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Swords List
Shamshir Rose Sword Mars Sword 2011 New Year Sword Aquatic Kris Silver Light Sword Black Rockin' Sword
In-Game In-Game Event MyShop MyShop Event Gacha 4G/Pia Egg Shop

Gacha Swords

IconNameLevelStatsSlotsCompoundable StatsTown
Image:Traditional Rod.gifTraditional Rod30AP +80 MA +5 LK +33MA, LK, Soil AttrBeginner Town Lorena & Tau
Image:Hyena Sword.gifHyena Sword50AP +176 AC +3 DX -13AC, DX, Fire AttrTown 1 Rosemary
Image:Magic Sword of Gallantry.gifMagic Sword of Gallantry50AP +176 HV +93AC, HV, Light AttrBeginner Town Marie Elle & Stephano
Image:Active Sword.gifActive Sword60AP +192 AC +4 HV +83AC, HV, Light AttrBeginner Town Tinnie & Gilbert
Image:Silverwolf Kukuri.gifSilverwolf Kukuri60AP +160 AC +5 HV +93AC, HV, Soil AttrTown 2 Lycan
Image:Tera Sword.gifTera Sword70AP +176 AC +10 HV +63AC, LK, HV, Air AttrTown 3 Tera
Image:Rosalyna's Spear.gifRosalyna's Spear 8080AP +96~416 AC +4~18 HV +4~182~4AC, HV, Soil AttrSpecial Town Rosalyna
Image:Whistle Hammer.gifWhistle Hammer80AP +224 AC +8 HV +123AC, HV, Electric AttrTown 2 Shara
Image:Ancient Sword.gifAncient Sword90AP +304 AC +12 HV +53AC, HV, Dark AttrTown 2 Bastet
Image:Vigor Blade.gifVigor Blade90AP +300 AC +11 HV +133AC, HV, Dark AttrTown 1 Master Louis
Image:Aquatic Kris.gifAquatic Kris100AP +240 AC +12 DX -1 HV +63AC, DX, HV, Water AttrSpecial Town Esther & Yupika
Image:Deep Space Hammer.gifDeep Space Hammer100AP +320 AC +12 HV +93AC, HV, Fire AttrTown 2 Pachi
Image:Diploma Stick.gifDiploma Stick100AP +336 AC +16 HV +63AC, LK, Electric AttrTown 2 Vinosh
Image:Eltron Espada.gifEltron Espada120AP +410 AC +24 HP +3003AC, HP, Soil AttrTown 1 Rosaspina
Image:Sassy Hammer.gifSassy Hammer120AP +304 AC +15 HV +153AC, HV, Air AttrTown 3 Tiphreth
Image:Skull Blade.gifSkull Blade130AP +400 AC +12 HV +193AC, HV, Fire AttrTown 1 Jeanne
Image:Vinosh Sword.gifVinosh Sword130AP +468 AC +23 DX -13AC, DX, Air AttrTown 1 Vinosh
Image:Danihen's Cane Sword.gifDanihen's Cane Sword150AP +496 AC +29 DX -23AC, DX, Electric AttrTown 3 Danihen
Image:Hard Luck Hammer.gifHard Luck Hammer150AP +432 HP +690 HV +313 Town 1 Taniel
Image:Bejeweled Espada.gifBejeweled Espada160AP +464 AC +12 HV +253AC, HV, Light AttrSpecial Town Mint & Dorothy
Image:Grand Star Impact.gifGrand Star Impact160AP +432 HP +990 HV +343HP, HV, Dark AttrSpecial Town Jen & Azhi
Image:Mirabo's Spear.gifMirabo's Spear160AP +512 AC +16 HV +243AC, HV, Electric AttrTown 4 Mirabo
Image:Starlight Edge.gifStarlight Edge160AP +544 AC +30 HP +6603AC, HP, Electric AttrSpecial Town Jen & Azhi
Image:Angelic Sword.gifAngelic Sword180AP +608 AC +15 HV +283AC, HV, Soil AttrSpecial Town Esther & Rose Fairy
Image:Engagement Sword.gifEngagement Sword180AP +592 AC +10 HP +600 HV +273AC, HP, HV, Soil AttrSpecial Town Venus & Mireru
Image:Rosalyna's Spear.gifRosalyna's Spear 180180AP +213~936 AC +9~40 HV +9~402~4AC, HV, Soil AttrSpecial Town Rosalyna
Image:Rose Fairy Dagger.gifRose Fairy Dagger190AP +920 AC +37 DX -23AC, DX, Fire AttrTown 4 Rose Fairy
Image:Coral Sword.gifCoral Sword200AP +496 AC +24 DX -23AC, HV, Water AttrSpecial Town Rosetta & Dorothy
Image:Happy Wedding Sword.gifHappy Wedding Sword200AP +640 AC +12 HV +333AC, HV, Light AttrSpecial Town Vinosh & Kyu
Image:Summer Crab Sword.gifSummer Crab Sword200AP +670 AC +27 DX -2 LK +53AC, DX, Water AttrSpecial Town Mint & Bunny Maid
Image:Cielo Gladius.gifCielo Gladius210AP +688 AC +17 HV +343AC, HV, Dark AttrSpecial Town Stella & Angel
Image:Marital Blade.gifMarital Blade210AP +664 AC +35 DX -33AC, DX, Light AttrSpecial Town Joey & Leonardo
Image:Leonis Hammer.gifLeonis Hammer230AP +624 HP +1.320 HV +503HP, HV, Water AttrSpecial Town Lina & Singha
Image:Scorpii Sword.gifScorpii Sword230AP +816 AC +40 DX -33AC, DX, Electric AttrSpecial Town Lina & Singha
Image:Santa Sephiria's Candelabrum.gifSanta Sephiria's Candelabrum250AP +768 AC +23 HV +373AC, HV, Water AttrSpecial Town Sephiria & Vinosh

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