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1st Job 2nd Job 3rd Job
Shaman Magician Dark Lord Priest Wizard
Shaman Magician Dark Lord
Pure Dark
Pure Light


In the 3rd advancement, the Wizard can get elemental spells. A Wizard can combine two of the 5 elements. This is shown by the chart below.



Wizard skills are similar to Bard skills, however their TM level requirements are different. To figure out the difference add 50 TM levels to all base of the original TM level. For more information see Wizard Skills, or click one of the below skills for in-depth information.

Bolster Ballad Bolster Ballad
Seal of Water Seal of Water Seal of Thunder Seal of Thunder Seal of Fire Seal of Fire Seal of Earth Seal of Earth Seal of Wind Seal of Wind
Drip Bomb Drip Bomb Icey Shackles Icey Shackles Water Web Water Web Water Shield Water Shield Shard of the Glacier Shard of the Glacier
Electro Attack Electro Attack Thunderbolt Thunderbolt Electroshock Electroshock Thunder Shield Thunder Shield Tesla Field Tesla Field
Whirlwind Blaze Whirlwind Blaze Scorching Earth Scorching Earth Incinerate Incinerate Fire Shield Fire Shield Phoenix Rising Phoenix Rising
Cleaving Terra Cleaving Terra Deadly Fen Deadly Fen Summon Boulder Summon Boulder Earth Shield Earth Shield Botulism Cloud Botulism Cloud
Wind Blade Wind Blade Tornado Blast Tornado Blast Whirlwind Whirlwind Wind Shield Wind Shield Razor Gale Razor Gale

Hair Dye Colors

Upon job advancing, all new Wizards will start out with a default purple hair color. If you want to change the color, you can purchase a Hair Dye item from MyShop. Once the item is used, your character will always have that color hair in that job, unless changed later. If you revert back to a previous job however, you will use whichever hair color that job was set at.

Basic Colors
Super Magic Color Super Magic Color 2,700 Points Wizard Hair

Notes: Please note there are different hair dye items for each character and job when purchasing from MyShop.

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