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Tapasco Boss Room

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Spicy Dragon's Lair
Spicy Dragon's Lair


Portal/Transfer to
1 Tapasco Field 4 - Stairway to Fire
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Monster Information
Name Type Level Weakness Resistance
Spicy Dragon
Spicy Dragon
999 Gun, Water Physical, Magic, Fire, Air, Earth, Electric, Light
Reggae Orc
Reggae Orc
371 Physical Water, Light
Fire Golem
Fire Golem
357 Physical, Gun Fire, Earth
590 Magic Physical
Predator (Minion)
Predator (Minion)
666 Magic Physical


Drill Information
Depth: 200 ~ 250m
Soil: Rock
Name Use %
10 Galder Coupon 10 Galder Coupon Galder: 10
50 Galder Coupon 50 Galder Coupon Galder: 50
100 Galder Coupon 100 Galder Coupon Galder: 100
Monkey T - Monkey Business
Clever Owl - Owl's Letter Delivery
500 Galder Coupon 500 Galder Coupon Galder: 500
Monkey T - Antique Mirror!
Explorer Reina - Transfer to Nora Sewer (Upper Area)
Exchange: Merchant Lorena - Element Crystals (80~395)
Herb Potion Herb Potion Recovery: 1,000 HP
Little Chagan - Chagan's Dream
Little Chagan - Transfer to Lake of Illusion - Middle Island
Gold Pearl Potion Gold Pearl Potion Recovery: 1,000 MP
Elixir Extract Elixir Extract Recovery: 2,000 HP
Jewelry Potion Jewelry Potion Recovery: 2,000 MP
Card Hunter's Diary Card Hunter's Diary Book
Exchange: Aria - Star Dust & Angel's Tear
Portable Port Deluxe Portable Port Deluxe Teleport Device
Spicy Egg Spicy Egg Vinosh - "I want Spicy food!"
Clerk Z. Smith - Transfer to Spicy Dragon's Lair
Diamond Ring Diamond Ring Accessory (Lv.50)
Craft Dragon Blade Craft Dragon Blade Sword (Lv.180)
Shrewd Dragon Blade Shrewd Dragon Blade Sword (Lv.180)
Knight Dagger Knight Dagger Knife (Lv.180)
Gold Rod (old) Gold Rod (old) Cane (Lv.180)
Craft Sword Breaker Craft Sword Breaker Knife (Lv.190)
Swift Sword Breaker Swift Sword Breaker Knife (Lv.190)
Chance Lunar Rod Chance Lunar Rod Cane (Lv.190)
Craft Lunar Rod Craft Lunar Rod Cane (Lv.190)
Custom Lunar Rod Custom Lunar Rod Cane (Lv.190)
Craft God Sword Craft God Sword Sword (Lv.200)
Shrewd God Sword Shrewd God Sword Sword (Lv.200)
Custom God Sword Custom God Sword Sword (Lv.200)
Valkyrie Sword Valkyrie Sword Knife (Lv.200)
Swift Valkyrie Sword Swift Valkyrie Sword Knife (Lv.200)
Craft Valkyrie Sword Craft Valkyrie Sword Knife (Lv.200)
Custom Valkyrie Sword Custom Valkyrie Sword Knife (Lv.200)
Dragon Rod Dragon Rod Cane (Lv.200)
Chance Dragon Rod Chance Dragon Rod Cane (Lv.200)
Craft Dragon Rod Craft Dragon Rod Cane (Lv.200)
Custom Dragon Rod Custom Dragon Rod Cane (Lv.200)
Devil Gun Devil Gun Gun (Lv.200)
Shrewd Devil Gun Shrewd Devil Gun Gun (Lv.200)
Craft Devil Gun Craft Devil Gun Gun (Lv.200)
Custom Devil Gun Custom Devil Gun Gun (Lv.200)
Clever Armet Clever Armet Hat (Lv.200)
Craft Armet Craft Armet Hat (Lv.200)
Custom Armet Custom Armet Hat (Lv.200)
Craft Mitra Craft Mitra Hat (Lv.200)
