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Banker Lisa

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Banker Lisa

Banker Lisa

Banker Lisa

Offer Map Region
Safety Bank Service Blooming Cora Shop Coral Beach
Safety Bank Service Paradise Shop Desert Beach
Safety Bank Service Megalopolis Shop Megalopolis
Safety Bank Service Relics Town - Azteca Caballa Relics
Safety Bank Service Oops Wharf Oops Wharf
Lisa's 1st Urgent Request
Lisa's 2nd Urgent Request
Seabed Field 1 - North Ghost Blue
Safety Bank Service Ghost Blue Seabed Town - Aquarius Ghost Blue
Safety Bank Service Swamp Town - Carbigal Black Swamp
Safety Bank Service Laplanoel Shopping Mall Snow Hill
Safety Bank Service Gate of Tapasco Theme Spa Tapasco Volcano

The Safety Bank Service is a storage function. It allows you to storage items on one account which would be available for the whole account in the same server. This storage has no weight limit and has 24 slots.

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