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Lovely Angelina

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Lovely Angelina

Lovely Angelina

Lovely Angelina

Offer Map Region
Warehouse Service Blooming Cora Shop Coral Beach
Warehouse Service Paradise Shop Desert Beach
Warehouse Service Megalopolis Shop Megalopolis
Warehouse Service Oops Wharf Oops Wharf
Warehouse Service Aquarius Shop Ghost Blue
Warehouse Service Carbigal Shop Black Swamp
Warehouse Service Laplanoel Shopping Mall Snow Hill
Warehouse Service Gate of Tapasco Theme Spa Tapasco Volcano

The Warehouse Service is a storage function. It allows you to storage items on one character which would only be available for that character. The amount of weight this storage can hold depends on the stat WT and the default item amount is set at 80 slots. You can add more slots by purchasing Store-More Permit in My Shop (4,500 Points) which will add 8 new permanent slots to your storage.

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