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Punisher Merman Ale

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Punisher Merman Ale

Punisher Merman Ale

Punisher Merman Ale
Type Level Weakness Resistance
Power 100 Unknown Unknown
Mermaid Palace Field 1 - Water Park, Mermaid Palace Field 2 - Seaweeds Square, Mermaid Palace Field 3 - Coral Square, Mermaid Palace Field 4 - Rock Square
Aggressive Elemental Attribute HP AP MA DP MD GD
Yes Water Water 20% 3,885x3 611 ? ? ? ?
Name Level Name Level
Lacerator Lacerator 4 Impelling Rage Impelling Rage 6
Shockvibe Shockvibe 5 Cure Cure
Enhanced Resistance Enhanced Resistance
Damage Tolerance
Physical Magic Gun Fire Water Air Soil Electric Light Dark Shadow
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
Merman Ale
Merman Ale
Monster/Party Quest

Name Use %
Merman Ale Card Merman Ale Card Card Identification Very Rare
Fragmented Map 1 Fragmented Map 1 La Vida - La Vida's Treasure Map 1
Water Agate Water Agate Inventor Gale - Find Scientist Guardian Stone (Quest 3)
Punisher's Scale Punisher's Scale (Winter) Entertainer Elicia - Daily Quest - Mermaid Palace (Winter)
Executioner's Gills Executioner's Gills (Spring) Entertainer Elicia - Daily Quest - Mermaid Palace (Spring)
Elicia's Pouch Elicia's Pouch (Summer) Entertainer Elicia - Daily Quest - Mermaid Palace (Summer)
Mermaid's Whistle Mermaid's Whistle (Autumn) Entertainer Elicia - Daily Quest - Mermaid Palace (Autumn)
Pink Potion C Pink Potion C Recovery: 500 HP Common
Blue Potion C Blue Potion C Recovery: 500 MP Common
Star Card Pack No.4 Star Card Pack No.4 Box: Fortune Cards #4
Star Card Pack No.6 Star Card Pack No.6 Box: Fortune Cards #5
Stargazer Ethel - You Look Familiar
Star Gazer Stella - Daily Quest - Techichi Volcano (Autumn)
Star Card Pack No.7 Star Card Pack No.7 Box: Fortune Cards #6
Stargazer Ethel - You Look Familiar
Fake Card Pack No.2 Fake Card Pack No.2 Star Gazer Stella - Daily Quest - Ghost Blue (Winter)
Old Dao Old Dao Sword (Lv.95)
Compound: Compounder Vin - Powerful Dao
Exchange: Trader Pav - Morph Dao
Sharp Dao Sharp Dao Sword (Lv.95) Very Rare
Art Dao Art Dao Sword (Lv.95) Very Rare
Old Kaldo Old Kaldo Knife (Lv.95)
Compound: Compounder Vin - Powerful Kaldo
Exchange: Trader Pav - Morph Kaldo
Sharp Kaldo Sharp Kaldo Knife (Lv.95) Very Rare
Art Kaldo Art Kaldo Knife (Lv.95) Very Rare
Old Rune Staff Old Rune Staff Cane (Lv.95)
Compound: Compounder Vin - Powerful Rune Staff
Exchange: Trader Pav - Morph Rune Staff
Moon Rune Staff Moon Rune Staff Cane (Lv.95) Very Rare
Art Rune Staff Art Rune Staff Cane (Lv.95) Very Rare
Old Titan Gun Old Titan Gun Gun (Lv.95)
Compound: Compounder Vin - Powerful Titan Gun
Exchange: Trader Pav - Morph Titan Gun
Strong Titan Gun Strong Titan Gun Gun (Lv.95) Very Rare
Art Titan Gun Art Titan Gun Gun (Lv.95) Very Rare
Old Guardian Shield Old Guardian Shield Shield (Lv.95)
Compound: Compounder Vin - Powerful Guardian Shield
Exchange: Trader Pav - Morph Guardian Shield
Strong Guardian Shield Strong Guardian Shield Shield (Lv.95) Very Rare
Art Guardian Shield Art Guardian Shield Shield (Lv.95) Very Rare
Triangular Object Triangular Object Compound: Compounder Nadia - Super Cross Spear, Super Hook Spear, Super Three-Pointed Spear Common
AP Stone 95 AP Stone 95 Compound: AP +68~171 (Lv.95) Very Rare
AC Stone 95 AC Stone 95 Compound: AC +4~10 (Lv.95) Very Rare
DX Stone 95 DX Stone 95 Compound: DX -2~-4 (Lv.95) Very Rare
MP Stone 95 MP Stone 95 Compound: MP +513~1,282 (Lv.95) Very Rare
MA Stone 95 MA Stone 95 Compound: MA +4~10 (Lv.95) Very Rare
MD Stone 95 MD Stone 95 Compound: MD +68~171 (Lv.95) Very Rare
WT Stone 95 WT Stone 95 Compound: WT +1,368~3,420 (Lv.95) Very Rare
DA Stone 95 DA Stone 95 Compound: DA +4~10 (Lv.95) Very Rare
LK Stone 95 LK Stone 95 Compound: LK +4~10 (Lv.95) Very Rare
HP Stone 95 HP Stone 95 Compound: HP +513~1,282 (Lv.95) Very Rare
DP Stone 95 DP Stone 95 Compound: DP +68~171 (Lv.95) Very Rare
HV Stone 95 HV Stone 95 Compound: HV +4~10 (Lv.95) Very Rare
Air Crystal 95 Air Crystal 95 Compound: Air Attr +17~49% (Lv.95) Very Rare
Water Crystal 95 Water Crystal 95 Compound: Water Attr +17~49% (Lv.95) Very Rare
Fire Crystal 95 Fire Crystal 95 Compound: Fire Attr +17~49% (Lv.95) Very Rare
Soil Crystal 95 Soil Crystal 95 Compound: Soil Attr +17~49% (Lv.95) Very Rare
Electric Crystal 95 Electric Crystal 95 Compound: Electric Attr +17~49% (Lv.95) Very Rare
Light Crystal 95 Light Crystal 95 Compound: Light Attr +17~49% (Lv.95) Very Rare
Dark Crystal 95 Dark Crystal 95 Compound: Dark Attr +17~49% (Lv.95) Very Rare
Air Resist Crystal 95 Air Resist Crystal 95 Compound: Air Resist +12~28% (Lv.95) Very Rare
Water Resist Crystal 95 Water Resist Crystal 95 Compound: Water Resist +12~28% (Lv.95) Very Rare
Fire Resist Crystal 95 Fire Resist Crystal 95 Compound: Fire Resist +12~28% (Lv.95) Very Rare
Soil Resist Crystal 95 Soil Resist Crystal 95 Compound: Soil Resist +12~28% (Lv.95) Very Rare
Elec Resist Crystal 95 Elec Resist Crystal 95 Compound: Elec Resist +12~28% (Lv.95) Very Rare
Light Resist Crystal 95 Light Resist Crystal 95 Compound: Light Resist +12~28% (Lv.95) Very Rare
Dark Resist Crystal 95 Dark Resist Crystal 95 Compound: Dark Resist +12~28% (Lv.95) Very Rare
Critical Metal 95 Critical Metal 95 Compound: Critical +5~18% (Lv.95) Very Rare
Block Metal 95 Block Metal 95 Compound: Block +4~16% (Lv.95) Very Rare

Punisher Merman Ale

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