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Angel's Breath

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Angel's Breath Card

Image:Angel's Breath.png

Image:Angel's Breath.gif
Rank # Card Type Card MP
7 Neutral 100
Compound Ability Weight Value
None 0 5,000
- - Angel's Breath
A rare card that Card Hunter Eugene found in the ruins. The picture of the angel's breath feels divine. It's an important clue in finding the traces of the forgotten god. No attribute special card No.7.
How to Obtain
Open Star Dust.
Exchange for 5x Card Hunter Crest or 1x Angel Feather Monday or 1x Angel Feather Tuesday or 1x Angel Feather Wednesday or 1x Angel Feather Thursday or 1x Angel Feather Friday or 1x Angel Feather Saturday or 1x Angel Feather Sunday with Aria at Megalopolis Square.
Used for
Exchange for Star Dust, Dual Wing Rumia, Feather of Light, Light Wing Shield, or Light Angel Ring with Aria at Megalopolis Square.

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