through this trial.
    2. After complete the monster quest Vamp Lydia offers teleport to next trial map.
  3. Trial 3 - Majordomo Felix's Trial
    1. Talk to Majordomo Felix to initiate a pair Sudoku puzzles. The answers can be found here: Sudoku Results.
    2. After complete the puzzles Majordomo Felix offers teleport to next trial map.
  4. Trial 4 - Werewolf Lycan's Trial
    1. Talk to Werewolf Lycan and you'll find you have two possible ways ahead through Vamp Lydia and Majordomo Felix. Note that the chances are 70/30 now, previously was a 50/50 then 66/33 chance where red path is twice likely to be correct but it is wrong and finally 60/40. The real chances are (for now)70/30.
Since the new Boss System is added, there is no need to rush and worry you will be teleported out of the trials because somebody already defeated him. Now you have your own Boss Room! Wait for a moment and Count Blood will spawn. Do not panic, and start defeating him. Once he is defeated, check the ground for equipment or other things. You may get a unique. After you win, the Boss Room will crumple in 30 seconds; you will be teleported into Event Garden - Ceremonia.

Name Use %
Count Blood Card Count Blood Card Compound: Block +5~19% (Lv.170)
Card Identification
Mark of the Vampire Mark of the Vampire Legendary Unique Hat (Lv.180)
Werewolf Lycan - Lycan's Question
Werewolf Lycan - Lycan's Words
Very Rare
Blood Sword Blood Sword Legendary Unique Special Weapon (Lv.180)
King Edward - King Remembers 1
Very Rare
Blood Shield Blood Shield Legendary Unique Shield (Lv.180)
Queen Cecilia - Queen Remembers
Very Rare
Blood Lightning Jade Blood Lightning Jade Compound: Elec Attr +29~57% (Lv.170)
Dark Eye Dark Eye Guard Gilbert - Knight Test 3 - Bravery Test
Pendant Pendant King Edward - King Remembers 2
Compound: HV +5~16 (Lv.190)
10 Galder Coupon 10 Galder Coupon Galder: 10
Herb Potion Herb Potion Recovery: 1,000 HP
Little Chagan - Chagan's Dream
Little Chagan - Transfer to Lake of Illusion - Middle Island
Gold Pearl Potion Gold Pearl Potion Recovery: 1,000 MP Common
Hook Object Hook Object Compound: Compounder Nadia - Super Ring, Super Thorny Ring, Super Saw Blade Ring Common
Chaos Shotel Chaos Shotel Sword (Lv.125)
Ultimate Shotel Ultimate Shotel Sword (Lv.125)
Chaos Silver Rod Chaos Silver Rod Cane (Lv.125)
Ultimate Silver Rod Ultimate Silver Rod Cane (Lv.125)
Chaos Main-Gauche Chaos Main-Gauche Knife (Lv.125)
Ultimate Main-Gauche Ultimate Main-Gauche Knife (Lv.125)
Chaos Blue Seal Gun Chaos Blue Seal Gun Gun (Lv.125)
Ultimate Blue Seal Gun Ultimate Blue Seal Gun Gun (Lv.125)
Ultimate Nasal Helm Ultimate Nasal Helm Hat (Lv.125)
Ultimate Turban Ultimate Turban Hat (Lv.125)
Ultimate Crest Shield Ultimate Crest Shield Shield (Lv.125)

Count Blood
Tutankhamen Seal Tombeth Seal Captain Skull Seal Pirate King Karan Seal Count Blood Seal Tenter Lion Seal Queen Odinea Seal Soki Seal Spicy Dragon Seal
Tutankhamen Tombeth Captain Skull Pirate King Karan Count Blood Tenter Lion Queen Odinea Soki Spicy Dragon

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