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Pink Chipmunk

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Pink Chipmunk

Pink Chipmunk

Pink Chipmunk
Type Level Weakness Resistance
Sense 33 Physical Magic
Path to Desert Beach
Aggressive Elemental Attribute HP AP MA DP MD GD
No None 1,290 145 0 97 113 30
Damage Tolerance
Physical Magic Gun Fire Water Air Soil Electric Light Dark Shadow
97% 96% 95% 96% 95% 96% 96% 96% 95% 96% ?
Monster/Party Quest
Hunter Yuri - South East Forest Hunter Girl

Name Use %
Yamu Card Yamu Card Card Identification Very Rare
Acorn Nut Acorn Nut Compound: LK +1~2 (Lv.0)
Acorn Shell Acorn Shell Compound: Soil Resist +1~5% (Lv.0)
Pink Lace Pink Lace Marion - Flowy Lace
Pink Potion A Pink Potion A Recovery: 100 HP
Bunny Maid - Transfer to Coliseum Waiting Room
Blue Potion A Blue Potion A Recovery: 100 MP Common
Star Card Pack No.1 Star Card Pack No.1 Box: Fortune Cards Rank#1
Star Gazer Stella - Daily Quest - Megalopolis (Autumn)
Star Card Pack No.2 Star Card Pack No.2 Box: Fortune Cards Rank#2
Star Card Pack No.3 Star Card Pack No.3 Box: Fortune Cards Rank#3
Star Gazer Stella - Daily Quest - Ghost Blue (Autumn)
Fake Card Pack No.1 Fake Card Pack No.1 Star Gazer Stella - Daily Quest - Megalopolis (Winter)
Shtella's Profile Shtella's Profile Star Gazer Stella - Daily Quest - Megalopolis (Spring)
Old Sword Old Sword Sword (Lv.50)
Compound: Compounder Vin - Powerful Sword
Exchange: Trader Pav - Morph Sword
Sharp Sword Sharp Sword Sword (Lv.50) Very Rare
Art Sword Art Sword Sword (Lv.50) Very Rare
Old Dagger Old Dagger Knife (Lv.50)
Compound: Compounder Vin - Powerful Dagger
Exchange: Trader Pav - Morph Dagger
Sharp Dagger Sharp Dagger Knife (Lv.50) Very Rare
Art Dagger Art Dagger Knife (Lv.50) Very Rare
Old Bronze Rod Old Bronze Rod Cane (Lv.50)
Compound: Compounder Vin - Powerful Bronze Rod
Exchange: Trader Pav - Morph Bronze Rod
Moon Bronze Rod Moon Bronze Rod Cane (Lv.50) Very Rare
Art Bronze Rod Art Bronze Rod Cane (Lv.50) Very Rare
Old Antique Gun Old Antique Gun Gun (Lv.50)
Compound: Compounder Vin - Powerful Antique Gun
Exchange: Trader Pav - Morph Antique Gun
Strong Antique Gun Strong Antique Gun Gun (Lv.50) Very Rare
Art Antique Gun Art Antique Gun Gun (Lv.50) Very Rare
Old Metal Shield Old Metal Shield Shield (Lv.50)
Compound: Compounder Vin - Powerful Metal Shield
Exchange: Trader Pav - Morph Metal Shield
Strong Metal Shield Strong Metal Shield Shield (Lv.50) Very Rare
Art Metal Shield Art Metal Shield Shield (Lv.50) Very Rare
Pointy Object Pointy Object Compound: Compounder Nadia - Super Needles Common
AP Stone 50 AP Stone 50 Compound: AP +42~100 (Lv.50) Very Rare
AC Stone 50 AC Stone 50 Compound: AC +2~6 (Lv.50) Very Rare
DX Stone 50 DX Stone 50 Compound: DX -1~-3 (Lv.50) Very Rare
MP Stone 50 MP Stone 50 Compound: MP +315~750 (Lv.50) Very Rare
MA Stone 50 MA Stone 50 Compound: MA +2~6 (Lv.50) Very Rare
MD Stone 50 MD Stone 50 Compound: MD +42~100 (Lv.50) Very Rare
WT Stone 50 WT Stone 50 Compound: WT +840~2,000 (Lv.50) Very Rare
DA Stone 50 DA Stone 50 Compound: DA +2~6 (Lv.50) Very Rare
LK Stone 50 LK Stone 50 Compound: LK +2~6 (Lv.50) Very Rare
HP Stone 50 HP Stone 50 Compound: HP +315~750 (Lv.50) Very Rare
DP Stone 50 DP Stone 50 Compound: DP +42~100 (Lv.50) Very Rare
HV Stone 50 HV Stone 50 Compound: HV +2~6 (Lv.50) Very Rare
Air Crystal 50 Air Crystal 50 Compound: Air Attr +11~40% (Lv.50) Very Rare
Water Crystal 50 Water Crystal 50 Compound: Water Attr +11~40% (Lv.50) Very Rare
Fire Crystal 50 Fire Crystal 50 Compound: Fire Attr +11~40% (Lv.50) Very Rare
Soil Crystal 50 Soil Crystal 50 Compound: Soil Attr +11~40% (Lv.50) Very Rare
Electric Crystal 50 Electric Crystal 50 Compound: Electric Attr +11~40% (Lv.50) Very Rare
Light Crystal 50 Light Crystal 50 Compound: Light Attr +11~40% (Lv.50) Very Rare
Dark Crystal 50 Dark Crystal 50 Compound: Dark Attr +11~40% (Lv.50) Very Rare
Air Resist Crystal 50 Air Resist Crystal 50 Compound: Air Resist +7~19% (Lv.50) Very Rare
Water Resist Crystal 50 Water Resist Crystal 50 Compound: Water Resist +7~19% (Lv.50) Very Rare
Fire Resist Crystal 50 Fire Resist Crystal 50 Compound: Fire Resist +7~19% (Lv.50) Very Rare
Soil Resist Crystal 50 Soil Resist Crystal 50 Compound: Soil Resist +7~19% (Lv.50) Very Rare
Elec Resist Crystal 50 Elec Resist Crystal 50 Compound: Elec Resist +7~19% (Lv.50) Very Rare
Light Resist Crystal 50 Light Resist Crystal 50 Compound: Light Resist +7~19% (Lv.50) Very Rare
Dark Resist Crystal 50 Dark Resist Crystal 50 Compound: Dark Resist +7~19% (Lv.50) Very Rare
Critical Metal 50 Critical Metal 50 Compound: Critical +3~15% (Lv.50) Very Rare
Block Metal 50 Block Metal 50 Compound: Block +2~13% (Lv.50) Very Rare

Pink Chipmunk

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