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Lousy Chaos Box

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Lousy Chaos Box

Image:Lousy Chaos Box.png

Image:Lousy Chaos Box.gif
Compound Ability Weight Value Required Time
None 2 2,000 Lv.0 N/A
Gift Box given to those people who helped the Tower of Chaos investigating commitee. There's a slight chance you can get a level 121~180 chaos equipment.
Usable Item. Click to open the box.
How to Obtain

Exchange for Lousy Code C with Developer Project Manager L in Tower of Chaos 19th Floor (Safe Floor), Tower of Chaos 25th Floor (Safe Floor), and Tower of Chaos 31st Floor (Safe Floor).

Used for
Contents (one of these)
Chaos Talwar, Chaos Shamshir, Chaos Bundi Dagger, Chaos Kalis, Chaos Celestial Rod, Chaos Blue Dragon Rod, Chaos Blunderbuss, Chaos Shotgun, Chaos Argent Helm, Chaos Diadem, Chaos Vaquero Hat, Chaos Witch Hat, Chaos Silver Shield, Chaos Golden Shield, Chaos Wakizashi, Chaos Sparta, Chaos Pugio, Chaos Ring Knife, Chaos Black Dragon Rod, Chaos Metal Stick, Chaos Hand Cannon, Chaos Maverick Gun, Chaos Head Bucket, Chaos Hunter Helm, Chaos Velvet Hat, Chaos Hunter Hat, Chaos Defender, Chaos Hunter Shield, Chaos Sky Blade, Chaos Machete, Chaos Poignard, Chaos Seeker, Chaos Stick, Chaos Soul Stick, Chaos Stinger Gun, Chaos Lucky 7, Chaos Mithril Helm, Chaos Crystal Helm, Chaos Mithril Hat, Chaos Crystal Hat, Chaos Mithril Shield, Chaos Crystal Shield, Kid Troy.Worm
Teleport Locations
Tradable Bankable Droppable Sellable (to NPC)
Yes Yes Yes Yes

Equipment Equipments Pets Pets Drills Drills Use Items Use/Etc. Items Image:Apricot Dart.gif Ammunition

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