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Fiesta Waiting Room 6 - Mask Alert

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Fiesta Waiting Room 6
Mask Alert

Fiesta Waiting Room 6 - Mask Alert


Portal/Transfer to
1 Event Garden - Ceremonia
2 Ball Room 6 - Mask Alert
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10 [[{{{10}}}]]

Shop Information
NPC Name Cost Use
1 Item Girl
Item Girl
Ammo Ammo 5 Throw AP +10 (Lv.5)
Empty Card Empty Card 10 Card Throwing
Pink Potion B Pink Potion B 60 Recovery: 200 HP
Blue Potion B Blue Potion B 80 Recovery: 200 MP
Pink Potion C Pink Potion C 150 Recovery: 500 HP
Blue Potion C Blue Potion C 200 Recovery: 500 MP
Herb Potion Herb Potion 300 Recovery: 1,000 HP
Little Chagan - Transfer to Lake of Illusion - Middle Island
Compound: Compounder Paul - Bear Stew
Gold Pearl Potion Gold Pearl Potion 400 Recovery: 1,000 MP
Elixir Extract Elixir Extract 600 Recovery: 2,000 HP
Jewelry Potion Jewelry Potion 800 Recovery: 2,000 MP
Portable Port Deluxe Portable Port Deluxe 1,500 Teleport: Megalopolis Square, Gate of Desert Beach, Gate of Ghost Blue, Gate of Caballa Relics, Gate of Black Swamp, Gate of Oops Wharf, Gate of Tapasco Volcano
Saw Blade Ring Saw Blade Ring 450 Throw AP +300 (Lv.150)
Compound: Compounder Nadia - Super Saw Blade Ring
Dagger (Throw Item) Dagger (Throw Item) 510 Throw AP +340 (Lv.170)
Compound: Compounder Nadia - Super Dagger
Willow Dagger Willow Dagger 540 Throw AP +360 (Lv.180)
Compound: Compounder Nadia - Super Willow Dagger
Fir Dagger Fir Dagger 570 Throw AP +380 (Lv.190)
Compound: Compounder Nadia - Super Fir Dagger

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