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The Fox and Lion are the two Sense-type characters. The Fox specializes in ninja-like combat through use of her many Shuriken skills, while the Lion uses mainly Gun skills. Sense types are much better at drilling than other characters because of their naturally high Detection Ability, DA, which allows them to sense if there is an item underground or not, which speeds up the drilling process. In comparison to other MMOs, they Fox and Lion are the Archers and the Assassins. They deal ranged damage, and are quite quick at dealing it.

See Sense Skills

Sense Stats

All stats can be raised using Sense Skills.

Stats Description Formula Increased by Decreased by
WT Weight Determines the maximum amount of items you can carry. Each item takes up a specific amount of WT. If you have 90% or more WT, you cannot run anymore. You are forced to walk until your have less than 89% WT. Lv. * 80 + 620 Heavy Carrier (passively) Carrying items, such as potions
DA Detection Ability Also known as Perception. Determines critical hit damage, compounding success, refinement chance, and drilling success rate. With 90+ DA, you will always know if there is an item underground or not. [(Lv. - 1) / 4] (brackets means round down) Sixth Sense Sense Breaker
LK Luck Determines chance of critical hit, chance of getting hit by a critical, and magic skill accuracy. [(Lv. - 1) / 4] Lucky Seven Luck Breaker

Job Tree

Sense Job Tree


1st Job - Archaeologist 2nd Job - Explorer 3rd Job - Thief Master 3rd Job - Hunter Lord
Archaeologist Explorer Thief Master Hunter Lord

The Fox is the female counterpart of the Sense Type. The Fox uses Knife or Gun type weapons.
Serene, calm, and cool in the face of danger, she can act quickly, effectively and stylishly all in one swift motion. Her tomb digging and spelunking pursuits all over the globe have put both her mind and her body into the perfect condition.
Reason for coming to Caballa Island
She is an archaeologist with sharp intuition, logics, and also a very rational person. She was the youngest person ever to earn a PhD in Archeology and soon becomes famous for all her works and findings in her field. When she finds out about a new mysterious island that popped up in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, she wants to explore the island but is beaten by Don Cavalier. Her entrance to the competition is just an excuse to explore and study the island.


1st Job - Engineer 2nd Job - Inventor 3rd Job - Scientist 3rd Job - Cyber Hunter
Engineer Inventor Scientist Cyber Hunter

The Lion is the male counterpart of the Sense Type. The Lion primarily utilizes Gun or Knife type weapons.
The engineering resources stored within his grey-matter and unlocked with his diligent hands are unlike any other. By using his skills to access weapons and equipment, he has set himself apart into a league of his own.
Reason for coming to Caballa Island
He studied engineering in hopes of one day building a robot by himself. "World Robot Building Contest", the world cup of robot building contest which is held every 4 years, is being hosted this year. But he needs money to get all the materials necessary to compete. He comes to Caballa Island to raise funds for this competition.


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