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Officer Tera

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Officer Tera

Officer Tera

Officer Tera

Offer Map Region
Episode 0 Quests:
Help Keep the Peace
An Unexpected Encounter
Beach Town - Paradise Desert Beach
Party Quests:
Desert Beach Party Quest (Field)
Desert Beach Party Quest (Dungeon)
Paradise Monster Guild Desert Beach
Party Quests:
Crystal Copper Request
Desert Beach Mine - Crystal Copper Desert Beach
Party Quest:
Poppuri Dungeon Request
Gate of Poppuri Dungeon Megalopolis
Aposis Data Collection
Relics Town - Azteca Caballa Relics
Party Quests:
Caballa Relics Party Quest (Field)
Caballa Relics Party Quest (Dungeon)
Azteca Monster Guild Caballa Relics
Party Quest:
Jade Steel Party Quest
Caballa Relics Mine - Jade Steel Caballa Relics
Party Quest:
Oops Wharf Party Quest
Gate of Oops Wharf Oops Wharf
Party Quest:
Fend Off Pirates! 1
Fend Off Pirates! 2
Oops Wharf Oops Wharf
Party Quest:
Mermaid Palace Party Quest
Mermaid Palace Dungeon Party Quest
Gate of Mermaid Dungeon Mermaid Palace
Party Quest:
Ghost Blue Party Quest
Nora Sewer Party Quest
Aquarius Monster Guild Ghost Blue
Party Quest:
Rose Garden Party Quest
Event Garden - Ceremonia Rose Garden
Party Quest:
Vamp Castle Party Quest
Gate of Vamp Castle Rose Garden
Party Quest:
Black Swamp Party Quest
Swamp Dungeon Party Quest
Carbigal Monster Guild Black Swamp
Party Quest:
Silver Jewel Party Quest
Swamp Mine - Silver Jewel Black Swamp
Party Quest:
Snow Hill Field Party Quest
Snow Hill Gift Factory Snow Hill
Party Quest:
Precious Jewel Party Quest
Snow Mine - Precious Jewel Snow Hill
Party Quest:
Blue Ice Dungeon Party Quest
Gate of Blue Ice Dungeon Snow Hill
Party Quest:
Gate of Black Ash Party Quest
Gate of Black Ash Techichi Volcano
Party Quest:
Golden Ash Party Quest
Techichi Volcano - Golden Ash Techichi Volcano
Party Quests:
Tapasco Theme Spa Party Quest (1)
Tapasco Theme Spa Party Quest (2)
Tapasco Theme Spa Party Quest (3)
Gate of Tapasco Theme Spa Tapasco Volcano
Party Quest:
Silent Lava Mine Party Quest
Tapasco Mine - Silent Lava Tapasco Volcano
Misbehaving Monsters
Tapasco Field 3 - Valley of Flame Tapasco Volcano

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