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Craft Aegis

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Craft Aegis
Image:Aegis.gif Aegis
Aegis Odd Image:Dark Icon R.gif Solid Image:Dark Icon R.gif Craft Image:Dark Icon R.gif Divine Artisan Image:Dark Icon R.gif ?Custom? Image:Dark Icon R.gif Master Image:Dark Icon R.gif


Craft Aegis


Required Weight Value
Level 200 332 112,560
Time Refinable Temper
Compoundable Stats Slots
MP, DP, Dark Resist 2
Stats Min/Max Ranges
Attack Power:
Magic Points:
Magic Attack:
Magic Defense: 240 180 ~ 324
Detect Ability:
Health Points:
Defense Points:
Hit Evasion:
Air Attribute: {{{Air}}}%
Electric Attribute: {{{Elec}}}%
Fire Attribute: {{{Fire}}}%
Soil Attribute: {{{Soil}}}%
Water Attribute: {{{Water}}}%
Light Attribute: {{{Light}}}%
Dark Attribute: {{{Dark}}}%
Shadow Attribute: {{{Shadow}}}%
Air Resistance: {{{AirR}}}%
Electric Resistance: {{{ElecR}}}%
Fire Resistance: {{{FireR}}}%
Soil Resistance: {{{SoilR}}}%
Water Resistance: {{{WaterR}}}%
Light Resistance: {{{LightR}}}%
Dark Resistance: {{{DarkR}}}%
Shadow Resistance: {{{ShadowR}}}%
Critical Probability: {{{Crit}}}%
Block Probability: {{{Block}}}%
Protection: {{{Prot}}}%
Aegis with a potential to enhance its ability through the compound.
Compound No-strengthening Magic Shield. Magic Defense Power refining Available.
How to Obtain
Drill in ?Spicy Dragon's Lair?.
Used for
Tradable Bankable Droppable Sellable (to NPC)
? ? ? ?

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