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Kitsu's Shield 190

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Kitsu's Shield 190
Fox Spirit's Gift Box 190 Fox Spirit's Gift Box 190 Set
Fox Spirit's Gift Box 190

Kitsu's Ears 190 Kitsu's Umbrella 190 Kitsu's Shield 190 Kitsu's Kimono 190 Kitsu's Cloak 190 Kitsu 190
Water Resistance
Water Attribute
Shield Inner Cape Pet

Kitsu's Shield 190

Kitsu's Shield 190

Required Weight Value
Level 190 95 0
Time Refinable Temper
Compoundable Stats Slots
AP, AC, DA, LK, HP 3
Stats Min/Max Ranges
Attack Power:
Accuracy: 8 6 ~ 10
Magic Points:
Magic Attack:
Magic Defense: 76 57 ~ 102
Detect Ability: 11 9 ~ 14
Luck: 11 9 ~ 14
Health Points: 570 427 ~ 769
Defense Points: 152 114 ~ 205
Hit Evasion:
Air Attribute: {{{Air}}}%
Electric Attribute: {{{Elec}}}%
Fire Attribute: {{{Fire}}}%
Soil Attribute: {{{Soil}}}%
Water Attribute: {{{Water}}}%
Light Attribute: {{{Light}}}%
Dark Attribute: {{{Dark}}}%
Shadow Attribute: {{{Shadow}}}%
Air Resistance: {{{AirR}}}%
Electric Resistance: {{{ElecR}}}%
Fire Resistance: {{{FireR}}}%
Soil Resistance: {{{SoilR}}}%
Water Resistance: {{{WaterR}}}%
Light Resistance: {{{LightR}}}%
Dark Resistance: {{{DarkR}}}%
Shadow Resistance: {{{ShadowR}}}%
Critical Probability: {{{Crit}}}%
Block Probability: {{{Block}}}%
Protection: {{{Prot}}}%
A shield imbued with the power of Fox Spirits. Their strength is legendary, and it appears in many myths.
Increases AC, MD, DA, LK, HP, and DP. Can be refined for increased DP. 3 Compound Slots are available.
How to Obtain
Open Fox Spirit's Gift Box 190.
Used for
Tradable Bankable Droppable Sellable (to NPC)
No Yes No Yes

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