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Charm Type

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The Raccoon and Cat make up the Charm Type class. Built for defense rather than offense, these two characters are extremely good tanks. Although their damage may not be as impressive they make up for it with their more defense-oriented skills and builds. Charms are built to last. But don't worry, Cats and Raccoons can still deal pretty good damage, it just depends on the build you choose. In comparison to other MMOs, the Cat and Raccoon are the paladins and the defenders, they sit at the front lines and take the heat of enemy attacks. And due to their naturally high HP, DP, and HV growth, they can take plenty of hits before dying.

See Charm Skills

Charm Stats

All stats can be raised using Charm Skills.

Stats Description Formula Increased by Decreased by
HP Maximum Hit Points Your health points, if these hit 0, you die Lv. * 30 + 90, where "Lv." is the level of the stat Physical Training (passively) Getting hit by a monster
DP Defense Points Your defense points, the higher they are, the less physical damage you will take Lv. * 4 - 8 Sturdy Shield, Light Shield, Shield All (party) Armor Breaker, Armor Destructor (for monsters)
HV Hit Evasion Your evasion, the higher it is, the more likely your character is to avoid a physical attack. Also used to reduce Gun damage. [(Lv. - 1) / 4] (the brackets mean round down) Dodge Master Sticky Foot

Job Tree

Charm Job Tree


1st Job - Model 2nd Job - Entertainer 3rd Job - Primadonna 3rd Job - Diva
Model Entertainer Primadonna Diva

The Cat is the female counterpart of the Charm Type. The Cat primarily utilizes Sword type weapons. Basic defensive and evasive skills are learned during 1st job.
While her outfits can often be more concerned with style than practicality, it doesn’t mean that that’s all there is to her, whether working solo or as part of a group, she knows how to come through in for the big finale!
Reason for coming to Caballa Island
A rising star model who has won a couple of beauty contests. She has been cast to play the leading role in an upcoming blockbuster "Cleopatra". She comes to the island to make money to purchase ravish and expensive costumes for her movie.


1st Job - Teacher 2nd Job - Card Master 3rd Job - Gambler 3rd Job - Duke
Teacher Card Master Gambler Duke

The Raccoon is the male counterpart of the Charm Type. The Raccoon primarily utilizes Sword type weapons. Basic defensive and evasive skills are learned during 1st job.
Responsible, earnest, loyal, and unwavering when he sets his mind to a task, he is the perfect addition to a well rounded group, as well as being quite powerful when having to go it alone.
Reason for coming to Caballa Island
He comes to an all-girl's school as a student teacher. He comes from a teacher's family. His outstanding social skills and manners make him the most popular teacher in the school. When the news regarding the Caballa Island surfaces, 7 students from his school run away at the same time. They are members of the Seven-Princess Club, the most notorious gang in the school. Knowing that they are off to find the hidden treasure, he heads off to Caballa Island to bring the girls back home safely.


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