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Phantom Helm of Honor

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Phantom Helm of Honor
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Helm of Honor Class
Helm of Honor
Helm of Honor
Old Strong Wise Morph Artisan Chaos Requiem Ultimate Powerful Gloom

Phantom Helm of Honor

Phantom Helm of Honor

Required Weight Value
Level 275 550 137,500
Time Refinable Temper
Compoundable Stats Slots
AP, AC, LK, HP, HV 0~2
Stats Min/Max Ranges
Attack Power:
Accuracy: ~ -5 ~ 12 ~
Magic Points:
Magic Attack:
Magic Defense: ~ -104 ~ 118 ~
Detect Ability:
Health Points: ~ -825 ~ 1092 ~
Defense Points: ~ -97 ~ 425 ~
Hit Evasion: ~ -6 ~ 2 ~
Air Attribute: {{{Air}}}%
Electric Attribute: {{{Elec}}}%
Fire Attribute: {{{Fire}}}%
Soil Attribute: {{{Soil}}}%
Water Attribute: {{{Water}}}%
Light Attribute: {{{Light}}}%
Dark Attribute: {{{Dark}}}%
Shadow Attribute: {{{Shadow}}}%
Air Resistance: {{{AirR}}}%
Electric Resistance: {{{ElecR}}}%
Fire Resistance: {{{FireR}}}%
Soil Resistance: {{{SoilR}}}%
Water Resistance: {{{WaterR}}}%
Light Resistance: {{{LightR}}}%
Dark Resistance: {{{DarkR}}}%
Shadow Resistance: {{{ShadowR}}}%
Critical Probability: {{{Crit}}}%
Block Probability: {{{Block}}}%
Protection: {{{Prot}}}%
Phantom Helm of Honor haunted by a gloomy, vengeful spirit. Its abilities are impossible to measure.
You won't know its true potential until you use it. Can be refined for more DP. This item can't be tempered.
How to Obtain
Loot from
Used for
Tradable Bankable Droppable Sellable (to NPC)
? ? ? ?

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