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Garden of Skill Master

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Megalopolis Square
Monster Guild
Guild Office
Emerald Forest
Northwest Forest
Southwest Forest
Southeast Forest
Poppuri Dungeon
Slide Cave
Rainbow Cave
Mysterious Space
Courage Trial
Wisdom Trial
Dream Trial
Love Trial
Moss Cave
Spore Cave
Root Cave
Black Market
Garden of Skill Masters
Skill Garden
Room of Job Administrator 1
Room of Job Administrator 2
Room of Guardian
3rd Job Trials
Room of Tribulation 1
Room of Tribulation 2
Room of Tribulation 3
Room of Tribulation 4
Room of Tribulation 5
Room of Tribulation 6
Room of Tribulation 7
Room of Tribulation 8
Room of Tribulation 9
Room of Tribulation 10
Room of Tribulation 11
Room of Tribulation 12
Room of Tribulation 13
Room of Tribulation 14
Room of Tribulation 15
Room of Tribulation 16
Closed Amusement Park
Megalo Land
Whitered Rose Garden
Secret Garden
Energetic Soccer Field
Tsetsech's Rose Garden


Garden of
Skill Master
Garden of Skill Master


Portal/Transfer to
1 Megalopolis Square
2 Room of Job Administrator 1
3 Room of Job Administrator 2
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6 [[{{{6}}}]]
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10 [[{{{10}}}]]
Teleport Information
NPC Location Cost
1 Door of Tribulation
Door of Tribulation
Room of Guardian (Bunny) Free
Room of Guardian (Buffalo) Free
Room of Guardian (Sheep) Free
Room of Guardian (Dragon) Free
Room of Guardian (Fox) Free
Room of Guardian (Lion) Free
Room of Guardian (Cat) Free
Room of Guardian (Raccoon) Free


Quest Information
NPC Name Type Level
5 Door of Tribulation
Door of Tribulation
Path of Tribulation Normal 130
6 Eclipse
Another View for the World Normal 180


NPC Service Cost
1 Master Louis
Master Louis
Master Power Skill Service
2 Genius Cochma
Genius Cochma
Master Sense Skill Service
3 Glamour Tiphreth
Glamour Tiphreth
Master Charm Skill Service
4 Magician Sephira
Magician Sephira
Master Magic Skill Service


