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Rosaline Gracia - Rosaline's Document

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Rosaline Gracia - Rosaline's Document

Image:Rosaline Gracia.gif
Image:Megalopolis Square.png
NPC: Rosaline Gracia Location: Megalopolis Square
Base Experience: 1,288,065 TM Experience: 606,262
Request: Honey Tea, Nefertiti's Portrait Condition: Level 45+, have completed Necklace's Owner
Reward: Unknown Old Document
  • {{{Start}}} has been started!
  • Episode 1: Chapter 1 - Nefertiti's Necklace has been completed!

Notes: Honey Tea Honey Tea is obtained by compounding 1x Honey + 2x Royal Jelly + 2x Distilled Water with Compounder Paul at Megalopolis Square and Relics Town - Azteca. Nefertiti's Portrait Nefertiti's Portrait is obtained by completing Old Artist - Old Artist's Needs. Honey Honey and Royal Jelly Royal Jelly is dropped by Forest Wasp (Lv.47), Distilled Water Distilled Water is purchased in various shops.

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