Custom Mitra Custom Mitra Hat (Lv.200)
Craft Aegis Craft Aegis Shield (Lv.200)
Custom Aegis Custom Aegis Shield (Lv.200)
Blue Drill Blue Drill All Soil Drill (Lv.10 - 80m)
Yellow Drill Yellow Drill All Soil Drill (Lv.30 - 120m)
Musume Drill Musume Drill All Soil Drill (Lv.50 - 150m)
Driller Ticket Driller Ticket
Emerald Emerald
Gollum Trousers Gollum Trousers Compound: MA 5~16 (Lv.190)
Harkon Harkon 3rd Job Advancement Quest 2 - Guardian's Messenger's 3rd Job Quest
Janus' Messenger - Guardian of the Spirit
Hot Iron Hot Iron Blacksmith Marx - Ptah's Secrets
Ivory Ivory Compound: LK 5~15 (Lv.170)
Roasted Sweet Potato Roasted Sweet Potato Monkey T - Monkey T's Business Item (7)
Ruby Ruby Mighty Captain Stan - Fundraiser for the Polar Bear
Salt Jar Salt Jar Sophia - For the Best Salt...
Monkey T - Monkey T's Business Item (8)
Sapphire Sapphire Mighty Captain Stan - Fundraiser for the Polar Bear
Shackle Ring Shackle Ring
Tapasco Pepper Tapasco Pepper Cluck Cluck Warrior - Flaming Chicken Warriors
Burner - Burner's Secret
Whetstone Whetstone Blacksmith Marx - Ptah's Secrets
Keeper Julio - Julio's Storage Mission 9
Old Volcano Map A Old Volcano Map A Explorer Reina - Treasure Hunting 2 - Tapasco Volcano Rare
Old Volcano Map B Old Volcano Map B Explorer Reina - Treasure Hunting 2 - Tapasco Volcano Rare
Weird Volcano Map A Weird Volcano Map A Driller King Marky - Romance of Drilling - Tapasco Volcano Rare
Weird Volcano Map B Weird Volcano Map B Driller King Marky - Romance of Drilling - Tapasco Volcano Rare
Worn Volcano Map A Worn Volcano Map A Explorer Reina - Treasure Hunting 1 - Tapasco Volcano Rare
Worn Volcano Map B Worn Volcano Map B Explorer Reina - Treasure Hunting 1 - Tapasco Volcano Rare
Beef Rice Bowl Recipe Beef Rice Bowl Recipe Book Rare
Candied Apple Recipe Candied Apple Recipe Book Rare
Chocolate Roll Recipe Chocolate Roll Recipe Book Rare
Dango Recipe Dango Recipe Book Rare
Flower Punch Recipe Flower Punch Recipe Book Rare
Flower Rice Cake Recipe Flower Rice Cake Recipe Book Rare
Ginseng Strawberry Recipe Ginseng Strawberry Recipe Book Rare
Kimchi Recipe Kimchi Recipe Book Rare
Kiwi Parfait Recipe Kiwi Parfait Recipe Book Rare
Mango Parfait Recipe Mango Parfait Recipe Book Rare
Pan Fried Noodle Recipe Pan Fried Noodle Recipe Book Rare
Pan Fried Octopus Recipe Pan Fried Octopus Recipe Book Rare
Red Bean Parfait Recipe Red Bean Parfait Recipe Book Rare
Rice Cake Wrap Recipe Rice Cake Wrap Recipe Book Rare
Rice Wrap Recipe Rice Wrap Recipe Book Rare
Roasted Fish Recipe Roasted Fish Recipe Book Rare
Seafood Fried Dumpling Recipe Seafood Fried Dumpling Recipe Book Rare
Sweet Dango Recipe Sweet Dango Recipe Book Rare
Takoyaki Recipe Takoyaki Recipe Book Rare
Vegetable Rice Bowl Recipe Vegetable Rice Bowl Recipe Book Rare
Water Dumpling Recipe Water Dumpling Recipe Book Rare
Watermelon Parfait Recipe Watermelon Parfait Recipe Book Rare

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