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Caballa Set

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Caballa Set

Bonus: AP +40 AC +2 DA +2 HV +2
Caballa Crest Caballa Mace Caballa Shield
Hat Sword Shield
The Caballa Set is completed by exchanging Caballa Slates with Mint in Relics Town - Azteca. Slates can be obtained from various quests in the same region.


  • This set is really just for cosmetic value, as the stat bonuses are relatively poor.
  • Each piece has one compound slot.
  • Merely completing the Key Quest in the Caballa Relics region does not award enough Slates to complete the sets; more must be acquired from other players/characters or from Monkey T & Clerk Z. Smith.

Total Stats (without bonus): AP +100, MD +20, DP +106.
Total Stats (with bonus): AP +140, AC +2, MD +20, DA +2, DP +106, HV +2.

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