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The Who

No, not the band, but me. Currently I have 2 main characters on Trickster, BlueDemoness (40+ Cat) as my main, and Cayrinth (30+ Fox) as my driller. I tend to collect things, (mainly characters, as I total 7 in Trickster atm), and I'm curious about the background mechanics. I am also Chobbit on MyTrickster Forums.

The What

I'm working to be a game programmer, and hope to start my own company one day. So of course I'm always intrigued by how things are done.

The Where

I come from Ragnarok Online (around 7 years ago). I started on iRO open beta, and when that closed started a migration across private servers, 2 of which I applied for, and became a GM, EuphRO and UnityRO (when Euph shut down).

Other MMO's I've played include, but are not limited to: FlyFF, Rappelz, Tales of Pirates, and of course Trickster. The When

I'll edit a page whenever I find a section that I feel I can clear up, but by no means do I feel like I'm a main contributor.

The Why

I made an account on this wiki to clear up some confusion about Card Battles. I worked hard to get an Isis card to go with a Nephthys card I won, only to find out that using that combo, while giving me 2 extra points, gave me less experience than the basic Cat/Raccoon combo when I was a level lower. So I started researching on how Special Experience is gained, and submit my findings.


I'd like to post a current request to anybody who has cards of combo's, specifically ones that don't have a multiplier on this page, to pm me in game and let me borrow the cards for some quick tests.

Cards I need

2 Card Combos

Combo Name Mult. Card 1 Card 2
Bad Club Image:Galli_Card.gif Galli Card Image:Halli_Card.gif Halli Card
Beauty Maid Image:Bunny_Maid_Card.gif Bunny Maid Card Image:Siremaid_Card.gif Siremaid Card
Charm Type Basic 1.175 Image:Cat_Card.gif Cat Card Image:Raccoon_Card.gif Raccoon Card
Cora Sisters Image:Cora_Pyupyu_Card.gif Cora Pyupyu Card Image:Little_Cora_Card.gif Little Cora Card
Dancing Soul Image:Dancer_Isabelle_Card.gif Dancer Isabelle Card Image:Dancer Michel Card.gif Dancer Michel Card
Death Knights Image:Iron Knight Card.gif Iron Knight Card Image:Brass Knight Card.gif Brass Knight Card
Ghost Child Image:Requi Card.gif Requi Card Image:Quiem Card.gif Quiem Card
Harpy Sisters 1.100 Image:Nephthys Card.gif Nephthys Card Image:Isis Card.gif Isis Card
Healthful Couple 1.100 Image:Mandragondra Card.gif Mandragondra Card Image:Simbatta Card.gif Simbatta Card
Magic Type Basic 1.175 Image:Dragon Card.gif Dragon Card Image:Sheep Card.gif Sheep Card
Monkey Thiefs Image:Thiefmon Card.gif Thiefmon Card Image:Master Mong Card.gif Master Mong Card
Monster Brothers Image:Red Goblin Card.gif Red Goblin Card Image:Blue Goblin Card.gif Blue Goblin Card
Power Type Basic 1.175 Image:Bunny Card.gif Bunny Card Image:Buffalo Card.gif Buffalo Card
Salamander Family Image:Red Salamander Card.gif Red Salamander Card Image:Blue Salamander Card.gif Blue Salamander Card
Sense Type Basic 1.175 Image:Lion Card.gif Lion Card Image:Fox Card.gif Fox Card
Shadow of Darkness Image:Shadow Card.gif Shadow Card Image:Tritch Card.gif Tritch Card
Yamu Royalty 1.175 Image:Queen Yamu Card.gif Queen Yamu Card Image:King Yamu Card.gif King Yamu Card

3 Card Combos

Name Mult. Card 1 Card 2 Card 3
Attack By The Dead Image:Queen_Mummy_Card.gif Queen Mummy Card Image:Rotten_Mummy_Card.gif Rotten Mummy Card Image:Tutankhamen_Card.gif Tutankhamen Card
Captain Romance Image:Captain_Arman_Card.gif Captain Arman Card Image:Captain_Charman_Card.gif Captain Charman Card Image:Captain_Norman_Card.gif Captain Norman Card
Cool Coolem Image:Coolem_Card.gif Coolem Card Image:Giant_Coolem_Card.gif Giant Coolem Card Image:Great_Coolem_Card.gif Great Coolem Card
Golden Mole Family Image:Golden_Mole_Card.gif Golden Mole Card Image:Real_Golden_Mole_Card.gif R. Golden Mole Card Image:Super_Golden_Mole_Card.gif S. Golden Mole Card
GhostBlue Pirate Image:Merrow_Card.gif Merrow Card Image:Pirate_Boxer_Card.gif Pirate Boxer Card Image:Pirate_Ghost_Card.gif Pirate Ghost Card
Forest Army 1.175 Image:Forest_Mantis_Card.gif Forest Mantis Card Image:Forest_Tickler_Card.gif Forest Tickler Card Image:Forest_Wasp_Card.gif Forest Wasp Card
Luxury Madam Image:Madam_Chiffon_Card.gif Madam Chiffon Card Image:Madam_Fondue_Card.gif Madam Fondue Card Image:Madam_Moncher_Card.gif Madam Moncher Card
Oops Wharf Pirate Image:Black_Foe_Card.gif Black Foe Card Image:Captain_Skull_Card.gif Captain Skull Card Image:Master_Foe_Card.gif Master Foe Card
Orc Attack Image:Funky_Orc_Card.gif Funky Orc Card Image:Reggae_Orc_Card.gif Reggae Orc Card Image:Rezzet_Orc_Card.gif Regent Orc Card
Ruler of IceBerg Image:Queen_Odinea_Card.gif Queen Odinea Card Image:Snow_Lady_Card.gif Snow Lady Card Image:Icicler_Card.gif Icicler Card
Ruler of Swamp Image:Lotus_Wormhole_Card.gif L. Wormhole Card Image:Mud_Bigfoot_Card.gif Mud Bigfoot Card Image:Swamp_Shark_Card.gif Swamp Shark Card
Salamander Set Image:Flat_Salamander_Card.gif Flat Salamander Card Image:Standing_Salamander_Card.gif S. Salamander Card Image:Wing_Salamander_Card.gif W. Salamander Card
Skeleton Attack Image:Bone_Fighter_Card.gif Bone Fighter Card Image:Bone_Magician_Card.gif Bone Magician Card Image:Bone_Warrior_Card.gif Bone Warrior Card
Techichi Spirits Image:Orconio_Card.gif Orconio Card Image:Orpeo_Card.gif Orpeo Card Image:Ponchichi_Card.gif Ponchichi Card
Vamp Servant Image:Count_Blood_Card.gif Count Blood Card Image:Maid_Lydia_Card.gif Maid Lydia Card Image:Mr._Freaks_Card.gif Mr. Freaks Card

4 Card Combos

Name Mult. Card 1 Card 2 Card 3 Card 4
Bear Family Image:Bug_Bear_Card.gif Bug Bear Card Image:Goma_Card.gif Goma Card Image:Polar_Bear_Card.gif Polar Bear Card Image:Santa_Bear_Card.gif Santa Bear Card
Egyptian Bugs 1.150 Image:Bron_G_Card.gif Bron G Card Image:Gold_G_Card.gif Gold G Card Image:Oran_G_Card.gif Oran G Card Image:Silver_G_Card.gif Silver G Card

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