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Fire Golem

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Fire Golem

Fire Golem

Fire Golem
Type Level Weakness Resistance
Magic 357 Unknown Unknown
Tapasco Field 2 - Rhythm of Hammer, Tapasco Field 4 - Stairway to Fire, summon: Black Ash Dungeon Boss Room, Tapasco Field 1 - Net of Lava, Tapasco Field 3 - Valley of Flame
Aggressive Elemental Attribute HP AP MA DP MD GD
Yes Fire Fire 50% 17,290 3,720 208 2,816 3,394 450
Name Level Name Level
Shockwave Shockwave Faint Faint
Rust Rust
Damage Tolerance
Physical Magic Gun Fire Water Air Soil Electric Light Dark Shadow
46% 10% 46% 10% ?% ?% 16% ?% 28% ?% ?
Monster/Party Quest
Hunter Master Leviathan - Tapasco Hunter Master Leviathan's Quest
Summoned by Soki, Punisher Fire Golem, and Spicy Dragon. Absorbs both Fire and Earth-based damage.

Name Use %
Fire Golem Card Fire Golem Card Card Girl - Tapasco Volcano Card Girl Quest (3)
Mastery: Exploit Weakness (Thief Master skill)
Card Identification
Absolute Ring Absolute Ring Clerk Z. Smith - Absolute Ring
Golem Stone Golem Stone Happisto Stallone - New Weapon Materials (1)
Boxer Jeanne - Fist of Will
Slag Orb Slag Orb Blacksmith Marx - Special Flame
Compound: Fire Attr +32~61% (Lv.190)
Elixir Extract Elixir Extract Recovery: 2,000 HP Common
Jewelry Potion Jewelry Potion Recovery: 2,000 MP Common
Star Card Pack No.7 Star Card Pack No.7 Box: Fortune Cards Rank #6
Fake Card Pack No.3 Fake Card Pack No.3 Star Gazer Stella - Daily Quest - Techichi Volcano (Winter)
Old Broadsword Old Broadsword Sword (Lv.275) Rare
Sharp Broadsword Sharp Broadsword Sword (Lv.275) Very Rare
Artisan Broadsword Artisan Broadsword Sword (Lv.275) Very Rare
Old Khanjar Old Khanjar Knife (Lv.275) Rare
Sharp Khanjar Sharp Khanjar Knife (Lv.275) Very Rare
Artisan Khanjar Artisan Khanjar Knife (Lv.275) Very Rare
Old Arc Stick Old Arc Stick Cane (Lv.275) Rare
Lunar Arc Stick Lunar Arc Stick Cane (Lv.275) Very Rare
Artisan Arc Stick Artisan Arc Stick Cane (Lv.275) Very Rare
Old MJS-G5 Old MJS-G5 Gun (Lv.275) Rare
Strong MJS-G5 Strong MJS-G5 Gun (Lv.275) Very Rare
Artisan MJS-G5 Artisan MJS-G5 Gun (Lv.275) Very Rare
Old Shield of Honor Old Shield of Honor Shield (Lv.275) Rare
Strong Shield of Honor Strong Shield of Honor Shield (Lv.275) Very Rare
Artisan Shield of Honor Artisan Shield of Honor Shield (Lv.275) Very Rare
Sharp Piece Sharp Piece Compound: Compounder Nadia - Super Dagger, Super Willow Dagger, Super Fir Dagger, Super Apricot Dart Common
AP Stone 275 AP Stone 275 Compound: AP +110~390 (Lv.275) Very Rare
AC Stone 275 AC Stone 275 Compound: AC +6~24 (Lv.275) Very Rare
DX Stone 275 DX Stone 275 Compound: DX -3~-9 (Lv.275) Very Rare
MP Stone 275 MP Stone 275 Compound: MP +825~2,928 (Lv.275) Very Rare
MA Stone 275 MA Stone 275 Compound: MA +6~24 (Lv.275) Very Rare
MD Stone 275 MD Stone 275 Compound: MD +110~390 (Lv.275) Very Rare
WT Stone 275 WT Stone 275 Compound: WT +2,200~7,810 (Lv.275) Very Rare
DA Stone 275 DA Stone 275 Compound: DA +6~24 (Lv.275) Very Rare
LK Stone 275 LK Stone 275 Compound: LK +6~24 (Lv.275) Very Rare
HP Stone 275 HP Stone 275 Compound: HP +825~2,928 (Lv.275) Very Rare
DP Stone 275 DP Stone 275 Compound: DP +110~390 (Lv.275) Very Rare
HV Stone 275 HV Stone 275 Compound: HV +6~24 (Lv.275) Very Rare
Air Crystal 275 Air Crystal 275 Compound: Air Attr +36~80% (Lv.275) Very Rare
Water Crystal 275 Water Crystal 275 Compound: Water Attr +36~80% (Lv.275) Very Rare
Fire Crystal 275 Fire Crystal 275 Compound: Fire Attr +36~80% (Lv.275) Very Rare
Soil Crystal 275 Soil Crystal 275 Compound: Soil Attr +36~80% (Lv.275) Very Rare
Electric Crystal 275 Electric Crystal 275 Compound: Electric Attr +36~80% (Lv.275) Very Rare
Light Crystal 275 Light Crystal 275 Compound: Light Attr +36~80% (Lv.275) Very Rare
Dark Crystal 275 Dark Crystal 275 Compound: Dark Attr +36~80% (Lv.275) Very Rare
Air Resist Crystal 275 Air Resist Crystal 275 Compound: Air Resist +21~54% (Lv.275) Very Rare
Water Resist Crystal 275 Water Resist Crystal 275 Compound: Water Resist +21~54% (Lv.275) Very Rare
Fire Resist Crystal 275 Fire Resist Crystal 275 Compound: Fire Resist +21~54% (Lv.275) Very Rare
Soil Resist Crystal 275 Soil Resist Crystal 275 Compound: Soil Resist +21~54% (Lv.275) Very Rare
Elec Resist Crystal 275 Elec Resist Crystal 275 Compound: Elec Resist +21~54% (Lv.275) Very Rare
Light Resist Crystal 275 Light Resist Crystal 275 Compound: Light Resist +21~54% (Lv.275) Very Rare
Dark Resist Crystal 275 Dark Resist Crystal 275 Compound: Dark Resist +21~54% (Lv.275) Very Rare
Critical Metal 275 Critical Metal 275 Compound: Critical +?~?% (Lv.275) Very Rare
Block Metal 275 Block Metal 275 Compound: Block +?~?% (Lv.275) Very Rare

Fire Golem

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