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The Black Market is a secret place reachable by Weird Treasure Map Weird Treasure Maps. Each Region has its own Black Market (except Phantom School, due the nonexistence of Worn, Old and Weird maps). All items, compounds and exchanges, have cost. There are 4 NPCs in Black Market:

Dark Dealer Rat Compounder Vin
Dark Dealer Rat Compounder Vin
Sells Equipments (Sharp, Moon, Art, Artisan and Strong), Pouches, Ears and Tails with stats. Buy items too. Compounds Old Equipments with Nikarium to form Powerful Equipments.
Trader Pav Great Chef Sid
Trader Pav Great Chef Sid
Exchanges Old Equipments to Morph ones and upgrades Region Set Equipments (with Region Refining Coupons). Compounds several items to form HP and MP Potion items.
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