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1st Job 2nd Job 3rd Job
Schoolgirl Boxer Champion Duelist
Schoolgirl Boxer Champion


Champion A bunny who chooses the path of power and speed at the cost of gaining the ability to fight multiple enemies effectively becomes a Champion. The ability to attack fast and have powerful attacks are afforded to Champions that set them in a class of their own. Champion


For more information see Champion Skills, or click one of the below skills for in-depth information.

The Bunny gains five new skills which consists of a combo of Dash and Uppercut, an AP stat buff, and a Fire-based magical attack, a mega combo version and her only attack that hits multiple targets.

Flash Cut Flash Cut Adrenaline Adrenaline Flaming Fist Flaming Fist Mega Flash Cut Mega Flash Cut Chi Release Chi Release

Hair Dye Colors

Upon job advancing, all new Champion will start out with a default blue hair color. If you want to change the color, you can purchase a Hair Dye item from MyShop. Once the item is used, your character will always have that color hair in that job, unless changed later. When advancing to the third job however, they will again use the default color unless another Hair Dye item is purchased and used. If you revert back to first job, you will use whichever hair color that job was set at.

Basic Colors
Super Vivid Color Super Vivid Color 2,700 Points Champion Hair

Notes: Please note there are different hair dye items for each character and job when purchasing from MyShop.

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