Shop Information
NPC Name Cost Use
1 Master Louis
Master Louis
Power Skill Cards
Shockwave Card Shockwave Card 300 Learn Shockwave
(Power Type: TM Lv.1)
Bull's Eye Card Bull's Eye Card 2,000 Learn Bull's Eye
(Power Type: TM Lv.10)
Burning Rave Card Burning Rave Card 4,000 Learn Burning Rave
(Power Type: TM Lv.20)
Shockvibe Card Shockvibe Card 2,000 Learn Shockvibe
(Power Type: TM Lv.20)
Sense Breaker Card Sense Breaker Card 2,000 Learn Sense Breaker
(Power Type: TM Lv.20)
Luck Breaker Card Luck Breaker Card 2,000 Learn Luck Breaker
(Power Type: TM Lv.20)
Pumping Heart Card Pumping Heart Card 7,500 Learn Pumping Heart
(Power Type: TM Lv.25)
Armor Breaker Card Armor Breaker Card 6,000 Learn Armor Breaker
(Power Type: TM Lv.30)
Upper Smash Card Upper Smash Card 8,000 Learn Upper Smash
(Power Type: TM Lv.40)
Hyper Beat Card Hyper Beat Card 18,000 Learn Hyper Beat
(Power Type: TM Lv.45)
Tornado Bomb Card Tornado Bomb Card 15,000 Learn Tornado Bomb
(Power Type: TM Lv.50)
2 Genius Cochma
Genius Cochma
Sense Skill Cards
Invincible Drill Card Invincible Drill Card 100 Learn Invincible Drill
(Sense Type: TM Lv.1)
Stone Strike Card Stone Strike Card 300 Learn Stone Strike
(Sense Type: TM Lv.1)
Sixth Sense Card Sixth Sense Card 1,000 Learn Sixth Sense
(Sense Type: TM Lv.1)
Gun Carrier Card Gun Carrier Card 500 Learn Gun Carrier
(Sense Type: TM Lv.1)
Heavy Carrier Card Heavy Carrier Card 1,000 Learn Heavy Carrier
(Sense Type: TM Lv.10)
Shuriken Master Card Shuriken Master Card 3,000 Learn Shuriken Master
(Sense Type: TM Lv.15)
Sticky Foot Card Sticky Foot Card 2,000 Learn Sticky Foot
(Sense Type: TM Lv.20)
Invincible Reload Card Invincible Reload Card 10,000 Learn Invincible Reload
(Sense Type: TM Lv.20)
Gun Booster Card Gun Booster Card 9,000 Learn Gun Booster
(Sense Type: TM Lv.30)
Basic Detection Card Basic Detection Card 7,000 Learn Basic Detection
(Sense Type: TM Lv.35)
Armor Destructor Card Armor Destructor Card 8,000 Learn Armor Destructor
(Sense Type: TM Lv.40)
Quick Reload Card Quick Reload Card 20,000 Learn Quick Reload
(Sense Type: TM Lv.40)
Lucky Seven Card Lucky Seven Card 20,000 Learn Lucky Seven
(Sense Type: TM Lv.50)
Anger Management Card Anger Management Card 11,000 Learn Anger Management
(Sense Type: TM Lv.55)
Compound Master Card Compound Master Card 14,000 Learn Compound Master
(Sense Type: TM Lv.70)
3 Glamour Tiphreth
Glamour Tiphreth
Charm Skill Cards
Power Blow Card Power Blow Card 300 Learn Power Blow
(Charm Type: TM Lv.1 )
Dodge Master Card Dodge Master Card 1,000 Learn Dodge Master
(Charm Type: TM Lv.10 )
Magic Meltdown Card Magic Meltdown Card 2,000 Learn Magic Meltdown
(Charm Type: TM Lv.20 )
Magic Defense Breaker Card Magic Defense Breaker Card 2,000 Learn Magic Defense Breaker
(Charm Type: TM Lv.20 )
Mana Reflector Card Mana Reflector Card 4,000 Learn Mana Reflector
(Charm Type: TM Lv.20
Galder Thrower Card Galder Thrower Card 4,000 Learn Galder Thrower
(Charm Type: TM Lv.20 )
Shield All Card Shield All Card 7,500 Learn Shield All
(Charm Type: TM Lv.25 )
Sturdy Shield Card Sturdy Shield Card 6,000 Learn Sturdy Shield
(Charm Type: TM Lv.30
Skunk Pouch Card Skunk Pouch Card 12,000 Learn Skunk Pouch
(Charm Type: TM Lv.40 )
Titanium Wrist Card Titanium Wrist Card 12,000 Learn Titanium Wrist
(Charm Type: TM Lv.40 )
Physical Training Card Physical Training Card 9,000 Learn Physical Training
(Charm Type: TM Lv.45 )
Final Blow Card Final Blow Card 15,000 Learn Final Blow
(Charm Type: TM Lv.50 )
4 Magician Sephira
Magician Sephira
Magic Skill Cards
Mana Arrow Card Mana Arrow Card 300 Learn Mana Arrow
(Magic Type: TM Lv.1)
Invincible Casting Card Invincible Casting Card 8,750 Learn Invincible Casting
(Magic Type: TM Lv.10)
Cure Card Cure Card 1,000 Learn Cure
(Magic Type: TM Lv.10)
Bottle of Mana Card Bottle of Mana Card 4,000 Learn Bottle of Mana
(Magic Type: TM Lv.20)
Mana Ring Card Mana Ring Card 4,000 Learn Mana Ring
(Magic Type: TM Lv.20)
Mana Web Card Mana Web Card 2,000 Learn Mana Web
(Magic Type: TM Lv.20)
Rust Card Rust Card 2,000 Learn Rust
(Magic Type: TM Lv.20)
Aura of Mana Card Aura of Mana Card 4,000 Learn Aura of Mana
(Magic Type: TM Lv.20)
Mana Shield Card Mana Shield Card 6,000 Learn Mana Shield
(Magic Type: TM Lv.30)
Mana Storm Card Mana Storm Card 7,000 Learn Mana Storm
(Magic Type: TM Lv.35)
Mist of Mana Card Mist of Mana Card 16,000 Learn Mist of Mana
(Magic Type: TM Lv.40)
Mana Ring Booster Card Mana Ring Booster Card 15,000 Learn Mana Ring Booster
(Magic Type: TM Lv.50)
Arrow Rush Card Arrow Rush Card 20,000 Learn Arrow Rush
(Magic Type: TM Lv.50)

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